3 Linux distribution for security, penetration and privacy


Linux is an open-source operating system and it is also known as a freely distributable version of Unix. It is developed by Linus Torvalds on September 17, 1991, at the University of Helsinki in Finland. This system is mainly used to hack secured data. When a person declares that he/she is using Linux then it is fully confirmed that he/she is using Linux distribution. The first version of Linux which was released is 0.02. The package of Linux distribution mainly includes Kernel which was provided by the GNU project. The Linux operating system is generated under a GNU license so it can be distributed freely.

3 Linux distribution for security, penetration, and privacy

The top 3 Linux distros based on security, privacy, and penetration testing are Discreete Linux, Alpine Linux, and Parrot Security OS.

Discreet Linux mainly uses trojan software and it protects the data against surveillance attacks. It is based on the Devian distro. This operating system mainly focuses on providing an isolated working environment where private data can be handled with safety and to protect data from unsolicited access (German, Adams, and Hassan, 2016). The most significant feature of this operating system is that it is a pure live system, the operator does not require to install this software into his/her computer. It can be run with a USB stick. Discreet Linux is read-only all changes are irrecoverably lost after the computer is turned off. This system generally comes up with a recent version known as Gnome desktop 3.14.1 which includes several smaller applications. This system also includes firefox, VLC which builds this operating system a solid all-rounder.

Alpine Linux is based on BusyBox basically structured for security and resource efficiency. This operating system has proactive security specifications PaX and SSP which secures the software from being exploited (Langley, 2016). It also fulfills the gap of the security holes. This system is smaller as compared to GNU and Linux systems. It mainly utilizes the version of 3.7 which never discloses the identification online. It secures the data and utilizes it in an efficient manner. It is also a security-oriented operating system.

Parrot Security OS mainly focuses on privacy and security. This operating system is derived from the Devian distro. This Operating System follows a rolling-release development model. It is based on Devian’s Bullseye with Linux Kernel 5.5. This operating system mainly supports to access the vulnerability of the system whether it is strong or weak. This operating system also provides penetration testing tools that can be utilized for vulnerability assessment and security research.


Similarly, there is software that is used to encrypt and decrypt the emails and documents named GPA, which utilizes OpenPGP (Delasko and Chen, 2018). SQLmap undoubtedly manipulates and recognizes the secured data. It can also disclose the data from various databases. This distros of Linux can also crack the passwords by making dictionary-based attacks.


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