HI6008 | Business plan bubble tea company in France| Economics | English presentation | University of Queensland


Hello everyone

I'm Aurielle and today I will be presenting to you Aurelie bubble tea stop.

Bubble tea is a Singapore  recipe made by blending a tea base with milk, fruit and fruit juices, then adding the signature “bubbles” - yummy tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom.This product is highly nutritional and has high energy content when taken during the day and it can be served with cold ice and is available in different tastes.

Executive summary

The Aurelie shop will be licensed and insured and will be opened in Universities as an addition unit to school canteen .The business will be managed by Aurelie who will be the business owner , Aurelie is a university graduated with vast skills in business management,he will hire a small team of  chefs,waiters,cleaners and assistants who will help in  daily operation of the business.Our customers will primarily be the students and residential community living near our shop. We will offer high-quality and healthy tea latte, milk tea, fruit flavored tea, brown sugar milk, macchiato and slush to our esteemed customers.


We at the Aurelie stop shop  we are driven by strong desire to be the leading bubble tea shop in the whole of france within the first 4 years of commencing business.services rendered to the customers will be top notch hence giving our customers desire to come for more.


Our mission is to provide cost effective services to all our customers,we will develop astrategy to strike abalance between profit and service delivery ,this will ensure we make profit while maintaining quality of the services offered.


After much annalysis we will seek to maintain the current tastes which will feature on our new stall shelves,but plans are underway to introduce more taste in line with french people tastes and preferences hence attracting more clients.Since the current trends in drinks industry is the creation of less carbonated drinks hence our business is astrategically placed to be aforce to be recon with .Less carbonated drinks are more healthier than the carbonated one's hence the shift in customer demand for the less carbonated drinks.


since Aurelie Bubble tea stop shop is the only one of its kind in French market ,competition would not be our immediate treat ,however we seek to establish acomprehensive reasearche team to come up with the top quality taste that apeal to the generally public .This will cement our names on customers hearts hence in case of competitive entry we will still have an upper hand.We will also offer better renumeration to our staffs to make them offer only the best services to our customers.we will also employ astrong marketing strategy that ensure all our products have effectively penetrated all the market segments.


Our products will be tailored to cover all the market needs and demand.But mainly our target markets are the students,health specialist,passersby ,tourists, Asian community and other active market segments.On expansion we shall set our outlet in busy district  unit hence targeting more customers.


We shall seek the services of more experienced personnel to head out sales teams this will ensure we penetrated the market faster hence more sales.we shall also include price segmentation in order to reach more groups hence expanding our generated revenues.

We will also seek to include the mobile carts that will ensure we can target also big events like crusades, concerts,games, public rallies on need basis.


The publicity and advert strategies to be used will be broad based in order to reach all the target grouos,  they include the use of the internet; involving the creation of a business website displaying the products and services rendered, also, adverts will be placed in local radio and TV stations to reach the widest audience possible about our services.   fliers and banners  will also be printed displaying our services and also, billboards will be mounted in strategic locations, displaying our services.


The Aurelie bubble tea  stop  shop will offer avariety of payment options,this will enable customers to pay without going through a lot is stress.Among the variety of payment channels is the use of POS machine, acceptance of credit cards, mobile banking, cash payments, and receipt of cheques among other payment channels.


since the bubble tea concept idea has taken the asia markets by astorm we hope for areciprical of the same in our markets.This will ensure more revenues are collected hence our business expanding and creating more employment opportunities.


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