How does homework help students in the future?

Education nowadays is not only limited to schools and colleges or universities but has also entered into the home space of the students to the medium of homework and assignments or projects. Homeworks are the tasks that teachers or faculties give the students in order to encourage self-learning and to encourage and inculcate the habit of education even within their home space. Basically, homework or home assignment can be defined as a certain kind of task that is given by the teachers or professors to the students which need to be completed outside the boundary of a classroom. Homework can be of any kind, that is it can be something based upon writing or reading or creating projects or some kind of mathematical exercises. Assigning homework to two students has now become a tradition and faculties are teachers who don't provide students with homework are considered to be less effective. As being adults or one of the older generation everyone can recall how important homework used to be in everyone's school days.

Providing students with homework helps them to grow and inculcate certain positive habits of regular studies and discipline.

It is beneficial to structure how a student or a person plans their daily routine. It helps to create consistency and is a major source of knowledge generation. Regular homework will help students to become independent as well as to maintain or manage time in their daily life. As homework are given as a home task it is the sole responsibility of the student to complete it and therefore it inculcates or engraves the habit of self-dependency in the mind of the student as they don't have any second option who can help him or her while doing their homework at home. It is a huge source of building intellectual knowledge and also increases the feature of creative thinking in the student. Therefore, providing regular homework helps the relationship between the teacher and the student to become stronger which ultimately helps the student to become proactive in daily life. Self-learning increases or generates curiosity and the habit of questioning and searching information of the students and therefore it develops the willpower of searching for discovering new topics and subjects. The interest and ability to explore different subjects can be only e developed into a child by providing them with individual assignments for home works. This kind of individual assignment and homework will help them to search for different sorts of information and when the information will lead to the generation of knowledge creation. Homework also is useful for forming decision-making attributes into a child as doing their own home task will give them a sense of individual liberty and therefore it will generate the skill or personality of decision making.

Homework Help to the students 

All the above-mentioned factors which are generated through providing homework to children can be considered to be some of the most important and necessary skills and features which are required to develop a successful future. Starting from the creation of discipline to self-dependency to decision-making skills and initiating creative Liberty will help to form a better future by opening up better opportunities in life. and this is not only for a successful career but will also help an individual to deal with their daily life circumstances both on the personal and professional grounds. And also one of the most important factors is that it helps the teachers or the professors to rightly guide the students and become mentors. This ultimately enhances the relationship between a teacher and a student.

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