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Philosophy is something that you can’t define in words but if you consider it in general terms, it is the study of knowledge. In broader terms, it studies the way of life, the way we think, the way we take reality and knowledge, and all the existence that comes in the study of philosophy. In this study, the activities are undertaken to seek knowledge and understand the fundamental truth of life. How people link their life with the world is at the core of philosophy. The subject also discovers a new paradigm of thinking to identify the contradictions and errors by analyzing them. Philosophy bestows the usefulness of bookish knowledge and enables one to address the problem with the help of reasons and sensibility. Philosophy assignment help & Metaphysics assignment help is for those students who somehow are not able to write it themselves. There are many things that students need to study in philosophy as it deals with the whole world itself. Let’s see what are the main topics that are under the philosophy that is also covered in the philosophy assignment help?

Philosophy assignment help

Major branches under Philosophy | Philosophy assignment help

  • Epistemology: Science of Knowledge is known as epistemology. It is the way of seeking knowledge, how to keep knowledge, how to share it, and what should be the limit of knowledge. It deals with the limitations and scope of knowledge.
    • Rationalist theory: Relies on the justification of beliefs. According to it, the idea of knowledge comes from the mind and says that all human beings are born with some innate ideas and grow with physical development.
    • Empiricist theory: Bases on senses. It argues that knowledge derives and grows with the help of the five senses. Knowledge grows with time and experience.
  • Metaphysics: Study of reality that goes beyond the periphery of the mathematical paradigm. It is the oldest, broadest, and most important philosophical study that is concerned with reality. The nature of being, existence, and the world is the core of this study and it is said that it provides the base to the philosophy and everything is derived and set from it alone.
    • Ontology: Consists of core concepts of mental entities and the nature of change with Universal science and Natural theology.
    • Natural Theology: it is the study of God and all the supernatural powers that may or may not exist. It studies all the questions and beliefs regarding God and all the religions in the world.
  • Ethics: It is the study of moral values and the search for apprehension. It is the study of actions that mean good and work for the greater good. All the ideas and behaviors that are based on the greater good are studied in this study. There are mainly 4 types of ethics study in philosophy-
    • Normative ethics
    • Metaethics
    • Descriptive ethics
    • Applied ethics
  • Logic: Right and Accurate reasoning is studied in logic philosophy. Logic is based on logical thinking and critical analysis of different scenarios.
  • Aesthetics: Focuses on disposition, nature, and appreciation of beauty

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Other important branches of philosophy

  • Education Philosophy
  • History Philosophy
  • Law Philosophy
  • Mathematics Philosophy
  • Politics Philosophy
  • Science Philosophy
  • Religion Philosophy

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