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Biotechnology Assignment Help

Biotechnology is an integral part of Bio-science. has introduced Biotechnology Assignment Help for the students of Biotechnology to produce good quality assignments for them and the expert writers guide them how to prepare the some on their own.


Defining Biotechnology and its History

Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms too develop products or any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms. It is major part of Bioscience, which consists of Microbiology, technology, computer science and chemical engineering.

Previously, Biotechnology was used of the modification of animals and plants . Formerly crops were selected to prevent the insects and pests. After that, nitrogen conversion was used. Biotechnological discoveries were used for selective breeding of animals. The invention of Penicillium and discovery of medicines and antibiotics is very important in Biotechnology.

The latest invention is Genetically Modified Organisms where the genetic structure of an organism can be replicated using a DNA. Food resources were produced using various new method of biotechnology.

    Various topics of Biotechnology

    Different branches of Biotechnology are as follows:

  • Bio-robotics- The study of robots for performing biological functions
  • Bio-informatics- Different subjects such as computer science, statistics and Mathematics are used to study genetic processing and mapping.
  • Bio-procedure-engineering- Various eco-friendly products that are used in Pharmaceuticals, agricultural field are produced through the knowledge of Bio-engineering
  • Chemical engineering- Engineering and Chemistry are used in the industrial production.

    Biotechnology and its Application
  • Medicine- Different advanced methods are utilized for the production of drugs. Various Pharma industries use these drugs for preventing diseases in human bodies.
  • Agriculture- Biotechnology is used in the manufacture of genetically modified Organisms and Bio-fuels. Bio-technology Assignment provides information about the development of genetically modified fish as well.
  • Industry- Different chemicals and food products are produced in the industries using Biotechnology method.

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