Top Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2020-2021

Essay writing is the most vital, important, and integral part of a student’s academic career. Every student since their childhood has to write well-designed and well-planned essays with examples and thrilling theories. Essay writings are the key to build imaginations skills, develop critical thinking, skill the master of questioning and answering it from different views and perspectives. 

Every school, college, and university student has to write essays for obtaining good marks and scoring an A+ grade. Therefore, comparing and contrasting essay topics are thrilling, fascinating, and inspiring. Compare and contrast essay topics also expand and grow one’s knowledge, awareness, perception, insight, and thoughts on a particular topic. Importantly, a student through compare and contrast essays understands the complementary and contrary forces of the topic. Therefore, the learning is more comprehensive, photographic, and illustrated. 

Compare and contrast essays make the learning and educational process very interesting and clear. A student knows in and out, related to the topic which helps them understand the topic better. Even comparing and contrasting essays enfold huge areas of academic subjects. 

What do you understand by comparing and contrasting essays?

Compare and contrast essays mean to study, analyze and identify one topic with the topic. The major objective of these types of essays writing is of comparing and contrasting one subject topic with the other. These types of essays contain many paragraphs, manifesting resemblance and dissimilarity on a particular subject matter. The term “compares” means describing similar characteristics between two topics but of similar subject matter. And, the term “contrast” means describing the disparity between the same. 

Here are the few topics of compare and contrast essays example,

  1. Binuclear family v/s joint family
  2. Reading v/s listening
  3. Storybook v/s film
  4. Mental health v/s physical health
  5. Credit card v/s liquid money

Such compare and contrast essays should study the different prospects and similarities on the same subject matter. It studies the technology, emotional, and relations similarities and dissimilarities. Furthermore, compare and contrast essays relate information on characterizes and features on the same topic but to bring the difference between them. 

How to design compare and contrast essays? 

If you want to design a compare and contrast essay, you should write the essay in different paragraphs and with distinct words. The term “compare” studies the similarities between the two unique single and distinctive subjects. The similarities vary from its nature, extent, standard, dimensions, and properties. 

The second part of the essay is “contrast”. It studies and discusses the differences between two terms of subject matter. As these two words are quite different from each other it has highlighting variations. Thus, the compare and contrast essay considers both similarities and dissimilarities of two different unique topics.  

How and from where to pick, compare and contrast essay topics? 

Choosing a suitable compare and contrast essay topic is an important piece of work. The main objective is to choose two topics from a similar subject matter. For example, you can never draw any relationship between buying dog v/s android mobile phones. On such topics, it is impossible to compare and draw differences between the two. In simple words, you should choose topics under similar subject matter. 

An examination of two or more topics is done in a compare and contrast essay. There is a discussion of the contrast of disparities and evaluation of the likenesses of two or more topics that are meaningfully related. The goal of comparison and contrast papers is to uncover subtle variations and surprising commonalities rather than to declare the obvious. Contrast, as its name indicates, is about disparities between the subjects at hand.

Here, let's use a simple illustration. Consider the scenario where you are required to write a comparison and contrast essay on the subject of "Growing up in a Nuclear Family vs. Growing up in a Joint Household." The paper should examine similarity-related sub-headings, such as the existence of close relationships (parents, siblings, etc). It should also go into the contrasts, such as the emotional and social ties to elders, etc.
It is crucial to pick topics that are somewhat related to one another to construct the best compare and contrast essay topics. Compare the parallels between two different but related topics. The type, range, degree, and size of the similarities might be different. The only guiding principle is that there must be some points of convergence.

If you are choosing a topic from technology then make sure you are choosing the second topic from technology too. There should be certain similarities to draw dissimilarities. Choose two unique and identical topics of the same nature. Therefore, the main motive of compare and contrast essay is to draw differences and similarities to state all the features and properties of a particular topic. 

One can find such topics on the Internet, social media platforms, journals, books, course books, magazines, and textbooks. Choose any topics which fascinate you and you have the proper knowledge to write or talk about it.

How to write appealing compare and contrast essays? 

To write an appealing compare and contrast essay it is very important to divide the whole essay into three sections. First, the essay would contain an introduction. Second, the essay would contain a strong body which will make it attractive and heart-winning. Third, the essay would be wrapped with a strong note with steps to be taken. 

Here is the way you can write appealing and heartwarming compare and contrast essays. 

  • An introduction: Explain to your readers about the essay. Introduce them to your topic with quotations and explanations. Make it short, crisp, and easy to digest. You can talk about the topic's subject matter. For example, if your topic is about iOs v/s Android then introduce them by telling it a technology subject. 
  • The body: Maintain your body and start referencing. In this section, you can argue the differences and similarities with examples. Expand all the features with pieces of evidence and tempting thoughts to take an action. Develop your writing, add values, and question your readers so that even they can participate in your writing.
  • Wrap it up: In conclusion, give your readers with proper solution and their immediate actions to be taken. Wrap it up and help your readers to take back heartwarming experiences. 

The relevant topic will always make people more attentive. Before submitting your compare and contrast essays edit and proofread and get rid of all unwanted mistakes. Leave a thoughtful message and be open to feedback. 

How to choose the best compare and contrast essays? 

Here we are listing a few tips and ways you can follow to choose the best compare and contrast essays. They are as follows:

  • Think before you choose: It’s very important to think about your target audience before choosing a compare and contrast essay. You should know for whom you are writing. Would that particular topic excite them? Does that topic hold any importance? Will you be able to hook the reader’s attention? Thus, think of all these questions before choosing the best compare and contrast essays.
  • How many similarities and differences are there: Always choose a topic from the same sphere. If you are choosing to write about dogs then choose another topic that is similar to a dog topic rather than choosing a topic which deals with technology. For example, the traditional method of learning v/s online method of learning.
  • Unique compare and contrast essay points: Write down the points which have not been written by anyone before. To make it unique you have to list down the points which no one ever thought off or listed down. 

Compare and contrast essay topics for your writings:

To choose the best compare and contrast essay choose a topic on which you can develop both sets of similarities and dissimilarities. Here are the few topics on which you can write your compare and contrast essays. 

Compare and contrast essay topics on Medicare:

  • Synthetic chemicals Drugs v/s chemical substances derived from plants.
  • Homeopathic medicine v/s Allopathic medicine
  • Counseling v/s Psychology
  • Plant medicines v/s tablets
  • Cosmic surgery v/s Plastic surgery
  • Private nursing room v/s Public Hospitals
  • Female doctors v/s transgender doctors
  • Cost of hospital care and cost of home care
  • Surrogacy child v/s adopted child
  • Euthanasia for or against
  • IVF child v/s IUI child

Compare and contrast essay topics on Modern technology:

  • Apple technology v/s Google
  • Smartphones v/s Tablets
  • Voot v/s Hotstar
  • Netflix and chill v/s Amazon Prime
  • Facebook v/s Instagram
  • Twitter v/s YouTube
  • 3D film v/s 4D film
  • Social media v/s offline networking
  • Chatting v/s talking
  • Online education v/s traditional education 
  • IoT v/s AI
  • Reel vs post
  • Video learning v/s letter learning
  • iPhone v/s Smartphone
  • Computer hardware v/s computer software
  • Skype v/s WhatsApp calling
  • Email v/s message
  • Online shopping v/s offline shopping
  • Myntra v/s Koovs

 Compare and contrast essay topics on school, college, and university education:

  • Poem v/s Story
  • School v/s College
  • Government college v/s Private college
  • Saving money v/s investment
  • Stock market v/s mutual funds
  • Seminar v/s Online lectures
  • Ebooks v/s printed books
  • Real classroom v/s virtual classroom
  • Cloud computing v/s education
  • Indian education v/s American education
  • Mid-day meal v/s homemade meal
  • Shakespeare play v/s Bernard Shaw
  • Classic literature v/s Modern literature
  • As you like it by Shakespeare v/s Macbeth by Shakespeare
  • Harry Potter v/s other child books
  • Cold war v/s NATO
  • European history v/s American history
  • Economic development v/s economic growth
  • Literature lover v/s grammar Nazi
  • Male professors v/s female professors
  • Admission based on merit v/s admission based on marks
  • Scholarship based on marks v/s scholarship based on the financial status
  • Technology learning v/s In-person learning
  • Einstein theories v/s practical examples
  • Congress v/s Senate
  • Hitler Nazi v/s Churchill 

Compare and contrast essay topics on Economics:

  • Economics v/s economy
  • Relationship between sociology v/s economics
  • Dirty politics v/s economic destruction
  • Rich v/s middle class
  • Poor class v/s Rich class
  • Importance of economics as a subject v/s no importance
  • GDP v/s GNP
  • Per capita income v/s national income
  • Shopping from local shops v/s shopping malls

Compare and contrast essay topics on Politics:

  • Democracy v/s Autocracy
  • Capitalism v/s socialism
  • The political structure of UK v/s Political structure of USA
  • Presidential form of government v/s parliamentary form of government 
  • Functions legislature v/s function of executive
  • Apex court v/s state courts
  • Fundamental rights v/s fundamental duties
  • Freedom of speech v/s freedom of expression
  • Importance of directive principles v/s not
  • Constitution v/s convention
  • Separation of power v/s integration of power at the apex

Compare and contrast essay topics on Physical education:

  • Cricket v/s Basketball
  • Walking v/s Running
  • Indoor game v/s outdoor game
  • Physical playing v/s computer video games
  • Early morning exercise v/s evening exercise
  • Compulsory sports in school v/s not
  • Gymming v/s yoga
  • Full body exercise v/s skipping
  • Swimming v/s skipping 

Compare and contrast essay topics on students:

  • Family time v/s friends time
  • Christmas holiday v/s Halloween holiday
  • Theory Exam v/s practical exam
  • Sports v/s music
  • Math v/s abacus
  • Fight v/s peace talking
  • A night out v/s daybreak
  • Eating breakfast or skipping breakfast
  • Weekday v/s weekend
  • Oral tests v/s written tests
  • Studying in library v/s studying in the room
  • Group study v/s private study
  • Homework v/s assignments
  • Writing homework by oneself v/s professional online homework helpers
  • College degree v/s job
  • Boys are great friends v/s bad friend

Compare and contrast essay topics on Career:

  • Corporate jobs v/s freelancing
  • High education in India v/s High education abroad
  • 9-5 job v/s 18 hours job
  • Marketing v/s online sales
  • Engineering v/s medical science
  • Internship v/s fellowship for Ph.D. students
  • Internship v/s retainership
  • IT jobs v/s sales jobs

Compare and contrast essay topics on general topics:

  • Buy dog v/s buy cat
  • Diet v/s vigorous exercise
  • Kindergarten admission to children v/s not
  • Teenager being single v/s relationship 
  • Single mother v/s parents
  • Working mother v/s home mother
  • Tea person v/s coffee person
  • Local college v/s Big college
  • Second marriage v/s single after first marriage
  • KFC Chicken v/s McDonald Chicken
  • Marble flooring v/s tiles flooring
  • Air travel v/s water travel
  • American English v/s Britain English 
  • Non-vegetarian people v/s Vegetarian people
  • Per time job for teenagers v/s no per time job for teenager
  • Studying 12 hours a day v/s no socialization
  • Single child v/s siblings
  • Love v/s breakups
  • Purchase platinum v/s diamond
  • Fashion today v/s fashion in the 1990s

Compare and contrast essay topics on the environment:

  • Walking v/s driving
  • Renewable energy v/s non-renewable energy
  • Cleaning sewer channel everyday v/s once in a while
  • Planting one tree once in a month v/s planting one tree once in a year

Therefore, from here you can select any topics and can write your compare and contrast essays. No need to worry, these topics are all updated and interesting. Therefore, choose anyone and start writing. 

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