A sneak peek into types of assignments you get to write in colleges

It doesn’t matter what college, university, or course you join, assignments are going to be a huge part of your academic life. Almost all the subjects have some kind of assignment task attached to them. They also carry a lot of marks. These marks are counted in the final scores as well. So no matter what, you need to write these assignments and submit them before the deadline. It is a huge task and we know that. Most of the students panic about these assignments as they are not that good at academic writing. Assignments can be of different types and the writing styles change with types of assignments. We are making a list of types of assignments here so that you can practice them whenever you get time.

  • Essays – these are the common type of assignments. You get to write these in schools as well but the writing level increases a lot in college. You will get the maximum number of essay assignments and you will get to write these in almost all the subjects. Essays must consist of your ideas and knowledge with statements from reliable sources while providing them proper references. You need to properly research for content and zing up your ideas in them. There shouldn’t be any plagiarism and errors. You should always stay away from unnecessary information and provide factually correct data in support of your argument. It goes without saying that you should properly cite your essay and give proper referencing.
  • Case study – case study is one of the best ways to get some hands-on experience of concepts and gain insights from real examples. These types of assignments are pretty common in management and law courses. In this paper, you take a case and try to find what should have been done and how could it have changed the scenario. You can write either in support of the previous conclusion or against it. You need to study the scenario well and conduct research as much as you can so that you can solidify your statements. You need to provide enough proofs to support your conclusion. Logical reasoning skills are required to provide the best content in these types of assignments. Providing evidence and support for your conclusion is of utmost importance. You can always seek help from assignment experts if you are not able to write it.
  • Thesis/dissertation – a thesis or dissertation is a research paper that students need to write to acquire their academic degrees. You need to conduct research on a topic or question to write these types of papers. It is one of the longest papers as you need to write everything in detail. You need to provide information such as your research styles, your resources, and other people’s work. You need to provide proper references and citations in the paper. These papers are aimed at finding a solution for an existing problem or moving towards the solution in the right way. You need to properly cite and reference every statement and fact in these types of papers to avoid plagiarism and maintain the quality of the assignment.
  • Literature review – you get these types of assignments to acquire a better understanding of concepts and theories. These assignments are written in a specific style so that you can review and validate the content of a book or paper. You need to be more objective and write the paper informal language. You should always stay away from overstuffing your paper with unnecessary details and stay focused on the point. These are also very common in colleges so you should better start practicing these.
  • Project report – a project report is considered one of the most important types of assignments as you need to provide a report on research or project that you are undertaking. Without it, your project will not be accepted by the college. Here you discuss everything about the project including your topic, aim, methodology, references, constraints, findings, and conclusion. You need to follow structure-based writing in these types of assignments too. Proper referencing and citation are of utmost importance in these types of assignments.
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