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Chemistry is part of the natural sciences and can be defined as the branch of study that deals with the identification of substances of which matter is composed and use those processes to form new substances. It helps to study the properties of these substances and also studies the way these change over time. It also studies the way substances react to each other and what can be gained from that. Chemistry assignment help provided by Best Assignment Experts is full of the knowledge and exceptional subject detail that can help you to learn the concepts better and better grades are always welcome. Chemistry is an extensive and important subject that needs special attention while studying it as it is responsible for many other studies that rely on it. Since it is the study of all the substances around us, it is natural that it can affect a lot of other activities. Its usage in different industries also makes it one of the most important studies. Thus, we always suggest students take chemistry assignment help if they are not able to do it since it will also help them to score better grades and understand those concepts clearly.

Chemistry assignment help

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Different branches of Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry: It is the study of structures, properties, composition, mechanisms, and reactions of organic compounds. It mainly studies Carbon and Hydrogen and their compounds. Students need to remember all the organic structures and equations that make it one of the toughest subjects. Thus our experts in chemistry assignment help can be the guide students always look for.
  • Inorganic Chemistry: It provides detailed information about inorganic compounds and substances. Its application is wide and is used in industries.
  • Biochemistry Assignment-It includes the study of chemical reactions in living organisms. It is also a vast topic since there are numerous types of living organisms and it studies all the processes and reactions that take place in organisms.
  • Neurochemistry-It includes the study of neurological things in a living being. Its core study area is processes occurring in nerve tissues and the nervous system. It is one of the most important parts of chemistry as it has helped unearth many concepts and theories regarding nerves that have helped with the well-being of living organisms.
  • Nuclear Chemistry-Study of sub-atomic particles. It deals with the study of radioactivity, nuclear processes, and the transformation of the atoms with all the properties associated with it.
  • Quantum Chemistry-Study of the chemistry of substances using quantum Physics. It practically studies the application of quantum physics and experiments it with chemical systems. Our chemistry assignment help is full of details regarding all these sub-topics of chemistry and can help students to achieve their dream scores.

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Fundamentals of Chemistry

  • Atom: It is the basic and smallest constituent element of a substance, which bears the characteristic properties of the chemical element. These are really small ranging around 100 picometers.
  • Chemical element: Formed of a uniform type of atoms such as Oxygen. These elements have the same number of protons in their nuclei. For example, Oxygen has the atomic number of 8 and it is made of 8 protons in its nuclei.
  • Matter: A thing with specific mass and volume. It takes space as it has a specific size and mass depending on its structure.
  • Chemical compound: Composed of more than one element. These are formed with identical molecules from more than one element and are bonded with chemical bonds thus having different properties than their original elements.
  • Mixture: The union of substances. Mixtures in chemistry are described as the physical combination of more than one substance in which the original properties of substances are retained. You can go ahead with our chemistry assignment help if you are facing issues with the complicated chemistry sub-topics since it has a wide range of areas to cover.

General processes of Chemistry- Chemistry Assignment Help

  • Energy-It is stored in bonds of chemical compounds and released during a chemical reaction in the form of heat.
  • Chemical Bond- Chemical Bond is the lasting attraction between atoms, ions, and molecules that enable the formation of chemical compounds.
  • Chemical Reaction- Atoms and molecules interact with each other and create a new substance.
  • Acid-base reaction- When acid and base are placed together, they react to neutralize the acid and base properties and produce salt.
  • Chemical Equilibrium-It is the state in which both reactants and products are present in concentrations, which have no further tendency to change with time

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