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    CDR for Australian Immigration


    CDR for Australian immigration is prepared to showcase the skills and knowledge of engineers so that they are allowed to work in Australia. The responsibilities taken by the engineers at their jobs and the best projects taken by them is showcased to imply their quality addition to society. Since CDR mean Competency Demonstration Report, it is approved by Engineers Australia that allows engineers to migrate to Australia upon approval of CDR applied by them. Engineers Australia is the authorized agency is responsible to scrutinize CDR for Australian immigration and they take it very seriously. So it all depends on how good a CDR is written to get their approval and work in Australia which is becoming a dream destination for skilled workers due to its high salaries and life quality.

    It is really important for engineers to write a CDR for Australian immigration plagiarism free, detailed, error-free and full of skills and achievement as any error in CDR can get your application rejected. A structure is defined to write CDR which needs to be followed for a better chance of approval. Writing CDR is considered really tough as the whole immigration opportunity depends on it and it needs extra care while preparing for the CDR and writing it. There is absolutely no scope for any sort of error. Now let’s discuss the structure that needs to be followed to write the best CDR.


    1. Curriculum Vitae – you need to attach your CV in the very first part of your CDR with all the skills, projects, educational and personal details. It should be written in the standard format but error free. Continuing Professional Development – It can be described as the report of education after an engineer starts working. In other words, you need to mention what projects you have done, what seminars, conferences you have attended and what you have studied after your graduation to keep yourself updated to the latest technologies and updates. A thoroughly explained list present in your CDR improves your chances.
    2. 3 career episodes – In this part, you need to provide details of the 3 best projects that you have done in your professional life. You need to provide each and every detail of the project and how your knowledge and skills helped you to achieve the desired results. This should be the longest part of your CDR for Australian immigration. You need to emphasize your skills and show the agency what quality you can add with your knowledge and skills to the Australian workspace. You don’t need to about team effort in this section but put emphasis on your skills.
    3. Summary statement – it can be considered the toughest and most important part of the CDR for Australian immigration as you need to write what you can accomplish and how you can be an asset to the organization in which you will be working. You need to address what the Engineers Australia is looking for and how you are the best person for that. You can take help of the career episodes part by referencing the paragraphs in which you have discussed your capability.


    CDR for Australian immigration is a very lengthy report to write and it needs proper planning as a single mistake can cost an opportunity of a lifetime. It needs to be written keeping the salient features of a good CDR in mind which can improve the chances of approval. It takes a lot of time to write a good CDR for Australian immigration. Due to these reasons, it is advised to take expert’s help to better your chances of getting your CDR approved by Engineers Australia. Now let’s see what do we offer in our CDR for Australian immigration help.

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