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Every company today wants to maximise its employee’s potential to meet the objective and goal of the company. The department of the company which deals with all this is known as Human Resource (HR). HR department mainly takes care of the hiring, evaluation, training etc of the company’s workers and staff to make sure that the productivity is maintained is as per the company’s goals and needs.


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To attain certificates or degree in the field of HR management and related programs, one has to go through the assignments and essay work and secure good grades in them. There is a myth that HR comprises conducting interviews and managing training sessions for the company but HR is much more. The role of HR in an organisation comprises of more strategic planning and arrangements. So, for getting good grades and knowledge in the field of HR, it is recommended that students should take help of online assignment writing help service in their particular work courses.

HR Department - Roles and Responsibilities

  • Recruitment :

    Primary role of HR department is to recognise the most suitable candidate for a particular job position in the company and removing liability candidates.

  • Providing direction :

    Major responsibility of HR personnel in the company is to point the workers and staff towards the right directions to achieve the goals and needs of the organisation.

  • Salary and Wages :

    After analysing different factors like finances of the company, job role and the skill of the candidate, HR department is responsible for finalising the salaries and wages to the company’s employees.

  • Health, safety and wellness :

    Ethics management, workplace safety, preventing misbehave, harassment, bullying and employee equality within the company’s premises are the responsibilities of HR department.

  • Rules and Regulations :

    Rules and regulations related to working job hours, holidays, leaves, incentives and other company rules are tracked and managed by HR team.

  • Training and development :

    Development of candidates by giving them technical training is also the job of HR team. HR team makes sure that the skills of the employee are maximised. They carry out developmental workouts for recuperating the general performance of the employees.

  • Analysis of job :

    It is the job of the HR team in the company to keep all the record of different employees and their role in the company. They keep track of every employee by writing job descriptions. Apart from that, the team also keeps a clear track of future requirements of manpower in the company.

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