A complete Guide for Essay writing

Essays are small pieces of write-ups done on specific topics. Essays on different ideas and that every type of essay have a special way of writing pattern but the Central idea of writing an essay remains the same that is elaborating a topic by mentioning all its pros and cons by analyzing various sources of information collected for supporting the content being written. The true essence of the word essay which is typically described as a form of writing in modern English comes from the Latin word exigent. This word means 'to examine, test or literally to drive out, and from this came the hidden essence of academic essays. Essays are collaborative descriptions of subjects and topics which are highly controversial. A typical essay consists of different characteristics such as persuasion, clarity, comparison and contrast, close reading, critically analyzing, and exposition. Essays help students to build their creative liberty and out-of-the-box thinking ability by forcing them to analyze and examine various information and to create their perspective towards a certain topic. Therefore the good quality of essay writing demands clarity and direction in the content which is created. Essay writers cannot beat around the bush and write contents which are vague and unclear. It becomes difficult to keep a track of the information being put into an essay if the content becomes unclear. Unclear and stray information and writing will also hamper the conclusion of the essay and will therefore degrade the results.

There are broadly four types of essays that are described below.

essay writing

Expository essays

An expository essay can be defined as a type of essay that demands the content creator of the essay writer a proper investigation of the topic which is being chosen. This type of essay demands a lot of critical analysis and evaluation of the evidence and information collected on the behalf of the topic and therefore the essay writer needs to construct a proper comparison and contrast analysis based on the topic chosen. For example, topics that require cause and effect relationship analysis are a perfect example of expository essays. These kinds of essays are generally designed for evaluating students and their critical thinking ability.

Descriptive essays

A descriptive essay is defined as the type of essay genre which demands a proper description of the topic chosen. The descriptions consist of a proper identification of the object, person, place on which the topic is dependent and therefore a thorough description of the situation and emotions related to it. This type of essay initiates creative writing among the students by initiating them towards writing essays related to the experience of different situations and allows students to have room for artistic liberty and creativity in their writing formats. For writing a descriptive essay the writer must take time brainstorming on the topic that has been chosen, should use proper, clear and constructive language to describe situations and emotions and should write in a way that is organised so that it creates a clear impact on the minds of the readers.

Narrative essays

Essays that are based on storytelling are known as narrative essays. Descriptive and narrative essays are somewhat similar in the field of explaining experiences and situations but in descriptive essays, the writer writes from an unbiased perspective whereas for narrative essays the writer writes a story of his own. This kind of essay is experimental, personal in nature, and anecdotal. It helps students to explain and express themselves through creativity and genuine storytelling. For writing a narrative essay the story needs to be completed so that it rightly narrates the purpose of the story which will help the readers to get a clear and concise point of view. Further, the language used should be precise and organized in nature.

Argumentative or persuasive essays

Lastly, argumentative or persuasive essays are defined as the genre of essay which demands the essay writer to investigate the topic which is chosen so that proper evidence and information can be generated to establish an argument on the topic in a concise way. For writing an argumentative essay a thorough literature review and information analysis are required to establish an argument either for or against the topic chosen. Further, an argumentative essay main also invites empirical research work in which the essay writer of the student would collect the primary source of information by interviewing and serving people or through experimenting.

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