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Defining Anthropolog

Anthropology is the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies . It vividly describes the evolution of human life, and the human culture at different stages of the history of the earth. It also described about ancient life styles of man, their initial behaviour, food habit, and social interaction. This is an interdisciplinary field, which includes the study of History, Biology, Zoology, Geology, anatomy.

A student pursuing higher studies in Anthropology, need to know about the changes that took place and evolution of human life . The earlier human had faced many challenges in their life style and had adapted different methods and techniques accordingly.

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Categories of Anthropology

    The different brunches of Anthropology are as follows:

  • Biological Anthropology- It includes the study of biological processes of human beings. Extinct Hominine and primates are described in it.
  • Sociocultural Anthropology- It is the social interaction between the human beings.
  • Linguistic Anthropology- The introduction and usage of language in primary human beings is the main subject.
  • Archaeology- The work done by former human beings such as the use and invention different tolls, study of stone age, and the Iron age.
    Various careers in relation to Anthropology
  • Business
  • Academic
  • Government
  • Non-profit and community-based

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