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It is the brunch of science concerned with the substances of which the matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions and the use of such reactions to product new substances.

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Different brunches of Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry: It is the study of structures, properties, composition, mechanisms and reactions of organic compounds.
  • Inorganic Chemistry: It provides detailed information about the inorganic compounds and substances.
  • Biochemistry-It includes study of chemical reactions in living organisms.
  • Neurochemistry-It includes study of neurological things in living being.
  • Nuclear Chemistry-Study of sub-atomic particles
  • Quantum Chemistry-Study of chemistry of substances using quantum Physics
    Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • Atom: It is the basic and smallest constituent element of a substance, which bears the characteristic properties of the chemical element.
  • Chemical element: Formed of uniform type of atoms
  • Matter: A thing with specific mass and volume
  • Chemical compound: Composed of more than one element
  • Mixture: The union of substances
    General processes of Chemistry
  • Energy-It is stored in bonds of chemical compounds and released during chemical reaction in the form of heat.
  • Chemical Bond- Chemical Bond is the lasting attraction between atoms, ions and molecules that enable in formation of chemical compounds.
  • Chemical Reaction- Atoms and molecules interact with each other and create new substance.
  • Acid-base reaction- When acid and base are placed together, they react to neutralize the acid and base properties and produces salt.
  • Chemical Equilibrium-It is the state in which both reactants and products are present in concentrations, which have no further tendency to change with time
  • .
    Important laws of Chemistry
  • Boyle’s Law
  • Avogadro’s Law
  • Charles Law
  • Henry’s Law
    Major elements of Chemistry
  • Alloys
  • Chemical Compounds
  • Chemical elements
    Real-life applications of Chemistry
  • Polymers
  • Fertilizers
  • Adhesives and industrial gums
  • Consumer products

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