Why you should learn Python straight away?

Data is the new gold and it is way important than most of the students can think. With a 7 billion-plus population and most of them getting introduced to technology in recent years, data has become one of the most sought after resource everyone is looking for. Technology has brought us closer to each other in many ways. We generate gigabytes of data in a matter of minutes. This data is huge and is generated in many forms. All the products and service providers are looking to tap into that data to understand the market well and become better at what they do.

A niche has been created in the form of data analysis which is considered as one of the in-demand and high paying jobs around the world. Since it is a new sector, there is a high chance of growth and learning. Also, data analysis is the first step towards machine learning and artificial intelligence. We all know that machine learning and A.I. are our future and we are seeing extensive use of these technologies even today. So, our question is, how do you want to tap this huge sea of opportunity? We suggest if you are into computer science engineering or information technology, you should definitely look at these technologies that provide you an ample amount of opportunities and pay.

There are many programming languages and tools that are used for data analysis and machine learning. Let’s see what those languages and tools are –

  • Python
  • R
  • Tableau
  • Julia
  • SQL
  • SAS
  • JAVA

Since all of these languages have their set of pros and cons, you need to select one based on the requirement or your purpose. But, we are here to discuss the most famous language that is used for data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. That is Python without any doubt. R comes very close to python in terms of analysis capabilities, but when it comes to machine learning and A.I., there is no match between them. We are going to discuss why you should learn Python in this century to become successful in your career.

Python is a general-purpose and high-level programming language. It has various usages ranging from creating web applications, graphical user interface, websites, games, and data analysis to machine learning models. It was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1990. It has become famous recently due to its increased usage in data analysis and the rise of machine learning.

  1. It is quite easy to use and learn. The codes written in Python are readable and maintainable. This enables it to simplify maintenance and updates.
  2. It is quite possible in python to create object-oriented and structured programs. It supports multiple programming paradigms that programmers love. Memory management is dynamic and automatic.
  3. Python supports almost all operating systems. Programmers can run the same codes on multiple platforms without recompiling them again. The operating system-based changes are quite easy to make and it helps to save a lot of development time.
  4. Libraries are the soul of Python. It has a huge number of modules that you can use based on your needs. It has libraries and modules for almost everything, you name it and you have it. You can use a python library named matplotlib and work on all of your MATLAB requirements. You can import libraries for web development and implement web services. You can import numpy and do all the arithmetic operations for data analysis.
  5. Python also has many open-source tools and frameworks that make the development part quite easy. Some examples are Django, Flask, and Cherrypy that are used for web development. These frameworks automate many sections of the development. PyQT and PyGUI are used to develop a graphical user interface with much ease.
  6. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the forte of Python. There are many open-source libraries and frameworks that you can use to build machine learning models. The libraries have increased a lot since Google adopted python for their machine learning applications. There is huge community support for it and you can get a solution for any query within minutes.

Now you can understand why you should definitely take a look at Python if you want a secure career and better payment. Many developers are adopting it for their projects and being an open-source language, it adapts to the changes quite swiftly. Python’s usage in web development has somehow diminished in recent days due to the rise of ruby on rails and node.js, but it is still used by many due to the easy solutions it provides. Thus, we always recommend students to go through Python as it is quite easy to learn. You will definitely use it no matter what your job profile or what your project is.

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