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Philosophy and its importance

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Philosophy in broad is quite embracing in nature and has disposition in reality. Philosophy acts as a channel for living because it deals with the issues and pervasive in nature. The subject also possesses a backdrop of thoughts and the knowledge for examining own philosophical explicit and the guided principles propagated by other people. The subject also discovers a new paradigm of thinking to identify the contradictions and errors by analyzing them. Philosophy bestows the usefulness of bookish knowledge and enables to address problem with the help of reasons and sensibility.

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    Branches under Philosophy

  • Epistemology: Science of Knowledge
  • Rationalist theory: Relies on justification of beliefs
  • Empiricist theory: Bases on senses
  • Metaphysics: Study of reality that goes beyond periphery of mathematical paradigm
  • Ontology: Consists of core concepts of mental entities and nature of change with Universal science and Natural theology.
  • Ethics: Moral values and Search of Apprehension
  • Logic: Right and Accurate reasoning
  • Aesthetics: Focuses on disposition, nature and appreciation of beauty

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        Branches under Philosophy

      • Education Philosophy
      • History Philosophy
      • Law Philosophy
      • Mathematics Philosophy
      • Politics Philosophy
      • Science Philosophy
      • Religion Philosophy

      Few of the famous Philosophers listed are Socrates, Plato, Locke, Marx, Aristotle, Hume, Descartes, Nietzsche and Sartre. Their contribution to philosophy has been immortal in all aspects of life and motivation to go one step ahead.

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