CHCDIV002 Promote Cultural Safety for Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander People

Carefully read and answer the following questions

1a.     Outline your understanding of the concepts and definition of diversity in relation to health care

Diversity in relation to healthcare is very much essential as it helps the healthcare professionals in offering high-quality services in terms of better treatment and care to the patients. Diversity assists healthcare professionals to relate with the problems of the patients. Healthcare diversity includes sex, religion, race, disability, veteran status, age and much more. The more there are healthcare professionals there are more positive outcomes from the following patients.

1b.     Discuss your own cultural background, social, cultural perspectives and biases. Reflect on how this has shaped your own views on diversity.

You are to also discuss how these views may impact different people and groups. (100 words)

According to Purnell & Fenkl (2019), Diversity plays a vital role in one’s social, background and cultural perspective. From my personal experience, I can assure you that there are many differences within human races as some are greedier and less spiritually active. They offer no involvement in the modernization and in the financial wealth.

Diversity also helps in assessing social issues as it helps an individual to choose its identity. Moreover, it impacts one’s behavior. From my understandings I have come to know that it helps an individual in sharing his/her beliefs, language, behaviors, values and norms. It then passes on to the upcoming generation.


2a.     Discuss how training in ‘cultural competence’ encourages a safe working environment. Within    your answer discuss cultural safety and cultural awareness  

The cultural requirements needs to be analyzed for providing a more safe workplace environment and it also helps in the work processes as well. It helps in achieving a reputed and respectful organization. The patients or their families must feel comfortable in the community, which helps them to engage more with the healthcare professionals.

The basic understanding of cultural safety and awareness is the presence of diverse cultures across the world. It is one of those components that extends beyond an individual’s knowledge and ability. A safe workplace focuses on the powerful relations, patient rights, differences in culture, along with encouraging the healthcare members to reflect on their self belief and attitude

2b.     Outline one piece of legislation that has promoted Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety

The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety has been promoted by many legislations. One of them is:

The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1986 acts to protect the geographical locations and the objects on the water and land. It also aims to protect the water that brings a lot of significance to humans according to their customs and existing laws.


Kieron is a very experienced staff member who has been working as a casual in a busy hospital for the last 4 months. When he first started he was offered at least 4 shifts per week covering leave and sickness. Kieron has been open about his homosexuality in the past month and has now noticed that the amount of shifts offered to him has dropped even though his availability hasn’t changed. He discusses this with another casual member of staff Louise, who has recently joined the organisation; she tells Kieron that she is being offered 5 or 6 shifts per week. Kieron realises that Louise is being offered shifts that he has received in the past and suspects that this is happening because of his sexual orientation, he approaches the human resource department to express his concerns.

3a.     Discuss the employer’s legal and ethical responsibility in this scenario.

This is an ongoing issue in many workplaces as sexual orientation plays a major role in our society where one’s morality or workplace creativity can be hampered. In this case, Kieron is facing the same issue as he should conduct with the organizational HR. If the HR does not provide help, then he needs to find a better workplace where these things are not affecting the individual's skill or the ability.

3b.     Describe the legislation that protects people from discrimination in this situation and the possible consequences for the employer if legislation has been breached

According to Senchyna et al. (2019), one of the vital legislation that involves sexual orientaion is the Equality Act which consists of the following provisions: dicrimination on the basis of religion, sex, ethnicity, beklief, disability, age, sexual orientaion. The provisions are based on associative discrimination, direct, perspective and indirect forbidding

3c.     Age, disability and racial elements of diversity, are also subject to legal and ethical considerations within the workplace. Outline in general how these may impact the individual and the consequences for an employer of any breaches that may occur in relation to these 3 areas of diversity.

In this case, sexual orientation is the issue but there are other elements of diversity that include races, disability and age. The organizations offer employment taking into consideration the above mentioned criterias. Preference at the workplace gets hugely impacted from the employee race, age and disability (Eliason & Chinn, 2017). Disability plays a vital part as it is one of the factors that disables the working condition of the employee. Hence, the change in preference occurs within the workplace.

Kieron tells his colleague Louise that his current work situation is making him feel “traumatised, excluded and discriminated” against, he states he feels anxious, “down” and is not sleeping

4a.     Discuss what resources may be available to Kieron to support him at this time

As Kieron is having a hard time at the workplace due to the fact that he is inclined to homosextuality. From the time he tells this at the workplace, he if feeling very uncomfortable at the workplace for the mis behaviors from the senior members along with the discrimination from other employees. He needs to contact the HR department to resolve the issue and if not so he needs to find a better workplace environment where these things do not affect one’s ability. He can also take help from the law as there is presence of the civil rights Act of 1964 that do not support discrimination against the employees. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation at the workplace is coinsidered as a crime.

4b.     There is a lot of diversity in Australia. In regards to Kieron’s situation choose from one of the following and discuss how his diversity may impact his work and personal life





In the sexual orientation case of Kieron, there is need to expand the cultural diversity where these things are not taken into account as it may hamper the workplace performance. Diversity from his side can help him to find a better job where these things are not vital. He can perform to his full potential there. He should contact the HR, as there is a new legislation where the Australian employers can access the tool for hiring employees irrespective of gay, transgender, lesbian and bisexual. These are the things that offer a vital impact in the employee performance as well on morality.

In this scenario, Kieron needs to find a better workplace in terms of a place where these issues are well addressed as the organization aims in achieving success by forward thinking as they need well skilled employees in the organization irrespective of the sexual orientation.


The manager of the organisation where Kieron works, has heard from the Human Resources department about Kieron’s concerns. They hold a meeting to discuss the diversity of their employees.

5a.     What could the organisation do to encourage the staff to embrace diversity in regards to culture, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation and how to become more aware of their own culture?

As the HR department focuses on the sexual orientation issue that Kieron is facing at the workplace they need to find a better way to address these negative organizational issues by treating their employees in an equal manner along with giving the same preference to the employees irrespective of the sexual orientation. This will help the organization to achieve more productive sources along with hiring skilled set of employees that the organization needs to achieve success at the marketplace. They need to be more aware of their own culture at diversities crete a gap between the employer and the employee. This offers a negative impact on the organizational processes.







5b.     This table outlines key areas of diversity, beside each key area outline their characteristics

Key area of diversity



Impairment of the physical or the metal state of an individual, which reduces vital activities in human life. This prevents an individual to work efficiently at the workplace


It is a factor considerd for workplace discrimination as many of them loose their job for biases. They are the gender non conforming human beings who faces a lot of issues at the workplace


They are the individuals who posses many variations in the characteristics of sex which includes gonads, hormones, chromosomes or genitals. They are not considered both male and female. This diversity in workplace is a vital issue that comes under workplace discrimination.



Mr Li is an 82 year old Japanese gentleman who is a newly diagnosed Diabetic, he speaks very little English. He needs to attend an outpatient’s appointment at the Diabetic Clinic.

6.       What services might you offer Mr Li to make sure that he understands all the information that he will receive and how would you access them, include in your discussion the method of imagery

As Mr Li is a very old man he needs to be involved by the method of imagery. By this technique, he can reduce his stress of not understanding the language. As he knows very little bit English, this technique comes in handy. It helps the patient to understand the remedies that he needs to implement for curing Diabetes along with diminishing the level of stress that is generating from this barrier issue. This technique will help Mr. Li to to get relaxed along with relying on the use of all the possible senses.





Anthony is a health service assistant who needs to make an appointment in the Out Patients Department (OPD) of the fracture clinic for an Aboriginal client who has broken her arm. 

7.       What verbal and nonverbal communication approach would Anthony use when talking to his client?

There is a huge impact on the mind of the patient by the way the healthcare professionals deal with them. Anthony needs to offer proper verbal and non verbal communication to the patient for booking a successful appointment. Anthony need to offer a clear idea about the checkup timing along with ensuring that the patient will become fit again if the remedies are properly taken into account.

This situation also requires some non verbal communication approach which includes, gestures, eye contacts and much more. As the patient has broken her arm she is in very much pain and to address the situation in booking an appointment she needs to feel relaxed and comfortable from the both verbal and non verbal communication approaches.                                                                                                              


You are working in a residential aged care facility, one of the residents you care for fell overnight and has a nasty cut above her eye and a sprained ankle, the registered nurse forgot to call the daughter until this morning and she was very cross. 

The daughter of the resident, who understands English, but doesn’t speak it very well, arrives at   the facility. You can see from her body language that she is very angry as she comes towards you, she is almost shouting but you can’t understand some of what she is saying. You try to speak to her but she is not listening.

8a.     What would you do next? Your answer should also include the impact of social and cultural diversity for this situation

As there is a language barrier, I will try to control the situation by implementing the method of imagery. This includes gestures, contacts, or eye contacts. I will use these factors to control the complex situation. I will try to convince her from little source as she understands very small English and I will never get angry in this situation as I was in charge of the residential care and will further try to assure her daughter that it will not be happening in the future.


8b.     What body language would you display in this situation?

I will try gestures or eye contact to show her that I feel sorry. I will try to handle the situation in a gentle manner which might convince the daughter for assuring my job.                                                            

8c.     Outline 3 strategies you would use to communicate in the most efficient way 

Physical contact  I will be trying to calm the situation by asking her to pardon me by touching his feet

Gesture  I will show gestures that include that I feel ashamed of the cause.

Eye contact I will make eye contact with her which will assure her that I felt sorry for the situation and it will not be repeated.

8d.     In regards to the issues in this case study question, as the EN, who could you go to for assistance in dealing with this situation?

In this case, as the EN, I need to go to the residential secretary who is in charge of the resident. I need to tell him the truth and will beg to pardon me once. I will try to convince him that I will not be irresponsible again. I told him that I will not make these kinds of mistakes in the future.

9a.     How have Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people been culturally, politically, socially and economically disadvantaged in the past? Include in your answer the following ( max 200 words)

  • impact of European settlement

The impact of the settlement creates a social awareness which strengthens the power of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people. This helps them in achieving social advantage in present

  • loss of land and culture

The loss of land and culture plays a vital role in the cultural diversity.

  • racism and discrimination past and present

This includes racial or cultural bias which was present in the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people due to sex, sexual orientation, disability, sacte and much more.

  • past and present power relations


9b.     Discuss how the impacts in question 9a. may have affected their engagement with health and community systems in the past and also in the present – outline 2 changes or influences in practice towards Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people that have occurred in Australia in the past 10 years 

From the above mentioned diversities it is clear that it is hampering the involvement that creates benefits for the patients in terms of health and community systems. The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people of Australia updated their practices that helps them in diminishing these workplace barriers. They are:

  • All of the employees will be given the same preference irrespective of the differences between them in terms of appearance, gender, sexual orientation and much more.
  • All of the employees will be treated equally or in terms of performance.



9c.     Briefly discuss what law and kinship means to the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people

According to Kim, Halpin & Morrison (2017), law and kinship to the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people is a complex system which helps in relating one to the other in terms of roles and responsibilities. The system of kinship helps in determining the groom/bride along the otherkin patterns.

10.     Outline the issues that contribute to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander ill health and outline the common diseases experienced by these groups of people

There are many issues that hamper the health of the people coming from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. Tobacco consumption and injury and violence are the main ones that affect a large number of Islander people.


11a. The Australian Human Rights Commission website contains information which is helpful to people wishing to understand their rights if they are feeling discriminated against.

This can be very helpful for those people who have questions relating to their workplace. For this question you are asked to go to the website “A quick guide to discrimination laws’ access the word or PDF document and scroll down to “Federal :laws”

Summarise the points described in the first paragraph under ‘Legislation and grounds of discrimination” and state which areas are covered.

The ‘Legislation and grounds of discrimination” offers the idea of the common areas where discrimination should be prohibited. They are gender, ethnic origin, age, belief, religion, sexual orientation or use of different languages. It creates a law where all human beings should be treated equally at the workplace.

11b. Access the Website for the “universal declaration of human rights” and review the information there

From your readings, in regards to “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” and “human rights” outline your views on the relationship between human needs and human rights

From the above readings and information, it can be said that there is a vast difference between the two. The need focuses on the requirements in order to thrive and the right focuses on the recognition which a human being can access anytime in full freedom irrespective of anything.                                                     

Promote Cultural Safety for Aboriginal - Community Assignment Help  

The legislation that has promoted aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety includes the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 is the first effort by an Australian administration to acknowledge the Indigenous Australian property ownership structure officially. Some Indigenous Australians in the North Of the country have been able to keep or re-establish their ethnic heritage thanks to the Act. With its landmark Mabo judgment on June 3, 1992, Australia's top court gave Aboriginal land claims legal protection. The dispute focused on the Murray Islands, which are located in the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea in the eastern section of the Torres Strait Islands. The Meriam people, led by Eddie Mabo, filed a lawsuit at the supreme court to challenge the terra nullius theory. The court determined that Indigenous Australians had native title rights to the land under Australian law. Since the European invasion, Indigenous Australian household patterns have been disrupted, owing to interfaith relationships, the effects of integration, and the 'child protection policy. The entire family, on the other hand, is a fundamental constant in the existence of Indigenous Australians. Rules for living Indigenous Australians seldom live alone.

We all love our nation, but how much do we truly understand its rich and varied culture? When we discuss Australia's rich heritage, we must mention the First Nation communities, which still exist today, even though few people are familiar with them. Why is it that, despite having lived since the nation's initial human settlement, so little is understood about the Aboriginal tribes? Who are the Torres Strait Islanders, and what are the challenges they face in trying to keep up with a rapidly changing society based on beliefs and institutions that are far different from their own? If these are the problems that have been haunting your mind and your tasks, you'll find the chcdiv002 help here.
Australia has a long and varied indigenous heritage that dates back centuries. Society has evolved through countless ages into what it is now, even though the foundational foundations of trust in the Environment and Religion have not faded. Indigenous ideas, speech, and history are still deeply linked to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups, all of which are filtered through a metaphysical lens that is distinctive to the group


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