How to write the best college application essay?

Anxiety is common in students these days. There are many things that students fear in their academic life. College application essay is the most fearful of them all. There is so much at stake while applying for a college. Students are always under pressure thinking if they would be selected or not. It is quite understandable and relatable. The toughest part of a college application must be the essay associated with it. We have seen that most of the students fear this essay as they have never written something like that and they have no idea how should they go ahead with it. We are writing this article to help you with all that. We can assure you that once you read this article, you will have a better understanding of the admission essays and you will be able to write a killer college essay that will improve the chances of you getting selected for the college you are applying to. And even if you are not feeling confident enough, always remember that you can take our admission essay help. We have a huge team of essay writers who can help you to write the best admission essay improving the chances of you getting selected. Now let’s go ahead with the article and see how can you write a better college application essay.

Concise writing

Admission essays must be short, crisp, and concise. There isn’t much room for an experiment as these essays are about you. You can not stuff unnecessary words in your essay just to make it look huge. You need to write about the challenges you overcame, the experience you had, and the things you learned. You need to reflect on those experiences in your essay if you want to make that of better quality. Just recounting past won't help much. You need to stay on your point as the admission charge won't give much time to your paper because of the huge number of applications they need to process each day.

Pick topic wisely and stay true

We have seen many students portray themselves as the best student the college will ever get. This is not true and the examiner will understand that in a moment as they process these types of essays every day. You need to be yourself and write about your true identity, skills, and potential. When you select a topic, you need to keep it in mind that this essay is all about you. You should select a topic that has had the maximum effect on your life. And as we just said, be who you are and don’t try to be someone else.

 Use the essay wisely

Yes, you heard that right. You can use this essay to share your personal life and reflect on the college why this is important to you. After all, it is a personal essay and you need to leave your scores out of this part. You don’t need to show off your vocabulary skills in this section. You should write this essay exactly as you would speak about yourself. Yes, it is tough but very much attainable. You should use this essay to inform about yourself things that are not in your application. If you fail to make a connection with the examiner, there is a high probability that your application would be lost in the stack of other applications.

Be personal and don’t try very hard

You don’t need to try hard to impress the examiner. The much you stay true to yourself, the more is the chance of you getting selected. You can try to be funny but you should always remember that there is a chance that the age gap between you and your examiner can be huge and funny might mean a difference for both of you. Another major point is that you should also think about your essay from the college’s perspective also. Once you put yourself in the examiner’s position, you will understand what they are looking for in a suitable candidate.

Edit and proofread

It is always advised to edit the essay properly. You can also seek someone else’s help in editing your essay as their input might help you to edit the paper better. Once you are don’t with the writing and editing, you need to proofread the paper at least 3-4 times so there are no errors left in the paper. You need to take breaks between 2 proofreading sessions so that you don’t miss any errors. Once you are done with your paper, you should definitely ask someone else to read it for you.

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