Destination Overview

Summary of the region

Barcelona is the major city in the northeastern part of Spain and is the capital as well as the largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia. It was a city founded by the Roman in the medieval age and is now the second most populated municipality in Spain with a population of 1.6 million. This city is one of the largest metropolises situated on the Mediterranean sea. It is one of the oldest cities in Spain and Europe hence it is full of cultural and traditional belongings. The city is also very developed with good infrastructure and running economy. This city has a modern touch to it with the fusion of Spanish lifestyles (City Council, 2020).

Lifestyle, Industry and economy

Barcelona is committed to its cultural economic lifestyle thus in this city their art, economic well being and high rate of education. Industries such as the Textiles, machinery, automobiles, handicraft, locomotives, aeroplanes and electrical equipment are the major industries that are operating within this city. Barcelona contributes 25% to Spain's GDP showing its economic importance in the country. Barcelona has developed its industries and economies based on its age-old prominence in the European continent due to the availability of ports from the medieval ages (Connell, 2020). The lifestyle in this city is modern and of high standards, although people in the region are connected with their long-living culture.

Accessibility and transportation

Barcelona is very accessible from all around the world because of the availability of international airports and flights that are direct from any European country as well as from the American and Asian continent. There are indirect flights as well that connect Barcelona from the rest of the world. Barcelona can also be accessible through railway and waterways transportations from within the European continent. This makes the city very accessible within the European region and from all over the world.

Culture / Shopping / Food

Barcelona is a mix of Spanish and Catlonia culture which has its own unique properties and language which is Catalonian. The city’s culture embraces its artistic tradition and its ancient history being one of the Roman Cities in the past (Follett, 2020). The places for shopping in this city are Grey street, La Nostra Ciutat, La Roca Village, El Ingenio, Tinycottons and Colmado Múrria. It is important to understand there is also a local market in the city where the traveller can visit in order to shop for local things and clothes. There are some famous cuisines and foods that can be tested by the travellers in the city and they are Paella, Bombas, Calcot’s and Romesco sauce and Pa Amb Tomaquet.

Nightlife and entertainment

The source of entertainment and Nightlife that is there within Barcelona is unique and very lively. There are various cinemas halls, sports events and parks that can be visited for entertainment in this city. La Liga is a sport event which is a huge sports event that happens within this city and this sports source of entertainment for the people. The nightlife of Barcelona is also very lively and there are various nightclubs that can be visited in the city such as Sala Apolo, Pacha Barcelona, Sala Razzmatazz and INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club. Nightclubs like these light up the nightlife of Barcelona and are a major source of entertainment for Barcelona.

Map of city or city centre

Experience of staging successful events

Barcelona has been home of many traditional cultural events and it is also a host of one of its biggest football events named La LiIga. Hence there is proper infrastructure and workforce available in this destination to manage events such as the EAN congress. Barcelona is also famous for many business events and events related to educational development.

Expected participants

Our event management team is ready to provide managerial support to 600 delegates although it has been stated that the EAN congress event can have a total of 500 delegates as well as 50 exhibitors that can attend the current event. These delegates are coming from 80 different countries to attend the event whereas the exhibitors can be from national and international areas. The management of our company is ready to provide high quality service and support to all of them so that they have a good experience within the event.

Preferred Dates

Our management team is focused on setting dates for the event in such a manner that all the attendees can attend the event and are at ease while doing it. It can be said that the Congress can be a 5 days event that can be conducted in May 2022. It can take place from Tuesday to Saturday in this the Congress can be of 3 days from Wednesday to Friday in which all the attendees and delegates can attend the conference. On Tuesday there can be an 1 day exhibition and welcome meeting set up for all the delegates and exhibitors. On Saturday there can be a general assembly of all the delegates that will mark the end of the Congress.

Event proposal

Proposed venues

Our team is committed to choose the perfect convention centre that can be used in order to conduct an effective Congress event for our Delegates and Exhibitors. Barcelona International Convention centre can be a venue where the event shall be conducted. This place is an incredibly built space that can be used to conduct the event proposed. The space is extremely versatile and multifunctional in nature it can be used for different purposes. There are 39 rooms within 3 main floors adjacent to 2 mezzanine floors (Barcelona International Convention Centre, 2020). The build has rooms with the floors are of 11,340sqm that can hold upto 1500 people at a time and the views of Mediterrenean sea can be seen from this space. The space also has free wifi to which the attendees can connect to in order to conduct digital conventions.

Meeting space

In order to connect a successful congress the team is looking to ensure that the Barcelona International Convention centre is properly used by the team so that the 500 delegates and 50 exhibitors are effectively accommodated and the conference is conducted in a comfortable manner. For this purpose, the 39 rooms in the convention centre will be converted to Planetary rooms. In these 39 rooms 3 rooms will be allocated as break out rooms. On the other hand, the hall space in the convention centre will be used as an Assembly hall in order to effectively assemble all the delegates and Exhibitors at one point in a comfortable manner. Proper electricity and internet connections is there within the convention centre which will provide the infrastructure needed to conduct efficient meetings in the rooms. The hygiene and cleanliness of the coercion is of the best qualities and it will be seen in the event. Maintenance of Lavatory and other spaces will be maintained to ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness within EAN Congress.

F&B options

CCIB has its own Catering service that can be used to render food and beverage service to the attendees of the Congress. It is important to consider that the management team will provide the following Food and beverage service to the 500 delegates and 50 exhibitors n the event:

  1.  There will be a Cocktail reception party on Wednesday night in which all the attendees of the event will come
  2. On the 2nd night of confederation, there will be a dining arrangement done for the attendees of the event from CCIB catering service.
  3. Lunch of the 500 delegates and 50 exhibitors will be arranged in their respective hotel from Tuesday to Saturday.
  4. Breakfast will also be provided to the visitor in their respective accommodation hotels.
  5. On saturday there will be a luich organized for the attendees at the Barcelona Convention centre that is the meeting place of the attendees.


Our team is focused towards providing high standards accommodation for our delegates and exhibitors and there will be hotels for accomodation that are of higher standards and are accessible in nature. Now the rooms in the hotel can be allocated in the following manner:

  1. On Tuesday which will be a day where the pressure is low there will be 15 double rooms for double use where 20 single rooms for single use will be alloted.
  2. For Wednesday there will be allotment of 150 double rooms for double use and 200 single rooms for single rooms as this night will be one of the peak days of the cevent.
  3. Thursday will also be a peak day of the event hence on this day there will be allotment of 150 double rooms for double use and 200 single rooms for single use.
  4. Friday will technically be the last day of Congress and it is regarded as the last peak day hence on this day 150 double rooms for double use and 200 single rooms for single use.
  5. Saturday which can be considered as a teardown day the allotment of rooms will be 15 double rooms for double use and 20 double rooms for single use.

Now in order to accommodate the attendees and delegates there are two hotel which can be booked and will provide high standards of services and they are as follows:

Grand Hotel Central

250 delegates and 25 exhibitors will be accomodated in this hotel. The hotel is just 10 minutes away from the Barcelona International Convention Centre. Executive rooms can be booked for the vectors in which they will get high quality service and assistance. The Hotel is in the heart of the Barcelona city and nearby the hotel there are regional markets as well. Now the extra services that will be provided by the firm is Free Wifi, Roll-on beds, Hand shower and Complimentary breakfast.

Hotel Arts Barcelona

This sea facing hotel will also accommodate 250 delegates and 25 exhibitors. The hotel is also at an 10 minutes distance from the Convention center that is the event venue hence is very accessible for the Convention centre. It is a luxury hotel just as Grand Hotel central. Executive rooms can be booked for the visitor for both single and double use. The extra service that will be provided by the company include Free Wifi, access to swimming pools (Hotels Arts Barcelona, 2020).

Support from event management

In order to conduct a highly successful event our team is committed towards providing full support to our delegates. The following support can be provided by the firm to the delegates and exhibitors during the duration of event:

  1. In order to conduct an efficient event we have taken care of the accessibility that the delegates and exhibitors will need in order to efficiently attend the event. The Convention center as well as the allotted hotel are located near to the international airport and are very near to the beaches in fact all of the three vennes are located on the bank of Mediterrenean sea.
  2. We can also provide digital support to our delegates and exhibitors by providing free wifi in all of three locations where the following will accommodate and the location in which the confederation will take place.
  3. We can also provide translation services to our delegates knowing that there will be people coming from different countries hence we can provide translators to our delegates in the languages of English, Spanish, Russian, French and Mandarin.
  4. Our team will also provide support to the delegates and exhibitors in doing traditional activities to keep them entertained and will also help them in touring different places within Barcelona and other Spanish regions except Malaga City and Marbella City.

Main suppliers

Now in order to conduct the event successfully our team has collaborated with the management of the two hotels selected for accomodation and with the management of the convention centre. Collaboration with the CCIB catering service has been made to supply the food and beverage materials. Hotel and Convention management will provide the services to the delegates and exhibitors of the Congress.


Transportation is an advantage that the team has set for the current event. It can be said that from the venue of the event as well as from the hotels there are taxi cabs, buses and electric motorcycles that are available for the transport from one place to another. Beaches are at a 5 minutes distance from the venue whereas both the hotels are sea facing hotels. It takes 30 mins via car and motorcycle to reach the airport and from the bus it takes approximately around 40 minutes. It can be stated that there is a bus stop near the convention center from where business and taxicabs can be boarded for local touring as well. The nearest shopping center is at a 15 minutes distance hence there will not be any problems for the visitors in order to get transported from one place to another.


In the destination

Barcelona is one of the most accessible cities in the European Region; the city has its own ports, airport and railway lines that connect the city with Spain and different regions of Europe. Internationally there are 160 flights that connect Barcelona with many American, Asian, Australian countries. There are also indirect flights that connect Barcelona with the rest of the world. Railway can be used within the European region to reach Barcelona. This is the reason for which there is high tourism within this region and there is availability of proper infrastructure that connects Barcelona with the rest of the world. The Delegates and the Exhibitor will have no problem to reach Barcelona from different parts of the world.

In the venue

Barcelona city has an well build transportation infrastructure and there various ways for transporting in the city. The most easy and fast method of transport within the city is the Metro Subway; it is a fast medium of transport within the city and covers the maximum city distance in less time as compared to any other mediums. The Metro service opens at 5 AM in the morning and closes till 1 AM midnight and there is a train every five minutes making this mode of transport very accessible.. There are buses also available for the transport of the city and they operate from 6 AM in the morning to 11 PM in the night there are late night buses also available in the city. . On the other hand there are cabs operating 24/7 in the city hence transportation for the venue will not be a problem for the delegates in the city (Transport, 2020).

Sustainability and the environment

Destination’s sustainable credentials

Since 2004, CCIB has been involved in maintaining a detailed plan of comprehensive social responsibility which in turn helps the growth of the business without harming nature. It requires a certain corporate behaviour which is challenging in nature. In the last few years, keratins standards have been taken so as to derive the development in ethics in fields like environment, human resources. CCIB has even received certifications in this fields from DNV-GL certification ISO 14001 which says that the Barcelona international conference centre s eligible to host fairs, conventions and presentations. ISO 20121-2018 is another certificate that helps the organization to improve sustainability. CATALONIAN EMAS certificate is a community environmental management and audit system which helps to participate in the organization irrespective of belonging to the community. MANAMA is a certification by which CCIB participates in agroforestry projects in Spain.

Ensuring the event’s social responsibility

CCIB has been maintaining a unique plan to sustain corporate social responsibility since 2004 which in turn helps the growth of the business in a sustainable way. It has three main pillars of corporate social responsibility which are economic transparency, environmental conservation, the improvement of the social environment. In CCIB and DIAGONAL FOOD cooperatively establishes a commitment fo the general performance which in turn based on the ethical and regulatory compliance helping to the show the path of the professional activity of the company. They also give respect for the protection of the environment in the companies day to day activities by helping the process of waste reduction and recycling of products.

Experiences to remember

There are many places to visit in Barcelona which are near about the convention hall namely the PALAU DE LA MUSICA CATALANA which is a concert hall built in 1905 and has a very good review of 4.7 according to google maps. Next is CASA MILA which is also known as la patera or the stone quarry. A building is known for its unconventional and modern structure. L’AUDTORI is a modern building having an area of 42,000 sq meters. To name a few other places are Tibidabo amusement park, Casa battle, Place de Catalunya, a Magic fountain of Montjuic. 

Supplementary information

Visiting Barcelona can never be compared to just a simple visit to the city of a renowned country best for tourism. Attractions like Museu d’Historia de Catalunya Provide I use outer knowledge for the history of the city giving a lot of enthusiasm for people visiting. The accessibility in Barcelona is quite feasible to give you job opportunity for tourist to have the best out of the city. Only 1.50 Euro can be the only expense for Metro ticket which will allow them to travel from one interesting attraction to another in Barcelona Spain. Delicacies of Spain and uniquely prepared dishes in Barcelona can also be other executive information that generally goes unnoticed by the tourist. General temperature in Barcelona within 13 degree Celsius does 29 degree Celsius. Such weather condition allows the tourist to roam freely with less effectiveness and humidity. After a long conference, delegates can certainly have their leisure period sorted out with amusement parks like the PortAventura Park and PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land.


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