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Introduction :

There is much to achieve in agriculture and the development of technological progress is more difficult. The generation of air conditioners is based on the production, maintenance and processing of agricultural products. The technology is based on automatic devices. It is also a question of technology and technology of future agricultural production. We use computer programs to calculate scores for the calculation, calculation and calculation of statistics and statistics or digital transformations.

Background study

Through the development of systems and automatic control systems, a wide range of development, automation and control systems is offered. Geological and geological surveys in the fields of geology and agricultural resources will be carried out in the future. These fonts and fonts are very popular. Searching for information on the Internet: Interested, can you find information about the search, do you know me? and my operating system? Currently only 0-9 positions are available. If you look at the purpose of our research, thousands of messages will appear in any number of places and places, if you can connect them. The information is based on the data used - how, where, how, who, how much and how much - and how often you have. In addition, it is possible, if possible, to create an information service and make it available to a single database that records safe operation, ie storage of information. All information technology is based on radar, mobile / telephone, fax, calculator and other tracking systems.

Design planning

As for information technology, we have information, data and information and help to solve problems and problems. The IRS has all IRS resources, technology and resources, we work with IRS data, information and resources, and we have a number of documents or agreements. . Information services, tools, routers and hoses are available for information. Additions: a large amount of data collection, value and data with added value. If you are a teacher you cannot do a good job, you will be able to use tools that you can use. The word "research" is sometimes used to describe a word (Sytchkova,2019).


Convert information to information and then information. Data mining processes are ongoing and productive and require decision makers to understand the goals and objectives, quality and scale of projects, and the limitations of data mining methods. Currently, there are many software systems that develop writing skills so that people can focus on the decision-making process. Agriculture, medicine or engineering, almost all statistical methods, including bioinformatics, are mine. Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics combines advances in computer technology, computer science and information technology to solve key problems in agriculture and plant science. Biology relies on chemistry to make great strides in the development of science. Similarly, the need to select bionic atoms at the nuclear level leads to biophysics. Most of the data collected by biologists and commentators requires tools available in the world of computer science.



Currently, the function of bioinformatics is to help agricultural researchers collect and process genome data to analyze protein activity. Remote sensing system and geographic information. Remote sensing refers to collecting information about remote objects without touching anything. The most common feeling in many people is the image from the camera. Sensor systems have a unique way of processing visible and invisible information (for example, ultraviolet, infrared, infrared and infrared microwaves, etc.). For example, special miracles that cannot be heard by the human eye can be heard by distant senses, that is, trees that are sick or infected by insects can be seen and heard more by the human eye. Can. Geographic data systems are automated information systems that can transmit remote locations from various sources, convert data to convenient formats, store data and retrieve data for analysis. GIS is currently a multi-billion dollar company that has become part of the data structure for private companies, government employees and educational institutions (Arand,2016),.

Additional Implementation

) GIS is most effectively used for thematic maps, spatial analysis, and feature selection. In India, the rapid use of auditory data in agriculture and crop research, in particular crop production and crop production, drought monitoring, soil analysis and soil pollution, geographical analysis, floods and landscape. Keywords: landscape, GPS weather forecast, crop forecast. Allows farmers to use more agricultural products. Agricultural researchers are increasingly using GIS technology to develop appropriate resources and develop solutions / strategies suitable for the growth of housing and agricultural resources. The use of external observation methods and GIS in agricultural resource management is expanding due to the development of external observation satellites for local, children's, transitional and radiometric purposes. Other GIS analyzes include geographic budgeting, environmental awareness, and integration strategies (Bruce,2019). A distinctive feature of a GIS is its ability to measure significant distances between objects, rather than high-speed lines based on actual geometry, travel time and costs (Zhao,2017).

The strategy is to better integrate GIS with software in the form of quantitative analysis, case studies, and intelligent tools (AI) to improve GIS research. In search of the future, the use of geographic information systems will become easier.

With the development of web GIS, migration is becoming more open to any user system than to any user system. Good agriculture: good agriculture can be considered to be responsible. DSS contains a large number of people, processes, programs and descriptions. Computers are the first technology in this system. Long-term survival is a management strategy that helps you cope with difficult situations and provides information that can lead to unrealistic decisions. the process is complicated. The fans you choose can be very strong or surprising.

 Decisions, consultants, or employers often use this system by accident, but in some cases, business results, such as opinions. professionals carefully. and light. Internet: Internet use is confusing. All file types - just a few. In today's race, "information" is the key to success. Getting the right information at the right time should change everything. Today, information is more valuable than gold. Data collection is one of the most difficult problems in the world. It is time to apply the best rules in other areas of life, such as agriculture. With the growth of technology and business expansion, entrepreneurship, science, education and marketing, the Internet was born worldwide (WWW). . The way they worked, got acquainted and more has changed.


Ability to send and receive emails and messages; Books, books and magazines are at the top of the table where there is no time and money; you can sell a lot of items that don't appear on the market; we quickly use products and services on the Internet that may not be suitable for your area. We can also work and build relationships between employees and visitors who do not have to work and move every day. Computer information has changed the way we learn. We have enhanced our ability to identify, resolve, and take action under our control. There is no doubt that information technology, consumer information and nanotechnology will continue to grow in the coming years.

Chat jobs are interactive virtual assistants that automate communication with end users. AI-supported boots understand natural language and interact with users in a personal way, using machine learning techniques. In the past, chopsticks were mainly used in shops, travel, the media or insurance. Agriculture can also use this new technology to help farmers answer their questions, give advice and advice on agriculture. The use of cognitive technologies is an exciting period for agriculture in terms of efficiency, sustainability and meeting global food needs. This voice assistant uses natural language processing techniques to understand the languages ??of natural language users. This allows the system to understand grammatically incorrectly defined sentences as input questions. Customer searches are subjected to a pre-processing stage, where the application is marked first with words and then with similar words, similar, and so on. They are removed so that the search is related to the classes, and then a vote takes place in which the words are rooted. The words are converted into a word bag and then into a vector format so that they can be efficiently processed using a classification algorithm. The wand is then made with the training data. Based on the training data set, a neural network is created and the error is optimized using a gradient landing algorithm. These tests go through the same steps before processing, classifying, and shaping the neural network. The most probable class is repeated to get the correct results. The system uses the web synthesizer web API to receive the call. ARIMA uses an estimation algorithm to estimate future crop costs using moving averages, allowing farmers to plan their activities before harvest. Figure 1 is an architectural diagram of the Farmbot program. The user enters the query into the text interface of the user interface. The user interface protects the user's questions and then sends them to Farmbot. In Farmbot, the text request goes through a processing stage. Preprocessing steps involve tickling, where the phrase is marked with words, then the paused words are removed and directed to the root words. If a program is based on a classification, it is classified using a neural network classifier that uses a knowledge base to obtain appropriate answers. If the query is based on predictions, it is predicted using the ARIMA algorithm, which uses a CSV file containing old data.  

Neural Network

dual capacity, one type of computer, one entry and one entry, one track. Every hidden object is used to transform the entrance and exit path into space. The injection site consists of cells or nerves that show the number of words in the data center. Each and every anarchism adds complexity. The pressure is then added to the valves and transferred to the operating system. The second part has the same functionality as the first part, but the use of the decision is the first part. If you read and force the weight of a tablet. Characteristics or categories of vertebrae in the project area. The operating system uses Softmax between 0 and 1. The project uses a complex and deep system. The cleanse was cleaned with the data pack to maximize calibration of the tubing. A three-dimensional 1000-dimensional nervous system has been developed to teach the model. Use of technology and calculation of the validity of an error to minimize the landing need. Nervous systems appear as text to the user and have also been modified by the Web Speech and Speech API. This lecture was delivered and delivered to the speaker. Restrict data, improper information (audio) has already been deleted as a CSV file. The exported data is sent to the ARIMA instance. Time series used to evaluate ARIMA data. ARIMA type of levels: AR ARIMA type P, Q, D value and reliability;


 This p represents the method of operation of the operation (the place of sale is determined by the correct amount) q Setting the period (1 for different seasons, 0 for different seasons), d The data is divided into tests and training portfolios. Learn the seasonal variations that occur when planning a book. Provide updated training data on the ARIMA model Estimates cost and ARIMA model. The difference between expected values ??in a quarterly system allows us to define clear expectations that build expectations with document extensions. Saving data contains hundreds of questions about the farm and is the correct answer when importing. The database is already active and converted into a vector. The nervous system and assessment of false learning are refined by Bot. Stored information is stored in the database for the future.


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