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CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a report required by Australian agencies for engineers who want to work in Australia. The report needs to be written by engineers who want skilled migration. This report represents engineers and provides information about their professional life and skills in detail. CDR for engineers in Australia has specific components which need to be clearly understood if you want to write a comprehensive CDR that has the maximum chances of approval. It is written in a specific structure that needs to be followed thoroughly. You need to provide as much detail as you can without worrying about the length. If you want to write the best CDR in Australia, you need to follow these 3 steps.

  1. You need to understand the components of a good CDR in Australia. Since it follows a specific structure, you need to be aware of that and strictly follow that.
  2. Breaking your CDR into several parts with a proper headline always helps as you only worry about the part you are writing at that moment. Never worry about the time it takes as a good CDR always takes time. Proper planning always helps and you should never forget to make a list of salient features that you are looking to have in your CDR in Australia.
  3. Once you are done writing your CDR, never ever forget to proofread your article. Take a break for some days before you start the proofreading process to ensure neutrality.

If you follow these steps then you will definitely write a better CDR for yourself improving your chances of getting it approved and getting a job in Australia. or you can check our CDR Samples for your reference.


A specific structure is used to write better CDR which upon following increases chances of your application getting approved. Let’s see what the main components of its structure are –

  • CV(Curriculum Vitae) – This is the part where engineers need to provide their resume with all the educational and professional details.
  • Continuing Professional development – In this part engineers need to talk about their professional skills as well as personal traits. A special emphasis needs to be put on the professional behavior of the engineer. Whatever was learned by the engineer to stay updated to the latest technologies needs to be discussed in this part. It is worth noting that conferences and seminars attended, workshops and classes attended and books and journals read by the engineers need to be mentioned in this part.
  • 3 career episodes – A perfect CDR always has 3 career episodes which means engineers need to write about the 3 biggest projects or challenges of their professional lives. It should contain all the details of the project and the challenges that were overcome by the engineer. The main motive should be to explain the skills and talent of the engineer which was instrumental in meeting the target of the projects mentioned. It should put emphasis on the skill of the engineer, not on the team effort.
  • Summary statement – It is considered the toughest part of the CDR for engineers in Australia as it is the summary of all the career episodes. All the concerns of Engineers Australia need to be addressed in this part with references to the paragraphs written in the career episodes.

It is worth mentioning that you need to write this as long as you can and provide as much information about your skills as you can. If followed thoroughly as discussed above there is a high chance of approval of the CDR application.

WHY the US?

Best assignment experts have a team of expert CDR help writers who hail from different branches of engineering are well experienced in professional CDR writing. They help you at all the stages of CDR writing like properly listing CPD activities, correctly framing the career episodes and proofreading. They also help you to write the summary statement which is considered the toughest and most important part of the CDR application. They pay attention to the minutest details which significantly improves the chances of getting your application approved.

Apart from all of these, they also review your CDR to check for errors and what needs to be improved for a better chance. Our expert professionals know what Engineers Australia is looking for in your CDR and emphasize those skills especially. We also offer some other qualities in our CDR for engineers in Australia which are –

  • A team of 1000+ top experts with most of them having Ph.D. degrees in their respective fields. We provide original customized CDR for engineers in Australia without any plagiarism as we never compromise our quality.
  • Having a large team of experts enables us to provide you the CDR in the shortest time possible and you never need to worry about your deadlines ever again.
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We are sure that upon reading all the qualities that we offer in our CDR for engineers in Australia, you would not be able to stop yourself from opting for our service as we take pride in what we do and our experience with numerous CDR speaks it all.

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