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Perhaps the most common essay which the students come across is the descriptive essays. It is the format which fits in any topic. This type of essay is aimed to create a deep involvement and experience for the reader.Academic courses use this essay type so that the students may gain an in-depth knowledge about what they describe. Descriptive essay topic may talk about a person, a place, memory, experience or object.Modern courses today involve descriptive writing about subject or scientific agendas. The only difference is that the reader can get a clear vision and visualise as the writing move from introduction to conclusion.


Students might wonder as to why they would write some essay with descriptive approach. It is an excellent opportunity to test the observation and perception level of the students. For example, the descriptive essay about my best friend would the physical attributes as well as mental and emotional connection with the best friend. Therefore, a student with for clear perception of thought and observation would succeed in descriptive essay writing.This practice and nurture of observation and perception assist a student in learning of various subjects in a vivid manner. The more studentsare attached to a subject; the better chance remains of learning occur. In fact, this practice is fruitful for students who lack the observation and perception. Repeated practice of descriptive writing approach develops the concept of observing and understanding.Thisis a major reason why description writing practices are part of various courses in schools, colleges and universities.The skill required might be higher, but the concept and underlying idea for descriptive learning remain the same.

Students should keep in mind that descriptive essay characteristics are majorly composed on creating the vision and visualisation. The reader has to visually get a picture of the entire scenario or object which is being described. The more skilful writing and keen observation the more the essay would stand out to be. Therefore, a student should always create a descriptive essay draft and work with it eventually. The draft creation provides the opportunity to recreate the description wherever it lacks or is not up to the mark. Descriptive essay elements are composed of sight, sound, smell,touch, and taste in a written form. Therefore to master this skill requires continuous practice and understanding. A proper planning into framing the structure of the essay is equally important. There must be a flow from introduction to the body and finally the conclusion. The synchronisation is important as it generates the feeling of watching a movie or a video.


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There various stages of planning a descriptive essay. The writer must be clear about what or who the description is about the assignment. In the next step, the reason behind writing the essay has to be determined.Lastly, the writer has to identify the qualities which must be focused into the essay. The draft is created which is utilised for revision and evaluation. The writer might use a descriptive essay checker to look for plagiarism and other such issues. It is a crucial step as in academic as well as web-based content; plagiarism is heavily punished. Besides, the writer might lose credibility too. The best way to evaluate the essay is to look for the key elements which bind the essay together.This element might be an incident, or the tone or any unique experience which is being shared through the writing.

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