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Essay Writing A to Z

Essay Writing A to Z are important in academic career as it helps students to understand a lot of things and make other people aware of student’s thoughts and knowledge. Characteristically, a good quality essay tends to put forth the judgment of the writer and influence the readers on the same with appropriate advice and strong indications. Accordingly, while writing an essay, it’s important to expect the potential questions that generate in the readers’ minds and to address them logically in the disagreement or agreement. You can also find Top Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2020-2021, to write a hot essay.

Basics of Essay Writing A to Z

There are many types of essays and more than that there are many writing styles. However, what remains the same are the basic pillars of essay writing. Some of them are:

  1. Finding the right ideas, facts, data, and statements and collect them at a single place to later draft the essay.
  2. Make a regular plan, keeping all the key essentials of your essay in reflection.
  3. Avoid duplications, even if you are writing an expressive essay.
  4. Finding the best structure for the essay and following all the instructions provided by the university.
  5. Keeping everything to the point so that there is no straying away from the topic.

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Essay Writing A to Z formats

There are many formats that you can use to write essays based on the type of essay. However, most of the essays are written based on the 5 paragraph structure that goes like this:

  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion in general of the topic
  3. Opinion 1 with advice and clarification
  4. Opinion 2 with advice and clarification
  5. Conclusion

Essay Writing A to Z Tips

  1. Involve the Reader and get high grades! The title, introduction, and conclusion generally form the essay structure. The title and introduction part is very important and students should always give attention to detail while writing these. Some essays consist of a thesis statement which is also equally important. Readers might essentially decide whether to read the essay or not just by reading the essay title at a glance. Separately from the advice, a creditable essay must be pleasant too for the readers.
  2. Keep the attention on giving evidence in a logical and successive method in your essay. A little description of the topic might be a good idea as it will connect your essay to the readers and they will have an idea of what they should be expecting.
  3. “Say it fast, Say it healthy”. There is no point in overstuffing the essay to increase the word count as it provides an unpleasant experience to the readers. They might stray away from the topic and it will definitely show in your scorecard.
  4. After the final excision, and adjustment, you will finally complete your essay! Unluckily many students tend to ignore the importance of editing, which finally ends up with reduced marks even after laying a lot of tough work. Thus, always properly edit your essay before submission. Proofreading is an exercise that can eliminate errors and plagiarism and not many students practice it. Once you are done with all of these, you can submit your essay and you will definitely score better grades now.

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Steps of Essay Writing A to Z:

There is a guide to essay writing. Students can use it although writing an essay on any subject:

  1. Research: Before you start writing your Essay Writing A to Z, it is compulsory to improve your information on the essay topic to get an idea of the content and to understand how you should plan your essay. Take the support of resources available on the internet, public library, or discuss it with your friends and fellow classmates! Inquiry and thinking open up new streets in front of you. Just remember that where you are researching for content, those should be reliable.
  2. Analyze: You have collected appropriate information, start analyzing them and also consider the information and requirement provided by the university and professor. Try to understand the claims, logic as well as suggestions. It will help you to have a clear and concise understanding of the topic.
  3. Write Introduction: When you have drawn the framework of an Essay Writing A to Z, you can start writing it. The introduction needs to be exciting and attractive, according to your framework, and provide a short description to the readers before leading into the thesis statement.
  4. Thesis statement: a thesis statement should be very concise and understandable. It should convey what you are trying to achieve in your essay and present your thinking on that topic to readers. It makes readers aware of what they should expect and you will be able to engage them more clearly.
  5. Conclusion: Writing an appropriate conclusion is the most important part of quality essay writing. The conclusion should be connected to all the basic elements of your Essay Writing A to Z from the introduction in a string. It can also include a call to action or even mention some impressive lines or thought-provoking sentences related to the topic. Be sure that you have answered the question that you asked before in the essay as it is important to not have any unanswered questions in your essay.

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