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Assignment for Employment law

Labors and employers are the foundation of any company and there are many laws for their security. A company or industry is nothing without them, as they play a lead role in this drama. Our students are going to be next employee for any company and they need to know the rules very well. delivers this assignment on employment law to give them a detailed view about the law.


Benefits of Employment law

This law stands for security and financial support for every employee or labors. They are under the observation of this law and they can protest of envy injustice by the help of this law. This law help the by a great margin and secure their lives. There are two major categories under this law:

Division of labor law

    Two important categories are:

  • This law covers the relation of company head, trainee or employee and the ruling union. Our experts can help you to understand these points by this project.
  • This law is very strict on labor or employer’s security and their right in their office or job location. No one can throw them out from their job without any proper reason.

Minimum salary for labors as per employment law

    Salary is the main issue in labor law as it can be discussed between the labor and company . This is the main issue along with these:

  • Salary for work
  • Working salary is much more than the minimum salary, as it connected with labor and their family. Their family is directly linked with their monthly income and their medical issue

  • Working hours
  • Working hours is clearly mentioned under the labor law and no company can apply their force to extend the time limit. If they do this, they will face serious legal problem

  • Safety issue
  • Safety of labor is the main issue in today’s industry and they are answerable for any death of labors. The owner will face big amount of fine and jail also.

  • Say no to child labor
  • Child labor is under the stoplight nowadays as no child of less than 14 years can work for a company. However, there is many company which not listing this.


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