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There are ten (10) tasks, one for each week:  the tasks are detailed below.  There is a table to complete for each task.  Please fill in the information required.

Note:  Each resource summary should be around 200-300 words.

Each summary should briefly explain:

  • What the resource is about
  • Why you selected it
  • What are the main points or key information covered in the resource
  • Why the resource was useful.

For more advice about how to complete the assignment, as well as examples and information about selecting good resources, please see the assessment page on the Moodle unit web site:



The “Internet of things” is an emerging trend towards smart interconnected embedded technologies that allow us to monitor and control our environment.  Collect and summarise an online resource that describes ONE example or application of the Internet of things.

Title, Link and Reference:

Connected Medical Devices, Apps: Are They Leading the IoT Revolution — or Vice Versa?


Lars, N 2014, ‘Connected Medical Devices, Apps: Are They Leading the IoT Revolution — or Vice Versa?’, Wired, June 2014, viewed 1 February 2017,


Note:  You may use abbreviated URLs (to the website) in the reference, however you must provide the FULL link above it that, when pasted into the Web Browser, will take the marker directly to the resource. Using full URLs in the reference (as in this example) is fine too.


Connected Medical Devices, Apps: Are They Leading the IoT Revolution — or Vice Versa?


This article describes the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the context of medical devices.  I chose this article because it not only examines the applications of a very useful class of IoT devices, but it also highlights the need for ways of collecting and processing the data they produce.


In the article, the author describes how many medical monitoring devices are now capable of connecting to the Internet and are becoming a normal part of patient care.  These devices allow remote monitoring of patient health wirelessly and can collect data on a wide range of vital signs and indicators.  Data can be collected from a range of sensors reading everything from heart rate and blood pressure through to blood sugar levels and temperature.


In addition to passive monitors, IoT medical devices provide the ability to proactively prompt patients to do things, for example to warn them of their blood pressure or to alert them that they need more medication.  The article points out that many of these notifications are the result of apps (software) interacting with both the devices and the patients.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the article is the author’s discussion of what happens to the data that the IoT medical devices produce.  The author explains that many devices can send data directly to the cloud for storage and analysis and that this data constitutes a wealth of information that will potentially improve healthcare in the future.


I found this article useful because it not only highlighted the increasing ubiquity of Internet-connected medical devices, but also made me think about how the data is collected, where it is stored and how it could be used – both positively and negatively – in the future.



Week 1

The text discusses examples of traditional mass storage such as magnetic disk and solid-state drives.  While these still underpin most mass storage, an emerging next-generation storage solution is Persistent Memory (PMEM). Find and summarise ONE resource that describes Persistent Memory.  The resource, and your summary, must focus solely on Persistent Memory.

Title, Link and Reference:


What Is Persistent Memory (PMEM)

Ludlow, D., 2020. What Is Persistent Memory (PMEM). [online] Intel. Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].


The resources that have been referenced above provides knowledge and understanding over Persistent Memory (PMEM). The article has shown how Persistent Memory has become a modern technology for storage at memory speeds. It has discussed how this system of data storage is a next generation technology. It has also stated the ways in which this technology is faster and efficient than previous technologies in data storage and analysis.  

The following articles and piece of writing was chosen because it delivers the knowledge that is required to understand Persistent Memory. It has been chosen because it discovers how this method of data storage is better than the traditional method of data storage.

Now the key point and information that were taken out of this article was that Real time and data intensive programs perform better on a Persistent Memory system. PMEM is a next generation technology for storing a high amount of data and information  with low latency storage near the processor. It is also seen that Persistent memory is slowly growing into a next generation storage system that can be used as an efficient method of data storage and processing operation.

The article and sources of information that have been used in the current research over Persistent Memory is very useful in nature. As it helps in gaining a good understanding of the system and how its a very effective data storage and analysis method.


Week 2

Computer BIOS (Basic Input Output System) has been traditionally responsible for the booting process.  However, it has largely been replaced by the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

Find and summarise ONE resource that describes UEFI.  The resource, and your summary, must focus on UEFI, however, you may mention how it differs from BIOS.

Title, Link and Reference:

UEFI(Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) And How Is It Different From BIOS

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, F., 2020. UEFI(Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) And How Is It Different From BIOS - Geeksforgeeks. [online] GeeksforGeeks. Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].


The resources that are being used in the current description is related to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. This article describes the knowledge required for understanding the UEFI system and how the following is different from that of the BIOS system. In this way an effective and distinct knowledge regarding UEFI can be gained to demonstrate knowledge on the following framework.

The following articles were selected for the current analysis and description because it provides specific information and detail regarding the UEFI system and how it is a system that has slowly replaced the BIOS firmware. The article was also selected to understand the distinction between UEFI and BIOS. In this way a descriptive knowledge over UEFI can be gained to effectively know about this firmware.

The main points that were covered in the selected articles were related to the definition of UEFI. UEFI is a firmware that operates in the computer system when the following is booting. UEFI has replaced the traditional BIOS forward that was previously used by the system for booting purposes. The process of booting under BIOS and UEFI has been described to hwo how UEFI has become a better booting system than BiOS. Traditionally BIOS is less powerful and efficient firmware to boot and has become outdated whereas UEFI is now an modern and efficient firmware to boot the modern computer system.

The resources were very useful and provided detailed information regarding UEFI that has helped in developing a better understanding of the efficiency of this modern booting firmware.



Week 3

5G is an emerging Internet delivery technology. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes 5G. The resource, and your summary, must focus on 5G and the improvements it brings compared to other wired and wireless technologies.


What Is 5G | Everything You Need To Know About 5G

Qualcomm, W., 2020. What Is 5G | Everything You Need To Know About 5G | 5G FAQ | Qualcomm. [online] Qualcomm. Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].

The resources that have been selected have information related to the 5G mobile network that is considered as a next generation mobile network after the advent of 4G and 3G. The resources have full description about this mobile network technology and how it is better than its predecessors. The resources provide credit information related to this new technology which is required to understand the technology in an evident manner.

The following article was selected because it provided distinct and good information about the 5G mobile network technology which included explanation of the technology as well. The article has also stated the need of such technology in future days of mobile network operations.

The key information that has been gained by the use of this source is that the 5G generation of mobile network is a new wireless mobile network system  that will enable the machines to get connected virtually to everyone via machines, objects and devices. This next generation mobile network will provide better network quality and high speed internet accessibility which will be better than its predecessors. 5G is stated to be an more unified and capable air interface that will tend to provide an increased capacity of user experience to the consumers by providing better connectivity and internet speed that what was provided in previous mobile network technologies.

Hence it can be said that the resource used was useful in nature as it provided different types of knowledge and information related to 5G technology and how it is emerging in the mobile network technology.


Week 4

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to change the way in which the Internet is used.  There are numerous protocols and standards that underpin IoT.  Find and summarise ONE resource that describes specific network-related protocols/standards that IoT relies on. The resource, and your summary, must focus purely on IoT protocols.



Title, Link and Reference:

Iot Standards And Protocols Guide — Protocols Of The Internet Of Things.

IoT Standards and Protocols Guide, P., 2020. Iot Standards And Protocols Guide — Protocols Of The Internet Of Things. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].

The chosen sources and article for the current task is related to IoT standard and Protocols that are an important component for IoT technology stack.  The sources provide knowledge regarding the standards and protocols used with IoT operations and how the following relies on the latter. This will provide knowledge on the various protocols and standards that exist within the IoT ecosystem.

The following articles have been selected because they provide a range of information about the different protocols and standards that are there in IoT.  This includes descriptions of CoAP, MQTT, WiFi and Bluetooth. The following resource shows the necessity of these protocols in IOT devices to share data and information.

In the article it has been decided that the networking and communication pathway that IoT was created by the IoT protocols. Constrained Application Protocol is a freely available protocol that helps in translating the HTTP model in restrictive devices and networks.  The article has also discussed various other protocols such as the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport which is the fastest mode of communication and protocols such as WiFi which is one of the most widely used IoT protocols in the modern age of technology. Bluetooth is also a IoT protocol which is widely used in order to share information and data between two devices through creation of simple connection.

The sources of information has evidently provided knowledge regarding the standards and protocols of Iot systems. It has evidently laid down different protocols that are used in helping the IoT system communicate and share data as well as information.



Week 5

Universities are increasingly the subject of cyber attacks.  The Australian National University (ANU) was subject to a serious hack in 2018.  Find and summarise ONE resource that describes this attack and how it occurred.  The resource, and your summary, should focus purely on the 2018 ANU incident.


Title, Link and Reference:
The ANU Hack Came Down To A Single Email — Here's What We Know

Borys, S., 2020. The ANU Hack Came Down To A Single Email — Here's What We Know - ABC News. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].

The following source of information was used as it provided a descriptive analysis over the cyber attack that took place on Australian National University in the year 2018. The way in which the attacks was conducted and the process of breaching the cyber security as well as the aftermaths that it had on the university has been properly described in this news article.

This was selected because it was from an independent source hence there is no biased information that will be provided in this news article. The flaws in cyber security of the firm will also be known and the aftermath that happened due to the cyber attack will also be discovered using this source.

The key information that is there regarding the cyber attack was that the hackers mailed the staff members of the company in order to get access in the network of ANU. One of the staff did not access the email but the hackers had enough time to get in the network system to map out the overall computer network of the university  Through this the hackers gained all the confidential data such as name, postal address, username and password. The attack happened twice in the same week after the first time when the hackers were driven out in a maintenance check up they attacked the system again. The hackers accessed confidential data of the university which had affect the privacy of the staff members in the company.

This shows that the source of information used has provided enough detail on the cyber attack that was conducted on ANU.


Week 6

On June 24, 2019, an Internet routing issue affected Verizon and subsequently numerous cloud-based websites.  Find and summarise ONE resource that describes what happened and how it occurred.  The resource, and your summary, should describe the cause and impacts the June 24 incident ONLY.  Note that you need to clearly explain, in simple terms, what happened and why.


Title, Link and Reference:
Verizon BGP Route Leak Causes Cloudflare Customer Outages, AWS Issues.

Moss, S., 2020. Verizon BGP Route Leak Causes Cloudflare Customer Outages, AWS Issues. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].


The following resources are about the internet routing issues that were faced by Verizon due to which there were numerous problems on cloud based websites. It is an evident source through which the decision about the events that occured can be gained in a descriptive manner.

The following source of information was selected because it provides important data regarding the problems that have been indicated. The articles also provides and independent and unbiased description of the events that has taken place which will effectively help in understanding various aspects of the issue that were there in the internet routing.

On 24 June 2019 there were problems faced by the internet user that referred to 502 error. The cause of the outage was stated to be unknown although it was stated that there was some observing network performance issue that caused the following event. There was Verizon Border Gateway Protocol Error causing the websites to slow down.  This outage caused problems and issues of various cloud based systems such as Discord, Twitch and Reddit.

The following article was very important and useful to effectively gain knowledge on the problems and issue that happened affecting the internet services of the various firms.


Week 7

The last 20 years has seen the emergence of a specialised ICT role in the form of Business Analysts.  Find and summarise ONE resource that describes the role Business Analysts perform in organisations. The resource, and your summary, should focus solely on Business Analysts ONLY.

Title, Link and Reference:

Roles Of The Business Analyst

Analyst, M., 2020. Roles Of The Business Analyst | Modern Analyst. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].

The article provides information related to the roles played by business analysts in contemporary business operations. It broadly describes the changing role of business analyst that the following personnel have to play in order to effectively operate in an organization. In this way the company will be able to effectively manage the operations of the firm  It also helps in analyzing the importance of business analysts in organizations.

The following article was chosen because it provides good and viable information related to the role of business analyst in modern business operations. The information provided is also very contemporary in nature providing knowledge that is relevant to the current time.

The diagram in the article the key roles that a business analyst performs in the operations of the firm. The roles include understanding the operations of the business, determining the process to develop the business process, determining the tasks that are to be automated, designing the features of the IT system and Implementing the new features of the IT system.   All of these roles are played by the business analyst of the firm in order to better the operational effect of the company.

Hence the use of this article in knowing the role of a business analyst within an organization has become very successful.


Week 8

The Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme came into effect in Australia from 22 February 2018. It applies to all organisations under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and outlines an obligation to notify individuals affected by a data breach.  In simple terms, a data breach is where private information is illegally obtained or disclosed.  Find and summarise ONE resource that describes how the NDB works.  The resource, and your summary, should focus purely on the NDB.

Title, Link and Reference:

About The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

OAIC, A., 2020. About The Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme. [online] OAIC. Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].

The current resources are related to Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme and it gives out in depth information related to this scheme that every company in Australia has to follow. It also shows the knowledge regarding how the scheme works for the firm in order to protect the user from privacy breaches.

The following article and piece of writing was used as it is from an authentic government source. This is a website of the Australian Government hence authentic and certified knowledge over the scheme can be gained.  In this way a authentic analysis of the way in which the NDB works can be stated.

The key information that was derived from the source of information was that the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme should be implemented by every organization and that every company should adhere to the guidelines of the scheme that has been presented by the governing body on 22 February 2018. The scheme makes sure that every organization and individual reports privacy breach as it can cause huge damage. The notification of the incident should be done in the fastest manner after the data branch takes place. Using the information on the notified breach the governing body provides advice to the following order to maintain privacy of their data.

Ths it can be said that the following source of information was appropriate to know how NDB works for the firms in Australia.


Week 9

The website implementation is frequently cited as an example of a very expensive IT project failure. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes what happened in this project. The resource, and your summary, should focus purely on the project and discuss the main causes of the failure.

Title, Link and Reference:

Managing Mission-Critical Government Software Projects: Lessons Learned from the Project Dr Gwanhoo Lee.pdf

Lee, G. and Brumer, J., 2020. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].



The resource provides information related to the failure of and provides information in relation to it. The resource provides data and information regarding the causes for which the following website was an IT failure. The process that led to the failure is properly described in this article.
The reason for which the following resource was selected was because it provide a descriptive data and information that is required in order to analyze and understand the series of event and operations that lead to the failure of

The key information that was seen in the article was that the website was launched by the US on 23 March 2010 and was the website of United States Health and Human services. It was seen that the problems started right after its launch as the demand on the website was very high and there were various profiles located on the website such as the drop down menu on the website was not complete. The website also crashed and changed several times. The causes for the parables was the lack of experience and leadership in the IT development of the website. The rollout of the website cost $93.7million.

In this way it can be said that the following article has provided use and in depth knowledge over this topic of IT failure.


Week 10

ICT is generally seen as delivering benefits to society.  However, many argue that it has eroded our privacy, especially since the advent of the Internet.  Find and summarise ONE resource that discusses the impacts of ICT on individual privacy (positive or negative). You can choose to specifically focus on the impacts of the Internet on privacy, or you may wish to find a resource that discusses the broader implications of ICT on privacy. In either case, resource, and your summary, must link ICT/Internet and privacy.

Title, Link and Reference:
Information Technology And Privacy

Carr, P., 2020. Week 6: Information Technology And Privacy. [online] Impact of Information Systems on Society. Available at: [Accessed 5 May 2020].

The resource above provides a distinct and valuable knowledge over how ICT has impacted over privacy of peoples in the modern age. In this way a descriptive understanding can be achieved through use of tsh resources.

The following resources were selected because it shows a viable argument of both negative and positive impacts that ICT has on the privacy of individuals.

In the current article it is found that the positive impact of ICT on the privacy system is that there has been expertise provided to the individual provided on privacy to secure the following where as the problems that have been noticed is that there is easy access to data and information creating chances on unauthorized access of private data.   Hence it can be said that the following source was useful to provide information on positive and negative impact of ICT on privacy.






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Poor resource selection; resource is too broad or lacks relevance to the task; summary fails to explain what the resource was about; the relevance and/or usefulness of the resource has not been explained.


Good resource selection; resource is relevant to the task; summary is adequate but may require either more detail or is too long; the relevance and/or usefulness of the resource has been explained to some extent, but needs additional information.


Excellent resource selection; resource is highly relevant to the task (the resource is probably highly specialised); summary is detailed yet concise; the relevance and usefulness of the resource selection has been clearly explained.





Reference/URL provided does not link to resource (and resource cannot be located or determined from details provided) OR
Reference/URL provided does not relate to the summary (i.e. summary is not of resource content/contains content not contained in the resource) OR
Multiple resources used for a single task

Resource is generic AND/OR covers multiple technologies/examples rather than focuses on a single technology/example

Resource not referenced correctly/not in Harvard format


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