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Assignments help for Criminal law

If a person acts as an antisocial or does anything that violates the social environment, then he is a convict or criminal. Every country is very strict on this ground and they develop the criminal law. At, we deal with these assignments to help the students.


Types of crime covered under criminal law

    There are many types of criminal offence, which falls inside the law:

  • Dangerous crime like robbery
  • Some antisocial activity like terrorist attack
  • Attempt to murder a person or some people
  • Attempt to destroy public property
  • Fraud in banks
  • Violate the environment
  • Dealing with drugs
  • Sexually assault a girl or try to rape

Configuration of the criminal justice structure

    Criminal justice system is consists of five components and this is common in every country. Our experts will help students in these points:

  • Enforcement of law
  • Responsible officers collect evidence from the crime scene, prepare a notice about the crime, and provide to the court. They arrest the convict, deliver them for trial in court, and go through with investigations.

  • Lawyers from the government side
  • Lawyers from government federal do to the trial room and interrogate the convict. They are against the convicts and willing to punish him for his sins. They present the collected evidence to concrete his position.

  • Defense Lawyer
  • Defense lawyers fight from the convict’s side and try to present convict as not guilty.

  • Courts
  • The honorable judges decide the fate of the convict for his sins and sent him to the jail or accuse him with the death sentence. Courts are very strict on these types of cases and process the work as the evidence goes.

  • Corrections
  • Responsible guard is taken the responsibility to guide the convict towards the jail. They may send him to a personal cell and the officer in duty will observe every situation.

Essential rights for being guilty

    If a convict proved as guilty, he may go through some of these ways to attempt a last chance to save him:

  • Take the way towards silence
  • He has to face the witnesses
  • Go through by public poll
  • Be as his own lawyer
  • Will not take same foolish step twice


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