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Definition of Arithmetic

Arithmetic is refers to the most fundamental part of mathematics, as it commonly deals with number. Mathematical problem from daily life will be noted and solved under the arithmetic portion. This part of mathematics in used by both none educated andhighly educated people and they implement into their life.

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Some key elements in Arithmetic

    Arithmetic is not just a term in mathematics as it is a proper blending of general intelligence and rules of mathematics. These are some most important topic under the arithmetic:

  • Elementary Arithmetic
  • Simple plus, minus, sum, multiply and divide falls into this topic as these are most fundamental ones. BODMAS named calculation process is prominent for its intelligence during the multiplication under those brackets. Negative numbers and fractions are also graded under it.

  • Decimal System
  • This type of arithmetic can be calculated on the basic of number 10 as the name suggest. It is one of the important parts of arithmetic.

  • Number System
  • It consists of different types of integer, irrational number, real number, positive number, even number, negative number, rational number, odd number and prime number. This is like another branch for arithmetic.

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