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Definition of Geometry

Geometry is the basic part of mathematics and students have to secure strong position on it. Geometrical figures like triangle, circle, and squares are very important to understand for any students and if they face problem regarding this, they can hire experts from We all need to now geometry, as this is the fundamental part for our life, as we need to recognize every shape. Geometry also contains more difficult topic like theorems and postulates.Therefore, we have a team of experts on geometry to help students and we are very professional on that.

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Different types in geometry

  • Types of Angles
  • Geometry deals with lots of complex relation between angles. Some of listed below:

  • Reflexive Property of Equality
  • In this rule, the amount is same as it has.

  • Symmetric Property Of Equality
  • BY this, if X=Y then y=x is perfect.

    Angle theories
  • Angle Addition process
  • The addition of two angles is the exact of the maximum value of an angle if two lines make an angle.

  • Corresponding Angle process
  • Two different angles have to be the same if a parallel straight line crossers between a single lines.

    Triangles theories in Geometry
  • Side-Side-Side Triangle Postulate Congruence
  • Congruent triangle is example of these types of two different type’s triangle as the arms of 2 triangles are same.

  • Angle-Angle-Side Triangle Postulate Congruence
  • Both One arm and an angle have to be same to maintain this postulate


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