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4P of Marketing Assignment Help

When a goods or product comes to market, then it passes through many vital steps and strategies. You should know about those steps. Before launching any product, the company always takes care of the suitable promotional strategies, an appropriate value of the product, proper place and timing. These are known as marketing mix. Most of the branded company like Pepsico also follows this rule. We know the brand value of PepsiCo in the international market. To hold its position and brand value, the brand has changed its marketing strategies many times.


Fundamentals Marketing Mix

If you want to take marketing decisions, which is related to the business, then marketing mix is one of the most accepted chassis. In marketing field, most elemental and radical concept is marketing mix. This fundamental concept consists of Place, Product, Promotion, and the Price. These four points are old and eternal but now a new point is added named People. Therefore, by seeing the similarity of letter P gives it name 5P model of the marketing mix. 4Ps, 7Ps, and 7Cs are some marketing mix strategy.

Marketing Mix Development

    About marketing mix theory Neil H. Borden added some factors in his article of marketing that are:

  • Quality of Product
  • There is nothing above on quality. If you produce best quality materials or goods then automatically product can take place in the market.

  • Branding
  • Presently in the marketing field, branding is like the cherry on the topping. Maximum time brand name can take 60% responsibility on its own.

  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Nowadays, promotions take a vital role in the marketing industry . This advertisement and promotions is nothing but a connection between customers and vendor. Public relation is a strong pillar in any business.

  • Proper Planning
  • Whatever the good you want to sell, you need a proper and foolproof planning for that.

  • Price
  • In marketing, strategy cost of products played an important scenario. If the price is high then common people cannot buy that product or if you set very low value then also you face loss.

  • Attractive Packaging
  • Packing of a product can attract buyers easily. Because of this reason, an attractive packing is also important.

  • Distribution Opportunity
  • To make a profit you also take care of distribution opportunity. Without this, all will go in vain.


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Assignment Work on Marketing Mix

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