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What business law is?

This law is generally known as commercial law, which presents a part of business rules and regulations. Some verities of business laws are listed below.

    Corporate law

    Corporate laws give right to legally fight for an ordinary shareholders with the board of directors of any company. Sometimes many big multinational companies get into it.

  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate governance law is a bunch of rules, regulations, process and much more for a company, controlled by a central government agency corporate constitution.

  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate finance is the calculation of total gross financial support of any company.

  • Corporate crime
  • If someone violates the corporate laws and regulations, that will be termed as corporate crimes. Convict will get punishment from the judge and may have imprisonment.

    Consumer law

    This type of law gives any consumer a power to fight legally for their rights and the court will help them to solve the matter.

  • Airline complaints
  • The defected overseas products falls in the types of laws and the consumer can ask for replacement.

  • Fair trade
  • Combination of environment, labors and highly equipped instruments are called fair trade.

  • Extended warranty problems
  • The increase of normal warranty to a certain period is called, as extended warranty. This is an issue use in business law assignments.

  • Transparency
  • Transparency in the business is very important for fixing the price of any product. It related to company’s reputation.

    Environment laws

    There are some laws for every industry to follow and save the eco system. Environment, law is one of them.

  • Pollution of water
  • Water pollution caused by industrial waste and bi products is under this law. Industry has to purify water.

  • Management of waste products
  • Management of any kinds of waste is under this law and industries are asked to purify their waste before throw it out.

  • Air pollution by chimney:
  • This law is concern about the air pollution caused by any company. Company has to purify their chimney after certain duration.

  • Rules and regulations for chemical safety
  • There is a strong law on the chemicals used in the industrial area and governs under business laws.


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