Question 1

According to P&G, the message this company wants to send to its customers is that this company provides the products which will help every mom to encourage their children to become successful in life. This company provides products of superior quality which easily improves the lives of the people who use these products. This company also leaves a message that the products which they sell are sponsors for mom. They implemented the strategy Thank You mom, to attract more customers to purchase their products. The company mainly wants to reveal to its customers that the usage of this company’s products will help every child to achieve success in their lives.

The implementation of Thank You Mom campaign supported the company to achieve long term success and also helped the company to expand its business globally. This campaign also supported the company to attract more consumers to purchase their quality products and in return, the consumers rewarded the company with leadership sales, profits, and value creation (Khoreva, 2019). The company also helped the communities to experience a luxurious life by providing several job opportunities to the people of the community. The P&G also gained the benefit of operating their business in every corner of the world. They also gained the brand name which is mainly beneficial to maintain a business.

According to me, the Thank you Mom campaign video is a positive video. It says that the usage of P&G products helps the children to achieve success in their lives. So, mainly every mom is very much concerned about buying this company’s products. This video evoked a happy emotion as this video showed the success of a child who is very much hard-working. P&G pulled all communication levers including social media and paid media partners to go beyond the sponsorship to build impactful customer engagement. In the video, I have also learned that mothers compromise everything in their life to support their children to be successful in their life.

Question 2

These products mainly target the kids who mainly fall under the age of 8-14 years. The kids are fond of these products because these bottles can be used for both drinking water and playing games. This bottle also has a feature that the more the kids drink water the more levels will unlock (Chen, 2019). Despite the parents' intention to make them force the child to drink more water so that no health issue may arise. So, this company targets those parents who are failed to make their child drink more water. The designs as well as the color of the bottles are more attractive which captures the interests of the kids.

Yes, this product will become successful as nowadays parents are busy human beings so they don't get time to look after their child more consciously as a result they will buy this product to avoid future health issues which may be faced by the kids. The products are also of superior quality and this product also consists of a sound system that attracts the kids to keep with them always. It also consists of an excellent feature that as much as the kid will drink water, the more levels will be unlocked. It also has several attractive colors that can gain the interest of the child easily.

Question 3

In the context of Agatha’s Inc., this company may price its product by investigating the price of the products of the other five companies. The achievement of the market can be possible by this company if they price the product lower than that of the products of other companies. This company may also implement the strategy of revenue maximization (Herman, 2019). Whenever this company introduced a new product, at that time they mainly focused on growing market share and establishing a long term customer base. The survival price is also a strategy the company may use to compete with the other companies.

Question 4

The marketing channel is mainly used to bridge the gap between the producer of a product and its user. There are four marketing channels which are specified below:

Direct selling: This selling channel defines the selling of products directly to the final consumer from a fixed retail shop. The modern direct selling includes selling and marketing products through the internet. Peddling was known as the older direct selling process (Courses.lumenlearning, 2020). For e.g.: Avon products Inc. sells its products directly to the final consumer, this selling is the easiest selling channel and this also satisfies the consumers easily.

Selling through intermediaries: This selling and marketing channel mainly arises when there are many small manufacturers and many small retailers. This type of selling channel is not met with the final consumer directly. The companies who follow this strategy supply the products to the wholesales and from them the products reach the retailer, at the last stage, the final consumers buy the products.

Dual distribution: It is a marketing channel where the wholesalers and retailers use more than one channel at the same time to reach the final customer. This channel sometimes faces conflict. These marketing channels support the wholesalers to sell the product to the final consumer as well as the retail shop at the same time. In other words, the dual-channel marketing operates their business by giving the franchise to others so that they can also sell the product. For eg: Starbucks provided a license of the franchise so that it can expand its market by operating in every corner of the world.

Reverse channels: In this channel, it mainly operates from the consumer to intermediary to beneficiary. It mainly arises to make money by selling the products or by recycling the products. It is also known as a backward marketing channel. The product flows backward from the customers to intermediaries to the producer. The products are mainly recycled and then reused.

Question 5

Shopper marketing mainly focuses on the purchasing point of consumers. This marketing tries to make a sudden impact and directly influence behavior. The retailers can implement it by installing Wi-Fi as they could provide the latest information regarding the price and quality to the customers. The retailers can observe the preferences of the consumers that what types of products they like and accordingly they could send some advertisements in the consumer’s smart phones. In this way, the company can implement the strategy of shopper marketing to expand their markets. The retailers gather information by tracking the location of the user and by tracking the searching records of the consumer’s smart phones. Accordingly, they provide related advertisements for the product with its price details to attract the customers. They also keep a record of the prices of the products in an online shopping app like and listed their own product price accordingly.

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