CHCCCS025 Support Relationships with Careers and Families - STUDENT ASSESSMENT

1. For this task you are to write an information pamphlet for community service employees about supporting relationships with carers and families. Your pamphlet will need to cover the following sections:

a. Including carers and family members as part of the support team

It is very obvious that I have Daniel Jones as my favourite colleague in my office also my farther Andy Robberts who are very close to me and can be said as my support system.

b. Assessing and responding to changes in the care relationship

In case of the response and changes in the care relationship, I have seen that with the growing of age, the responsibility also increases and also attitudes changes from the family members, friends and colleagues in the workplace.

c. Monitoring and promoting carer rights, health and well being

It is very needed for monitoring and promoting the career rights and that has been taught by Daniel and it has also been taught by my father Sam that how can I grow my career or thereby professionally developing my career graph in the materialistic world.

d. Roles and responsibilities of clients, family members, friends and support workers

There are different roles and responsibilities of the clients, friends and family members. It is because according to the relationships, the supportiveness from the other half matters a lot. It can be understood that, in the present scenario , I am getting more love and affectionate from the family members than any other else.

e. How discrimination and privacy, confidentiality and disclosure are managed

It can be understood that, discrimination, privacy as well as confidentiality are managed within the workplace and there are also different techniques that I have learnt from the managers and from colleague friend Daniel.

2. What are the basic principles of person-centred practice, strengths-based practice and active support.

The person centred approach or practices are the approaches those are headed towards the community services and it is focused to engulf some needs of specific individuals. There are also different types of community services and basic principle is also attached to the strength-based approach.

3 Briefly discus carer demographics.

The career demographics are the important for the professionals because for a professional employee in the organization, he needs to be promoted for securing a good remuneration and designation after some years of experience in same organization or in two or more organizations in the 10 year timespan.

4. What steps can you take to include carers and family members as part of the support team?

In case of the stages and steps. I can only make them understand about my need and desires for the carer opportunities. In this manner, the family memebers will support me and can be the part of the support team. However, the wants and desires should be strong enough to make them convinced.

5. List four types of legislation and government policies designed to protect you and the people you work with.

The four types of legislation and government policies are

  • “Carer Recognition Act 2004 (WA)
  • Carer Recognition Policy 2003 (QLD)
  • Carers Charter; Carer Recognition Legislation; State Carers Policy (SA)
  • Caring for Carers in the ACT - A plan for Action 2004-2007”

These are types of legislation and policies

6. What steps can you take to ensure that you maintain the confidentiality of clients, their carers and related information?

In case of maintaining the core confidentiality of the clients, it can be understood that there are some of the procedures those are enlisted below

  • “Organisational policies relating to the provision of services may encompass issues such as:
  • Duty of care requirements
  • Organisational code of conduct
  • Organisational requirements”

7. List four different issues that may affect carers

It can be understood that there are some of the core issues that is much worse for the carer. The issues includes some of the aspects those are listed below

  • “Emotional well being
  • Exhaustion, lack of sleep
  • Financial difficulties due to loss of income or expense of meeting care needs
  • Feelings of grief and loss, resentment, depression”

8. Why might care relationships change, and what do you need to do if care relationships do change?

It can be understood that the care and relationships changes with the time and I changes due to some wrong negotiation of interests. The wrong negotiation of the interests and conformities are also much attached to the basic plans and programs those are also well needed at the same timeframe.

9. What are some types of assistance you can offer to carers to help them manage a changing relationship?

There are several kinds and types of assistance and that is much required for managing a change relationship at the same timeframe. It can be understood that there are also supportive types of organizational policies as well as duty of care requirements and organizational code of conduct those act as the assistances.

10. Briefly discuss the current best practice approaches for service delivery

The best practice for the service delivery is the rights based appoach. In the rights based approach, there are certain standards and confirmations of community service. At the same time, the rights of the client are also upheld at the same timeframe.

11. List at least six challenges that carers may face.

The six challenges are as followed

  • Negative impact on the brain and physcial as well as emotional hurt, where different types of person resources are drained.
  • Ill treatment from upper mangement
  • Low remuneration
  • Poor productivity at times
  • Lack of mental strength
  • Work satisfaction in the particular task that is bound to complete within the limited time frame.

12. Discuss four services that you may recommend to carers to assist them to continue caring for their friend or family member.

There are also four services that can be recommended to the carers that will much helpful for the candidate for taking care of their family and friends. It can be understood that there are different options like IT industry carer programs or manufacturing industry options.

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