How to write the college application essay?

After you are done giving entrance examinations and interviews for your new college admission, it's time to impress the higher authorities with a great college application essay. Usually, college essays are around 500 words. The words you choose while writing this short 500 words essay determines your rejection and acceptance.  So make sure you grab the attention of the admission officers. The main reason behind writing a college application essay is to increase your chances of getting admission into the college. Hence, you must state your values and reasons for selecting the particular institution.

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Tips to write a college application essay

Below we have enlisted the format of a college application essay:

Start with brainstorming

Here's the first step that you need to follow. You have to showcase your true self in the application. So, make sure you don't copy anything blindly from any random sample available on the internet. The application must reflect your personality, influences, dreams, and challenges. Remember what you choose to share in the application is very much relevant and attractive.  You can research on your own, ask your friends, take down important points that you come across while researching, maintain a diary, etc.

Select a topic

You can choose any appropriate topic you feel comfortable with. Make sure the topic is relevant and don't forget to share your original thoughts on it. Your thoughts and perception are definitely going to have an impact on their minds. So make sure you mention impressive thoughts and perceptions. Choose a contemporary topic on which you have some insight. The topic must be one such in which you can argue. Research the topic that you have chosen. Gather thoughts from others too. If you have a list of topics in your mind, you can compare among them to find out which of them is best suited for this purpose. You can even go through some college application essay samples on the internet.

Prepare the college essay outline

A definite layout is extremely important when it comes to writing an application for college. Just like an architect has to create a blueprint, you too have to draft a plan. Hence, you must prepare the outline into small divisions and then decide what to write under every subheading.  For structuring an application, properly frame the introduction, body, and conclusion. Now, plan about how to write the introduction. Remember to maintain the same tone, style, and voice throughout the application.

Try to be precise

While drafting your essay you must remember that thousands of students like you would also send similar applications. So, the management would be spending very little time on each one of them. Hence, the shorter and precise your application is the better for you. Stick to the topic. Don't incorporate irrelevant things or explain everything that you know. Share your experiences, values, perspectives.

Be logical and correct

Don't try to cover every aspect of the topic. Focus on one aspect at one time. By doing so, it would also be easier for you to arrange the points sequentially. Also, it wouldn't make the reader confused. Also make sure to use the correct spelling, punctuation and structure.

Start with a compelling introduction

Great writing is difficult to be earned. But, if you are smart enough, then you would draft the instruction and conclusion in the best possible way. Giving a catchy introduction is the only way to grab the reader's attention.

As we already said, no one would be giving too much time to review your application. That's why you have to start your application with a compelling introduction so that it arrests their attention immediately. Introduce an interesting story in the introduction or raise a few questions related to your topic.

 Use your inner voice

What universities look for its authenticity and quality of thoughts. So, never try to write your essay by copying what you see on the internet. Make sure to draft the essay based on your own thoughts. Always remember that this essay application is your chance to impress the officials of your favorite university or college. Hence, you have to be extremely determined and focused. Make sure to reflect your passion, thoughts, and ambitions in the essay and justify why you chose to pursue this program. Also, write how this chosen program would benefit you in the future.

Avoid clichés

Make sure to check out some amazing samples before you begin writing. Don't write what everybody else writes. You need to derive inspiration from some great works and then start writing. However, don't get too influenced by these samples online. Don't use too many big dialogues in the desire to impress the officials. Always remember that there are hundreds of similar students like you who are applying. Hence you have to stand out from them. Once you are done writing, proofread it multiple times. Delete all sentences that appear like clichés. Try making your application sound like an original one.

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