Course Code -PROJ6009 Business Process Management and Systems

Chosen Organization for Analysis

Fonterra cooperative is a group of brands involving specialty in dairy products. These brands groups include Anchor, Anmum, Anlene, NZMP, farm source. Its headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand. They provide dairy products to Australia and recently they have also started to share the stories of success in exploring African regions. The products are extremely healthy without any artificiality. Therefore, the company boasts of producing dairy products which are known for the unnatural goodness through yogurt, milk, and other items for elderly people, children, men or women alike. They have good brands like Anchor, De Winkel, Fresh N Fruity, Kapiti, Mainland, Mammoth, Perfect Italiano, Piako, Primo, Symbio, and others which are known as the hearts of people that they would prefer in their daily life. Be it fresh drink,  enriched with the best flavors, or yogurt, that people choose for themselves, the company maintains the best standard foods. They have specialized icecream ranges as well. Because of all this, they are known to people for being a global brand with global recognition(Malik & Director 2018).

Background of Fonterra


This piece of document has chosen Fonterra Cooperative Group Limited for a brief analysis. It is a New Zealand based Multinational Dairy Cooperative firm having more than 10,500 New Zealand based farmers. The dairy products are not only used by the people of the country but also transported to other countries for export. Some of the main products that Fonterra deals with are milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, and other products.  Their revenue records have crossed more than NZ$19.232 billion as per the 2016-2017 reports. It also has an operating income of over NZ$1.120 billion and a net income of over NZ 0.745 billion dollars. More than 21,400 employees are working within the firms. The history of this company states that it was established in the year 1871 in the Otago region. At that time there were only 600 factories available for dairy product activities related. Then the business expanded to its present form as people see it today(Trechter & Murray-Prior 2003).

Business processes used by Fonterra


Fonterra Cooperative believes in maintaining a strong governance framework to serve people with the best quality dairy products and their success is based on strong governance. It promotes the interest of all the stakeholders associated with their business. They also believe in the transportation of effective risk management keeping a good balance between the roles and functions of the overall management system which controls their business. It has an efficient communication system between all the stakeholders in the business. The group of stakeholders comprises employees working with the units, customers of dairy products, farmers who work within the firms to process this dairy product, Government and communities who are involved in support activities to support Fonterra in their business. All this indicates that they have a strong governance development program. Also, they are noted to maintain a code of ethics in business ethics. The business believes in maintaining the integrity and serve upon their values of standing as the midst trusted source for daily nutrition. The company even adheres to local and cross-jurisdictional legislation and regulatory controls(Stringer & Gray 2008).







Trechter, D. D., McGregor, M. J., & Murray-Prior, R. B. (2003). A neo-institutional assessment of cooperative evolution: Comparing the Australian Wheat Board and the Fonterra Dairy Group (No. 1261-2016-101831).

Stringer, C., Tamásy, C., Le Heron, R., & Gray, S. (2008). Growing a global resource-based company from New Zealand: The case of dairy giant Fonterra. Agri-food commodity chains and globalizing networks, 189-199.




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