A Model Essay Structure! A Guide to A Model Essay Structure.

Our school days would have been more fun if we did not have the burden of completing and submitting homework. Do you remember about the various essays we needed to write like- essays on summer, winter season than on different festivals like Diwali, Durga puja, etc? Somehow I really enjoyed writing those because I used to engross myself in the topic and write something which was relatable to me. In each and every essay I made sure that I am just not writing blankly without even thinking deeply about my connection with the particular given topic. To cheap essay writing services in a more efficient way I followed a simple rule and today I am going to share that with my audience.

So let’s begin.

First, it is very important to know that what kind of essay has been asked to write. In order to distinguish the various types of essays, we need to know how many types of essays are there. I followed professional essay writers to know about the different types of essays.

There are mainly FIVE types of essays.

  • DESCRIPTIVE- a descriptive could describe, try and define.
  • NARRATIVE- a narrative essay could explain.
  • ARGUMENTATIVE- an argumentative could persuade a reader.
  • EXPOSITORY- an expository could explain how the action caused and its effects.
  • COMPARE AND CONTRAST- this may discuss the two sides of the given topic.

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I believe it is always necessary to let the expert do the work to avoid any mishap at the initial stage.

To write my essay I do divide and graph three parts which are as follows-

  1. Introduction- This part is basically for introducing the topic. It should be short and crisp. The introduction paragraph should contain the first sentence and then the thesis statement.
  2. Body- This part should be elaborative and the topic should be vividly described in the body. The body paragraph should contain the statistics, detailed information on the subject, the researches on the topic and it should also contain the relevant data if any.
  3. Conclusion- In this part, the topic needs to be summed up. The conclusion is the end part of the essay so it is very important to end it with an optimistic tone. The conclusion paragraph should contain support arguments, a call to action if needed and the thesis statement should be restated.

Before writing the final essay a rough draft should be made in order to rectify the mistakes made previously.

So this was a model structure of writing an essay with my past experience and I hope it will be beneficial for my audience.

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