Revision and Refund Policy

The academic writing takes proposals to limitless of the reviews for their customers. Accordingly, they collect a paper written giving to their opportunities. We include the further orders in the paper to achieve your requests too. Though, in the circumstance of a disaster to deliver the paper giving to distribution the policy, we provide you with a refund. You have a right to ask for a refund in the next conditions.

  • If Student plans to revoke/ cancel the placed order, they need to check 1st if the work has been assigned to Writer/ Experts, if Writer has not been assigned then they can book another order with the similar requirement at free of cost as same credit can be used for another assignment. If in another case where the writer has already started working on the assignment, where compensation has been given to writer so then placed order cannot be revocable.
  • Refunds for Duplicate payment if you mistakenly paid twice for same assignment order via Paypal, please contact us and send both the PayPal receipts. The extra payment will be refunded in the same source (original Payment methods) where the payment has been received will be refunded in 10 working days post intimation by Student.
  • We agree with the Experts for work and then confirm with the student. But on certain occasion where the task is unique and required specialized writers or one topic need 2 or more expertise writers and in these case where we are unable to find the writers, then the student can use their wallet credit in next similar assignment.
  • We request the student to submit all the 'requirement files' and additional or supporting documents before the deadline for submission date, it is very crucial for the writer to produce quality work. But in case if some requirement is submitted after the deadline so no penalty is liable on writers if grades are low.
  • Here

    we provide total satisfaction for students at rework policy

    , as soon as any rework comes we have a timeframe to remake and redo within 48 hours but initial requirement should not be changed. Any rework must be bringing to our attention with a timeframe of within a month (30 days) of delivering the assignment. As the student can make unlimited minor rework(less than 25 words) but major( more than 25words) in each paragraph or technical write-up such as IT, coding, programming, etc related 3 simultaneously rework is allowed but no penalty is liable on the writer and no refunds in this case. As the writer uses paid software to test the work.
  • Very rarely, if the student is has submitted his work at university or colleges and failed to get the passing grade in the assignment. They must submit the original failed report or feedback to accounts within a month (30 days) from assignment delivery date; in this case, we do the refund of 50 % in their Wallet as credits. This is due to as we have already paid in advance 100% to the writer to write-up assignment and they are located all over the world and it’s difficult to get back money from them. We terminate the contract the writer if any students fail
  • No refund is provided in Urgent Assignment help in whatever case in assignment placed order and assignment delivery date and time is inclusive and within 24 hours period.
  • As all the transaction is happening online through the secure gateway of PayPal no cash refund policy is applicable in case of overpayment.
  • Refund can happen and place in the same currency, the same country, if the student wants in other currency foreign currency exchange, then exchange rates charges and admin charges have to be borne by students.

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