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    Palaeontology Assignment Help

    Paleontology is the scientific study of the life that existed in the long past. It includes the study of ancient life such as prehistoric mammals, plants, fish, microbes and dinosaurs. From the fossil records, paleontologists discover the evolution of life forms and the changes that took place throughout time. Many students find trouble in writing assignments in Paleontology and require help. The Best Assignment Experts has introduced Paleontology Assignment Help. Best Assignment Experts provides paleontology assignment help to students in this way.

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    Some common topics of Paleontology

    • Methods and techniques of Paleontology Study
    • Study of invertebrate fossils
    • Study of vertebrate fossils
    • Plant fossils
    • Study of evolution

    Common terms of Paleontology

    • Paleontological locality- The geographic area where fossils existed
    • Paleontologists- Scientists researching in Paleontology
    • Surface collection- Paleontological resources
    • Excavation- Digging out the fossils paleontological resources
    • Quarry- The hollow space left after excavation

    The important subjects of Paleontology

    Fossil is the remains or trace of a living thing of a former geologic age, as a skeleton, or footprint of prehistoric animals. The types of fossils are as follows:

    • True fossils: The original remains of ancient animals.
    • Trace fossils: Known as Ichnofossils bear the traces of the existence of ancient animals.
    • Mold fossil: Fossil remains are found embedded in the rock.
    • Cast fossil: Mold fossils that are filled up with molds.

    Preservation types of Fossils

    • Per mineralization: The process of crystallization of mineral inside the pore spaces of the fossils. It is mostly done to study the internal structure of the organism and mostly done on plants to study them. Water carries minerals inside the pores and creates crystal casts around them.
    • Unaltered preservations: The original parts and matters of the organism remain unchanged. Water is not present in the body thus it changes its color and protein also degrades with time.
    • Replacement: Some structures of the fossils are replaced with the mineral matter at its place. It is done slowly because if it is done quickly the structure will lose all the traces of originality.
    • Re-crystallization: The pore spaces of the organism are replaced with crystallized remains. It is helpful in preserving the compounds of the skeleton in crystalline form.
    • Carbonization: It is Common in plant fossils. Plant remains are turned into carbon mostly. Only the residual carbon is left after a long time as it is the slowest process. Coal, that we use today, is the fossil form of plants.

    How to become a paleontologist?

    Paleontology is a vast subject and comprises knowledge from geology and biology too. It is considered a tough subject and students need to study really hard to become a good paleontologist. A Ph.D. degree can help students to become better at a job that needs time and rigorous study of the subject. Students get to write many assignments to become a good paleontologist and most of the students are not able to do that on their own. Paleontology can be described as a common playground of geology and zoology thus it needs vast knowledge and should be studied well. The best way to go through it is to opt for a double major in geology and biology. Students need to study some other tough subjects like mathematics, calculus, computer science, ecology, genetics, and evolutionary biology as well. It provides students a chance to work in many government organizations and other scientific organizations. It does provide a good salary and has high scopes for the future. Thus, if you need any sort of assistance with paleontology assignment help; do seek it from Best Assignment Experts as it is one of the best assignment help providers in the world.

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