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    Format for Writing Academic Essays


    Academic essays can definitely be called as the most common type of assignment in a student’s life. Essays are a common part of most of the subjects and you will always be asked to write different types of essays in all the subjects. These essays also carry a lot of marks and are very helpful in increasing student’s analytical as well as conceptual knowledge. Writing essays demand a lot of research work that increases a student’s knowledge. There are many types of essays that a student might need to write on different subjects. Let’s see what are the main types of essays that are very common?

    2. Descriptive essays
    3. Expository essays
    4. Persuasive essays

    The problem is that students are not aware of the requirements of better essays that can fetch them better grades. Let’s take a look at the format for writing an academic essay that will help students to write better essays.

    The format for writing academic essays

    Format plays a vital role in essay writing as it provides a way for students to showcase their knowledge properly. Readers find it really easy to read and understand if essay is written in a proper way. Let’s see what is the best structure to write an essay that can help you to convey your message properly?

    • The introduction – this is the first part of the essay in which you introduce the topic to the readers. A quote, a question or a fact is considered as the best introductory statement. You need to make readers aware of what you are trying to achieve here. You also need to provide some context of your essay in the introduction part as it won’t be clear to the readers if you don’t do it.
    • The body – this is the part where you need to elaborate on your statement. This must be the largest part of your essay. You should write the body of essay in a pre-decided outline that connects the whole body to your thesis statement. You also need to take care that you don’t deviate from the topic as it might confuse the readers. Also, remember to keep your statements accurate and provide sufficient support for your argument. Evidence is an important part of essays and try to provide some evidence in support of your discussion. Consistency is another factor and you should always be consistent with your outline of essay. Word choice must be professional and you also need to keep the word limit in mind.
    • The conclusion – this is the end part of your essay where you will show your findings to the readers. You should always start the conclusion with a small summary of the body part of your essay. You also need to justify a connection of your findings in social and personal reach so that your readers understand what you are trying to achieve here. You also need to provide some support for your conclusion. The last statement should be a short conclusion for your essay.

    This is the best format for an essay that you can follow. This will help you to write a better essay and score high grades.

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