The Top Persuasive Speech Topics for 2020 for Amazing Speeches:

Are you having trouble coming up with persuasive speech topics for 2020? Finding a subject that attracts both you and your audience might be challenging, but Best Assignment Expert has done the legwork for you by compiling a list of excellent topics for persuasive speeches. You're likely to discover one that intrigues you because they are divided into ten categories and cover a wide range of subjects. Choosing a topic you are passionate about and are interested in is crucial to selecting and writing a successful persuasive speech. There will be a lot of research to be done, so it will be much simpler and more pleasant if you are interested in the subject. Additionally, it will make you sound more knowledgeable and fervent when you speak. You'll sound more enthusiastic and knowledgeable when you speak, which are both crucial components of a strong persuasive speech. Nothing is worse for a compelling speech than an audience inquiry that indicates you misread the situation or omitted a crucial detail. Your entire discourse comes out as flimsy and unconvincing as a result. Make sure to conduct an extensive study on all aspects of the issue before writing a single word of your speech. To ensure you have a complete picture, consider many viewpoints and sources.

To persuade your listeners to agree with you, you must carefully create reasoning in your persuasive speech. Although achieving this goal might be difficult, choosing an interesting, thought-provoking presentation subject is a perfect way to start. Don't stress if you're having problems coming up with the ideal subject. Best Assignment Expert is here to assist you! A speech about a purpose you are passionate about is much simpler to compose, study, and convey. Try to select a theme that is in line with your hobbies, even if it might be difficult to discover one that entirely piques your curiosity. Try to pick a broad subject that will interest most of your viewers but is also detailed enough to hold their interest. Although divisive subjects like abortion and global warming should be discussed, they don't make for compelling persuasive speech topics in 2020. The majority of individuals already have opinions on these subjects, which will either make them block you out or give them a bad picture of your presentation. Pick themes that are novel, creative, and new instead. Your listeners will be more receptive to your reasoning and attentive to your presentation if they have never heard your notion before.

Did you hear the persuasive speech in TED Talks given by Casey Brown on self-worth, Jia Jiang on work-rejection, Adam Galinsky on taking a step for oneself, Celeste Headlee on ways to have great conversation, Ron Gutman on the power of a smile, and a lot more such persuasive inspirational speeches from great people around the world? 

The most important thing in a public speech is to know how to persuade and fascinate an audience with a great tone of voice. And this is possible only when you choose a topic which you are well aware of, have a great depth of knowledge, and are comfortable to speak for hours. 

A correct and perfect topic will surely complement your speech. In 2020, every school assigns students to go on stage and talk on a particular topic. Now, this can be a nightmare but don’t be afraid. With great preparation and with selecting a great topic you can surely put up the best and amazing speech. Therefore, choose a persuasive speech topic reasonably, wisely, and sensibly and bring the change.

 What do you mean by Persuasive Speech? 

Topics for persuasive speeches are rarely black and white, therefore there will likely be a variety of opinions and points of view. There are two clear positions on the question of whether individuals should be permitted to possess dangerous dogs, for instance: either everybody should be permitted to do so if they so choose, or no one should be permitted to do so. However, there are other choices you should also take into account. For example, young people should be allowed to own pit bulls but only if it's their only dog, they should be able to own pit bulls if they live in a certain space from college, and they should be allowed to own pit bulls only if they transfer a dog training course. By considering all of these perspectives and including them in your speech, you'll come across as knowledgeable on the subject and improve the caliber of your delivery by taking into account the many intricacies of the topic. Every time you deliver a speech, it's crucial to think about your audience. This is especially true for a top persuasive speech, which aims to persuade listeners to adopt a certain point of view.

A great persuasive speech is so powerful that the audience gets ready to do what the person is asking them to. The speaker first has to understand their audience's pain and then provide them with a master solution by peeling back the curtain with different perspectives and with different theories. The main purpose of such a persuasive speech is to turn his/her/audience on his side.

For example: 

1.  When a 15 years old school girl persuades and convinces her parents that she needs a laptop to launch a new YouTube channel and for networking with people in her community. 

2.  How Hitler, through his persuasive speech manipulated people to annex Rhineland and Czechoslovakia into Germany without a war.  

Therefore, persuasion is a task; a persuasive speech can be used for both good and bad. It is you who have to determine how you will use it to convince the mass and come out with energetic and warm applause. In 2020, choosing a great persuasive speech topic can change you and turn you into an inspirational hero in the eyes of mass. Therefore, make decisions wisely. 

What are the different ways to persuade an audience through Persuasive Speech? 

 There are three ways a speaker can persuade and convince his audience to his side. They are as follows:

 1. Genuine realistic and true-facts speech:

  This is the first type of persuasive speech, in which the speaker uses resources from books, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, journals, and newspapers to validate his words. He provides the audience with true statistics or numbers as evidence to back his statements. He tries to convince his audience to trust him that something has taken place or will be going to or whether anything survives or does not have any existence. 

 Such logical and realistic speech is always researched based on figures and facts. The speaker shocks their audiences with valid statistics, figures and data. These numbers and statistics convince the audience to follow his words and statements. 

For example, 

  1. During COVID -19 Pandemic, 4 million people worldwide lost their lives. This is true because it is well documented in the government’s records. 
  2. The education system is getting digitized in the coming future. This is true because after COVID -19 Pandemic the whole education system was digitized. 
  3. Global warming is a real danger for coral reefs. This is again true because a spike of 2 degrees Celsius in ocean temperature in 2016 and 2017 caused the Great Barrier Reef to bleach and kill 50 % of corals.  

 Therefore, these types of speech trigger the audience and listener's mind to take necessary actions and bring change. 

      2. Ethics and principles standard Persuasive speech: 

The second type of persuasive speech is when the speaker argues and puts up his point of view stating which is right or wrong. He states beautifully with ethics and emotional story stating why a particular topic is virtuous or sinful, adequate or inadequate, rich or poor. The speaker questions the societal moral concepts and aspects of a particular perspective and states his ideas, either he is for or against them. 

The audience might sympathize or not with his point of view. He uses the powerful mode of storytelling which persuades and creates emotional bonds between the speaker and listeners. He uses both the statistics, facts and then backs up the information with an emotional and psychological story. 

For example, 

1.      The speaker states that the online dating app, Tinder, is useless because teenagers spend a minimum of 7 hours a day swiping right or left on photos. Till this it is informative, but now he will narrate a story to validate his statement-making it persuasive. He might say that in his school days he wasted hours spending time in it and neglected his studies which resulted in bad marks and low scores.  

2.      The speaker states that India is not preparing for online education. Till this it is informative, but now he will narrate a story to validate his statement-making it persuasive. He states that many students in India don’t have a laptop or smartphone to attend online classes or these online classes are running educational standards. He might narrate a story proving his point. 

 Therefore, in these types of speech, the speaker has to provide valid data with a valid story to make people believe and turn them into his side. 

3. Strategy and program Persuasive Speech: 

The third type of persuasive speech is when a speaker talks about government or world strategies, programs, or policies. The main objective of this type of persuasive speech is to satisfy and persuade listeners either to accept or reject a particular program, policy, or government strategy. He provides the reasons why everyone should either accept or reject the particular program and then come up with smart solutions for it. This is one of the most common types of speech used by speakers to criticize or praise government rules and regulations. 

For example,

1.  If the speaker states that the new educational policy in India is crap; then he is getting into an agreement and asking people to criticize it. He will clearly state the negative impact of these new laws which will adversely affect the education system in India. A clearly in his speech asking people to take immediate action to stop passing the bill into law or to make it null and void. 

Therefore, the main objective of the Strategy and program Persuasive Speech is to trigger instant action or passive agreement. 

Will my audience like my Persuasive Speech topic? 

If you are passionate about anything then go for it rather than sitting back and thinking about it. If you choose a persuasive speech topic on which you are passionate and have immense knowledge then you can surely grab your audience's attention on any topic you choose.

Students who are in their school and are choosing a persuasive speech topic, by investing their time in polishing new skills, makes them confident and self assertive. Thus, a persuasive speech in a students’ academic life is so important to nurture their skills.

Select the top class persuasive speech topics wisely:

 It is very important to choose a persuasive speech topic carefully. To build an emotional bond you need to know your topic in and out. Because to make your audience believe in you; firstly you have to believe in yourself. Therefore, choose a topic which you understand and can persuade an audience and a huge mass. 

Here are the following persuasive speech topics for you. You can choose any of these topics and can move towards success. 

 The best persuasive speech topics for Arts students:

  • Should Art and Music be compulsory subjects for school students?
  • Can students choose street art or public art? 
  • How art culture influences the life of daily people? 
  • Are museums the base for art and diverse culture?
  • Why should the public enter museums for free?
  • How does the festival influence art culture?
  • How is modern art taking the place of traditional art?
  • Is contemporary for real?
  • How music therapy helps people?
  • Which one should people choose – ART, MUSIC, or TALK therapy?

 The best persuasive speech topics for MBA finance students? 

  • Does export boost the economy?
  • How does duty relief affect the economy of our country?
  • How foreign labor does influence the monetary policy of our country?
  • How globalization is affecting the wages of national citizens?
  • Do poor people don’t contribute anything to the economy?
  • How bad free trade is for the labor class of a country?
  • Every student studies and reads economics in their school?
  • How do dirty politics affect economic growth and economic development?
  • The minimum wages concept should be abolished in India
  • How are e-commerce businesses beneficial for our economy?
  • Should the government fix the retirement age?
  • How capitalism harms an open economy?
  • Why should only women enjoy maternity leave and not men?
  • Is work from home a new concept? 

 The best persuasive speech topics for students who want to enter into the entertainment industry:

  • Why do reality shows exploit youth?
  • How does social media affect students?
  • How does politics use the media to its advantage?
  • How does cyberbullying affects student mental health?
  • Are selfies bad or good?
  • TV shows are for real or scripted?
  • Should students have personal cell phones?
  • From where can I get true and unbiased news from around the world? 
  • Do TV shows truly reflect our society's norms?
  • How television is affecting a student's IQ? 

The best persuasive speech topics for student’s academics:

  • Are our books the only source of knowledge?
  • Should schools spend money on installing smart classes?
  • Computers should be a compulsory subject for all students
  • Which one is a better form of learning - MCQs or Essay form?
  • Singing and playing is a waste of time for students?
  • Why school should include compulsory classes for sex education and mental health?
  • At what age students should be taught about the importance of saving and investing?
  • Grades and ranking are the worst forms for measuring knowledge
  • Sports should be encouraged

 The best persuasive speech topics on Ethics:

  • Rights and duties of Prisoners’
  • Is the death penalty is ethical?
  • What should be the age for consumption of alcohol?
  • Should prostitution be considered legal?
  • Do we need to amend voting rights in India?
  • Should guns be banned on a college campus? 
  • Should people lend money to beggars?
  • How to help physically handicapped people? 
  • What is the right for raped victims? 

 The best persuasive speech topics on Environment:

  • How does global warming affect our environment?
  • People should use paper bags or plastic bags? 
  • Should wild animals be kept in zoos?
  • How renewable energy is protecting our environment?
  • How to protect endangered species?

 The best persuasive speech topics for students who want to peruse Fashion?

  • School uniforms be banned?
  • Why can't men wear pink clothes?
  • Why can't men put on makeup?
  • Does cloth define a person’s character?
  • How does the fashion industry affect student’s minds?

  The best persuasive speech topics on Science and Technology?

  • Internet is changing our life
  • Wikipedia is the death of libraries
  • Technology is making our life more bitter
  • Should the internet be free for all?
  • How to check scammers on the Internet? 

 The best persuasive speech topics on Travel:

  • Why are airline tickets so expensive?
  • Solo travels are the best way to rebound with yourself 

 How to design a captivating persuasive speech in school life?

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After choosing the persuasive speech topic, practice it so well that you can deliver it fluently. Focus more on emotional and important topics which will help you in creating an emotional bond with your audiences as well as keep you to the point.  

It is very important to deliver the speech properly. So, follow these steps to deliver a captivating speech in school life. They are as follows:

  • Know your speed well: There are three types of persuasive speech topics and you should competently know the speech type. It is all about knowing your speech type correctly.
  • Jot down the pieces of evidence: Collect all the information, points, statistics, numbers, and data to support your speech.  
  • Support with examples: To make your speech persuasive you have to provide valid live examples. It is better to provide examples from your life to make it believable.  
  • Create an emotional connection: To make your audience nostalgic create an emotional connection with your audience. Such an emotional bond will bring you close to your audience. 
  • Build on-counter argument: Ask questions to your audiences. A question session will make your session more commendable. Let your audience participate in your speech and this will make it more lively and encouraging. 
  • Wrap with strong questions: In the conclusion, it is very important to complete your speech with an open ending remark. Build the emotional connection as strong as it will make your audience approve and take immediate action.

Do you desire to motivate others?

Do you want the opportunity to have your say?

By selecting excellent persuasive speech themes, you may create a presentation that will wow your instructor, your peers, and anybody else who pays attention to you. Students frequently receive assignments to create persuasive essays for a variety of purposes. One could be required for your graduation celebration, or you might decide to offer one to your class.

When your speech is well-written, you are certain that your argument will persuade the audience. Strong persuasive speech topics for college students in 2020 will demonstrate to the audience your knowledge of the subject at hand. Similar to a speech for a formal event, it should offer sufficient proof that the subject has been properly investigated and that your perspective is accurate. However, many students have trouble coming up with the best concept for the impending task. You may use the intriguing ideas for persuasive speeches in this article to create a fantastic writing essay. There are three key elements that any persuasive speech and essay must-have. These elements consist of emotion, ethics, and logic. They are also known by the names Logos, Ethos, and Pathos.

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