What are the best career options in 2020?

Time changes, so do careers. What used to be the most lucrative careers years ago, now have become obsolete. Trends change and as a student, you should also be a part of that change. Many skills and jobs become obsolete due to the development of technology. Many processes are done by robots and computers. Automation changed all industries in a short span of time. So, what should you do? Well, you should adapt to those changes and improve your knowledge and skills based on the requirements of the market and industry. The list of best careers always keeps changing and you should take notes of all the changes in it. In this article, we will discuss the most lucrative career option in 2020 that you should target as a student. We have prepared this list after a deep analysis of market trends. So, let’s get started and see what are the careers you need to plan your study based on. We provide online account assignment help to the students with high-quality. 

  1. Artificial intelligence/Machine learning engineer – this should always be on top of the list. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have changed our lives. We have self-driving cars, automated robots, chatbots, and many other applications and users that are the result of artificial intelligence and machine learning. You need to study programming, probability, statistics, and modeling to become a pro in machine learning. Programming languages such as Python and R are used by most engineers. The rise in job requirements has been quite significant for some years now and it is going to stay the same this year too. The pay scale is also quite high in this segment.
  2. Blockchain developers – cryptocurrency has taken a dramatic turn in the last couple of years. There was no name and talk of cryptocurrency 5 years ago and it has taken the world by storm. Bitcoin is such an example. You need to mine these bitcoins and you can use them on many platforms. Many big companies have started their own cryptocurrency projects. The reason for that it is one of the safest modes of payment and it can become useful because of the single value of currency throughout the world. The cryptocurrency developers and legislators will be in high demand in the coming years.
  3. Data scientists – data scientists and data analysts are also very popular these days. There is a huge scope in this field due to the rise of the internet and electronics equipment. We generate huge data these days as everyone is connected to technology in a way. Most of the companies want to tap that data so they can find insights about the customers and market trends. It helps them to curate their products and services better. The pay is also quite high in these fields and you should definitely take a look at this. Programming languages like R, Python, Scala, MATLAB, and SQL are4 important in these fields. You also need knowledge of statistics as well to become a better data analyst.
  4. Digital marketing and content specialist – it goes without saying that these jobs have become quite famous and the reason is the same. People use the internet all the time and they are highly active on various social media channels. Everybody has a smartphone and companies want to use it to market their products and services better. A content specialist also plays a major role in this aspect as they are the creative writers who prepare the outreach program and describe the products and services in a way that helps customers to understand the purchase of the service as per their likings and needs.
  5. Physical therapists – it has always been a major part of the medical industry and the demand for physical therapists is rising with passing time. The reason is quite understandable and we all know that due to the hectic and inorganic lifestyle, we all need it at some point in time. Our body is not that healthy as it used to be years ago. There are many reasons for that but lifestyle choices are at the helm of it. The professional activities are also responsible for it. Thus, the job aspect in physical therapy is quite bright and you should check this out as well.
  6. Nursing – well, there is no need to explain this. Right? Nursing can never be out of the job aspect as people tend to get sick. They need special care when they are sick and nursing does exactly that. nurses play a vital role as most of the things depend on them from taking care of patients to providing them food and medicines. The pay is quite high as well. However, the word pressure is also high and you need to study nursing well in order to become better nurses.
  7. Software engineer – The software industry is only going to grow as long as the technology is developing. Our future depends on a lot of software engineers and this job is not going out of the picture soon. So, if you are interested in software engineering, you have a better chance of getting a better job and securing your future. You need to stay updated with new trends and acquire new skills as this industry changes rapidly.
  8. Biomedical engineer – biomedical sciences are here to make our life and body better. There has been a lot of development in this field and it is only going to become grow with time. If you are a biology and technology student, you need to check this field out. It is driving the healthcare industry and has a lot of potentials. From implants to bionic body parts, biomedical engineering has changed a lot of things and made our lives betters.
  9. Drone pilots – commercial drones are the latest trend in almost all industries. From taking aerial pictures to keeping an eye on particular projects, it has become a helping hand. It helps managers in keeping an eye on the progress of their projects. Companies such as Amazon are planning to deliver goods using drones. It is used in traffic management. It is used to keep a vigil on assembly lines. There are a lot of other things that can be achieved using drones. A commercial drone pilot is needed to handle the drone and utilize it for better results. The need for drone pilots is going to quadruple this year and you can tap on that opportunity.
  10. Accounting specialists – due to the capitalist nature of most of the countries, businesses have grown manifold and there are thousands of companies that provide their services and products worldwide. An accounting specialist is always in demand to keep the accounts in check so the companies don’t make financial mistakes. Accounting is never going to be out of fashion and if you are a commerce student, you can check the opportunities in this field.

There are many other jobs and skills that are going to rise this year and provide better career opportunities. However, these 10 that we discussed here, are at the top of the list. We can assure you that if you make your career in any of these skills, you will always be professionally happy and secure.

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