Case Study Easy jet


In the present day, most of the companies are getting the implementation of IT infrastructure to improve their performance and profitability. There is a huge digital revolution throughout the world, due to its accessibility from anywhere and at any point in time. In this assignment, easyJet is an aviation company, which is in the process of making it is IT infrastructure more flexible and powerful. The company easyJet is trying to integrate with cloud computing because it is better than rewriting the whole system on the cloud because it will get highly expensive. These steps are being done by the company because its last three years investment in IT has helped in increasing the revenue of the company.

Information management and Integration

In context of Varadharajan et al. (2018), information management of an organization and integration has huge organizational goals and potential to create some values from the intangible assets of the organization. In the case study provided in the assignment, it is a jet company named as EasyJet, wants to invest in its IT development. EasyJet Company’s investment in IT has led to the rise in the requirement of the executives of the organization to understand some important aspects of IT. In views of Wang et al. (2017) the infrastructure design of computing and storage, integration of information and integration of services and applications are some of those important aspects of IT. Multiple sources of data are there which are capable of making a proper implementation in a system, which shall help in making the booking system easier for the clients. There is several cloud facilities present for implementation of the entire system of EasyJet on the cloud, but the management of the organization takes the step on a modular basis. It does not rewrite the entire system of the organization on the cloud; instead, they integrate cloud system with existing systems. In views of Rahimi & MOller & Hyam (2016) information management serves a lot of any company in the market because this is the way by which the revenue of an organization increases. When there is a need for additional functionality in the company’s existing software, then the company makes the use of integration of the existing software by using cloud services. The integration of EasyJet is continuously taking its next steps of innovation in the field of technology, by providing booking flight facility in several devices like cell phones and other wearable devices.

Application and data storage infrastructure design

Because of the case study provided, it is seen that many initiatives are being taken by the company for improving its IT infrastructure. There are cloud services that are being used by the company to make it easy to store, process and retrieve data efficiently. The storage infrastructure of any organization means an overall set of software and hardware components that are required for facilitating the storage system. Generally, the storage infrastructure design is applied in the fields of cloud computing where there is a presence of the hardware elements and software elements. Cloud Service and storage of data in the cloud varies a lot from the traditional method of storing data in some hardware. Application of data storage is done by keeping in mind the idea of the introduction of new software and features enabling users to book as well as track the flight.

To understand the best suitable cloud deployment for the business, it is first essential to understand what kind of organization requires the cloud services. There are many types of cloud services depending on the user organization. In views of Albrecht et al. (2018) deciding what kind of cloud computing shall be best suitable for an organization is a tricky task, but the right choice can help in making the organization's performance transformed (, 2019). To make proper use of appropriate cloud service, there is a need for making a proper analysis of the deployment model. According to the case study (IaaS), Infrastructure as a Service is the best suitable cloud computing for EasyJet.

Application and service integration

There are many applications and services inside and outside the organization of the company easyJet, as provided in the case study. There are some important tasks, which can be done by the help of API, which are available for the purpose of public use, and some are provided to the company by its business partners. Some of the public API, which is used by the company, is Google search and Google Map API, which provides the facility to the customers to track the location of the plane. In views of Aksal et al. (2015) there is also some new web services created for making its customers more satisfied by introducing the live tracking system of the flight. Introduction of new IT facility attracts customers of the organization that has been proved by the company itself, by gaining revenue in the time of introduction of new IT features. Services are properly integrated to make a proper result out of that in the organization, and easyJet has even take initiative in cloud computing and a modular approach to implementation. Cloud computing which is best suitable for the organization is Infrastructure Cloud Computing.

RESTful Web services

REST is made use of for building up any new web service, which helps in building a maintainable and lightweight service that can respond quickly. A service built with the help of REST is known as RESTful web services. In context of Fielding, (2017) RESTful service is a very useful service and there are much flexibility provided by the RESTful web services like providing a platform for different programs to communicate with each other. The reason for becoming popular is the following reasons:-

  1. Heterogeneous languages and environments: RESTful service seems to be quite heterogeneous; it makes use of different languages and different environment for REST as well. It helps in communication between programs that belong to different programming languages. With the help of the RESTful services, programs can even reside in different platforms of Operating systems like Windows, Linux or any other operating system.
  2. Methods of RESTful: There are in total four functions of the RESTful service, they are GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. These methods are made in use to make the web service perform all its functions normally. Functions of these 4 functions are as follows:-
  3. POST method shall be used to make a new resource, to add in the collection.
  4. GET method helps in getting all the values of the collection.
  5. PUT method helps in updating the existing resources in the collection.
  6. DELETE method shall delete an entire service by making the collections of resources removed from the memory.


Mashup also is known as a hybrid web application, which is made by making use of an open API facility, which makes use of several open-sources API built for public use. Those entire API, which had not been used, is also making a great combination with other API’s and discovering a useful service out of that sometimes (Cao et al. 2017). For example, An API of Google Maps is being used and simultaneously there is another kind of API used which helps in making the simulation of the place one wishes to go. These different kinds of API when executed simultaneously by the hybrid web applications or Mashups, then there shall be a new kind of service created by the implementation of two services.

Some important principles of Hybrid Web Application are as follows:

  1. MASHUP web service does not provide any software package, rather it provides services
  2. Participation is what the MASHUP web service is focused on
  3. This web service facilitates the transformation of data, as well as mixed data sources, is done.
  4. It supports many kinds of devices available for using the web service of Hybrid Web application.

The architecture of MASHUP consists of three important features as follows:

  1. Content provider- it states that the contents, which are to be shown by the content provider, are provided employing some or other API.
  2. Mashup site - It states that the MASHUP site represents only the logic section of the application, but the execution of the application is not considered.
  3. A client application - It states the typical interaction of a user with the browser and the processing is done on the client-side itself for presenting data to the customer. It keeps on showing the data on the browser, but unlike the other times, it does not make any processing in the server.


Figure 1: Screenshot of API Code

(Source: Created by learner)


It can be concluded from the assignment that, to make any organization or company grow in this modern era, they must take the support of proper technologies. A good implementation of technology in any organization can help in bringing a great change to the company’s performance and revenue. There are many kinds of services available to make use of for its implementation. The most important part is to identify which service shall be the best for which kind of organization or company. A correct choice shall help the organization to get a great boost in its performance due to the implementation of the services.




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