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Project Life Cycle

This study critically evaluates the Project Life Cycle (PLC) of the chosen organisation, Starbucks and also describes various stages of this model. As discussed by Waldenet al. (2015), this model is used by the project managers in order to finish their projects in the best way. This study would present the overview of the case study of Starbucks and then provides the description of PLC as well as its four stages. If the project managers do not follow this project life cycle model, then that may delay their projects, and ultimately, they would not be able to finish it within its deadline. The PLC is a systematic approach to completing a project, and it would also help a project manager to understand whether all the stages have been completed correctly or not.Besides that, this study would also describe the relevant model of this project life cycle and assess the tools, methodologies and leadership within this business organisation. As per the discussions ofZue and Paik (2017), this fact is evident that there are some other factors associated with this PLC model. The most relevant factors are the project plan, business case, work breakdown structure as well as the cost-benefit analysis. Thus, this study would address all these issues related based on the case study of the Starbucks company.

Overview of the Case Study

This report is based on the operation management policies of the Starbucks company which is one of the most renowned companies in the coffee shop industry. As suggested byChong and Hopkins (2016),operation management is associated with the designing and managing the production process, manufacturing as well as the provision of best services to the customers. Besides that, the strategies of this operation management process are forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, assuring quality, employee motivation, retention as well as managing the inventories. In most of the cases, it has been found that this business organisation has been able to fulfil the objectives of this operation management process. 

Description of PLC and Explanation of Each Stage

            This Project Life Cycle (PLC) is a circular model which is used by the project managers of the business organisation for executing a model correctly. There are four primary stages found in a PLC which is shown with the help of figure 1. As mentioned by Volkov and Kuzina (2016),the steps are project initiation, project planning, project execution and project closure as well.

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