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Cloud Computing

1. Introduction

Business tries to maximise their profits with the help of the technological facilities that are made available at the minimum  price. One such facility is the cloud computing which helps in storing huge amount of data easily. There is no fear is losing the data and breaching of information.

2. Project objective

  • To evaluate the importance of the concept in business and identify the impact
  • To assess the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud computing faced by the business organisations

3. Project scope

Most of the business organisations try to adopt the method of cloud computing to gain benefit from the service. However, selection of the suitable service provider is significant to gain the advantage. The appropriate selection would ensure the advantages and the disadvantages that the organisation would receive as a counterpart of the service. The scope of the project would be to identify the advantages ad use them for the benefit and protect the organisation from the potential threats that it causes from time to time.

4. Literature review

Concept of cloud computing

Cloud computing has overtaken the IT business scenario where it shapes most of the changes in organisations. In the journal, “Advantages and challenges of adopting cloud computing from an enterprise perspective” by Avram, it is clearly explained about the popularity of the system which have been adopted by most of the business organisation. This new model of computing is available for lease and users can avail as per their requirements. This has enabled the business organisations to move their core functions and storage to the new available platform (Dinh et al., 2013). However, with the popularity it has been seen that the system has become complex and maintenance of the data and integration had involved risky transactions.

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