Step by step guide to writing an amazing short essay!

Writing a research paper, thesis, dissertation, brief essay or lengthy essay at college can gear up high levels of stress. While some amount of stress, hassle, and anxiety we can handle and is also expected from life but academic severe stress and overwhelming anxiety are never welcomed. Writing a short 500 word essay within a deadline tests our writing skills and abilities. 

No matter what, if you are in college you have to write either a brief essay or a lengthy essay. Best Assignment Experts can reduce your stress and can save you. We assure to write an amazing essay for you. In this article, our professionals will guide you to write an amazing short essay. 

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  • What is essay writing?
  • What is a short essay and long essay?
  • How to write a short crispy essay?
  • Short Essay Guidelines
  • Format of writing a short essay.
  • Important aspects of writing a short essay. 
  • Tips to write an amazing short essay.
  • Explanations with examples.
  • Things to remember. 


What is essay writing?

An essay is a piece of writing which a writer writes to express his ideas, thoughts. He uses his vocabulary to pen down his thoughts in words, alphabets, and letters on a particular topic from a particular point of view, or style. The writer uses a different tone to write an essay – Formal and informal. 

Formal essays are written keeping in mind the seriousness of the writing and maintaining dignity. In other words, from a reader’s view, the writing should reflect the writer’s poise and respectability. Whereas an informal essay reflect the writer taste, experience, humor, and other informal element.  

Essay writings are commonly used to express literal criticism, political publication, and argumentation on visual topics around us, case studies, and others. An essay is qualified as a good essay that was expressed clearly, with easy readable meaningful words and great examples. 

What is a short essay and long essay?

An essay is a piece of writing which is short compared to a research paper, or a thesis paper. An essay is said to be short if the length of the writing is not more than one page or between 500 – 600 words. A short essay should be compact, catchy, and should reflect the ideas of the writer from the beginning to the end. Such a short essay provides an answer to a particular question or result of a writer’s perspective, understanding, personal feelings, beliefs, views, and knowledge. Therefore, proper usage of words and expanding vocabulary is highly appreciable.  

On the other hand, if the length of an essay is more than one page or between 2000- 3000 words is termed a long essay. It has a minimum of 4 paragraphs making it a long essay. Each paragraph provides vivid information and reflects an idea. A great advantage of writing a long essay is that the writer enjoys a full good amount of freedom to express his thoughts in words. 

How to write a short crispy essay?

500 words expressions cannot be termed as essay; it requires an imaginative, elegant, creative and graceful outlook to write a crispy essay to attract a mob of eager readers. An essay can be educational, document, or simply writing. Follow these steps to write a good essay. 

  • Choose the subject wisely.
  • The complete idea on the topic.
  • Prepare and outline.
  • Write.

Short Essay Guidelines:

Writing a short essay demands a proper structure with a clear strong and appealing introduction and explanation of the topic. A clear explanation with different paragraphs and a conclusion is very necessary for writing a short essay. An essay should be between word range of 300 – 600 words or not more than 2 pages depending on one’s handwriting. Your essay should contain a catchy introduction, two body paragraphs explaining and providing a view on the topic, and a conclusion paragraph. A transparent and precise structure makes it easy for the readers to understand the content idea. Before writing, it’s important to understand the subject, survey the topic and conduct thorough research. Writing essays with proper valid examples and events with dates will help you to prove your point and make it more believable to readers. 

Format of writing a short essay:

The important features of writing a short essay require wisdom preparation and proper planning. Always stick to a proper structure that includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Proper planning and focusing on each point is important to deliver clear ideas and opinions. 

An introduction:

The most important and the first paragraph of an essay is called the introduction, which introduces readers to the topic. The most significant part of essay writing is a catch introduction. Write it interestingly to attract and engage readers' minds, make it short and small still informative and appealing. A debatable relevant introduction is a good way of writing. 


The body of an essay can be divided into a maximum of 5 parts and a minimum of 3 parts. These parts inform the readers about the pieces of evidence, facts, the truth of the essay. Through the writing, you can evoke the reader’s emotions and engage him to read more. Always provide valid examples, theories, and quotations.


The last paragraph of the essay is called a conclusion. It contains only 1 paragraph and it is the capstone of your essay writing. With a proper conclusion, the reader gets closure and helps them to understand the importance of the essay. Never summarize your essay points in the conclusion. The conclusion is your closing statement of the main arguments. If you want to write a good short essay then contacts Best Assignment Experts.

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Important aspects of writing a short essay:

While writing a short essay it is important to maintain systematic writing following the 3 paragraph rule. These areas follow:

  • Research rationally: The first paragraph will address the topic and then debate on that topic. Arguments are always a preferable manner of writing good essays.
  • Logically incorporate the ideas: Explore and explain the given statement and argument with proper valid information, theories and examples.
Tips to write an amazing short essay:

When you are writing an essay always imagine how would you react or feel while reading the essay. It’s important to read your writing correctly and amend it accordingly. Here are the following steps you can follow while writing an essay.

  • It is always advisable to read the topic not less than 8 times. Read it and then gather information about the topic and underline the highlights and important points. 
  • Always focus on small things or topics and then try to write a short essay. This will help you to gather good information on the topic.
  • Always use easy expressive readable words to evoke the reader’s emotions. Be careful with words and sentences. 
  • Think short and write short. You have to write a short essay, therefore, you cannot write everything. 
  • Prefer writing sentences in active voice because it is easy to narrate, prevents small grammatical mistakes, and engages readers more.
  • A Debatable and argument essay with proper explanation is so engaging and relevant and convincing to the readers.

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Explanations with examples:

Here is an example from Google,

Short Personal Statement by a Geology Student

 Growing up in Canada with a life-long fascination for Canadian geography, I have always been interested in returning to the country. Although my family moved to the US before I entered high school, I have always kept my eyes turned north, especially in recent years as I began to read journal articles about research conducted on John Evans Glacier, located about 80° N latitude. Graduating next semester with a B.S. in computer science and engineering and a minor in geographic information systems, I am interested in attending the University of Alberta for graduate study.

Geographic information systems (GIS) is a field especially suited to investigating spatial patterns, modeling diverse scenarios, and overlaying spatial data. This semester, in my advanced GIS course, Spatial Data Structures and Algorithms, I am part of a team developing a temporal database and program for tracing historical trading data. My computer science skills have also been put to use in two summer internship projects, where I acquired proficiency with using LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology, now favored by NASA in its current 10-year study of Greenland and changes in the ice cap extent. Through my coursework and project experience, I have also accrued skills in using Arc/Info, ArcView, Microstation, and RDBMS software packages, and I am equally comfortable programming in Visual Basic, C++, and Java.

For my graduate research project, I would like to investigate methods for improving current GIS data models to better incorporate time as a variable in studying climate change. Changes in glaciers and polar environments occur rapidly, and these changes become important indicators of broader, potentially catastrophic, global changes. By developing and applying temporal GIS methods to glaciology, I can contribute to improved spatio-temporal analysis techniques for studying the polar environment and glaciers. Also, I can discern which temporal methods serve as the best predictors and provide benefits to the GIS research community that apply to areas other than glaciology.

My long-term goals are to enter the GIS field as a consultant or to extend my research and earn my Ph.D. at a program of international reputation. Having advanced experience with temporal GIS technology would make me a valuable consultant to a company, especially in the twin burgeoning fields of computer science and GIS. In applying to the University of Alberta, I recognize your strengths in both computer science and glaciology, and the recent application of these areas to field research at Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada, is especially appealing to me. With my deep-rooted interest in Canadian geology and recognition of the quality of your university programs, I hope you will give my application every consideration.

Things to remember: 

For successful essay writing, you need to practice daily and remember the following points. They are as follow:

  • After you got the essay topic, read it, don’t rush to write. Try to remember what you know about the topic and jot down the points. The best way to write is to have a roadmap in the mind of your essay. 
  • Always try to provide valid examples with dates events and names. Try to gather information from books or the internet. 

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