Case Study Analysis of Colgate-Palmolive- Introduction to Management


Practices of human resource management form an integral part of the company Colgate Palmolive. This report has been based on the practices of human resource management in the company with special focus on motivational practices in the company (Berson et al., 2015). The report consists of an introduction to the topic and the overview of the company along with varied application of motivational practices to engage higher employee work force and generate higher rate of productivity in the company. The analysis of the actions if the company has also been included in the report through proper comprehension and summarizing of the key findings and information in the report. Thus, the value of human resource practices in the company has been focused upon through identification of motivational factors and instances in the company.

Overview of the Organization and Summary of Human Resource Management Practices

The American multinational consumer products company Colgate Palmolive is a major brand that helps in the supply of the household, personal and health care products (, 2019). The company has its headquarters in Park Avenue in the city of New York. The company also operates the manufacture of Hill’s Pet Nutrition brand for the supply of veterinary products. Colgate Palmolive has been founded by William Colgate and the company generates a revenue of 15.5 billion in US $. The company has been functional in distributing its products on a worldwide basis and therefore has an active human resource management team to identify and rectify the internal issues in the company. The practices of human resource management in the company is primarily based on providing motivation to the employees for generating fruitful results through collective contribution of effort to attain the unified organizational goal. The vast variety of human resource practices in culture, motivation and diversity of work force has been highly endorsed in the company to generate effective results. In the opinion of L?z?roiu (2015), the practice related to endurance of organizational culture includes employee recruitment and selection of employees, training and development. Motivational practices include providing employee benefits and incentives along with appraisal of work and diversity at work includes facilitating employees from various backgrounds and generating a diverse team. These are the major human resource practices in the company that are helpful to identify the major requirements to engage employees  in the collective workforce in the company to gain higher rate of market advantages in the company.

Application of Human Resource Management Theory

The company Colgate Palmolive has been highly determined to focus upon the motivational factor within the work force. The process model theory of motivation in the company starkly focuses on the ways in which motivation can be maintained in the company. The theory that has been applied in the Colgate Palmolive company through application of Locke’s Goal setting theory of motivation. In the opinion of Noe et al. (2017), this theory has been applied in the company to identify the specific goals and working accordingly to achieve the destined goals. The company ensures to instill specific motivation factors to identify the need to apply motivational theories in the company. Locke’s Goal setting theory has been applicable in the company to boost the employee productivity and motivation by directing them towards the distinctive goals that are required to be pursued by the employees in the company. In the opinion of Zhong et al. (2016), the theory states that if the higher management authority of an organization constantly sets specific goals and challenges and provides positive feedback and positive criticism towards the employee then it boosts the employee motivation and they are able to improve the quality of their work and rate of productivity. This theory and its application in the workplace help the employees to understand and recognize their specific goals and they are able to deliver their work with improved quality and ability (Albrecht et al., 2015). The productivity of the workers is steadily increased through focused ambition and the zeal to achieve their goal. This also motivates them to rise above the existing challenges and deliver their work on time and with quality.


Figure 1: Locke’s Goal Setting Theory of Motivation

(Source: Brown and Capozza, 2016)

Analysis of the Company Actions

The international company Colgate Palmolive has been highly determined to focus on stabilizing the motivation within the workers. The company through the generation of motivation management system has practiced this. In the view point of Rudolph (2016), the management system in the company has been identified to provide positive feedback and appraisal of the work of employees and keeping a track of their effort towards the success of the company. The designing of the employee management system has been based on unambiguous record of the employee through collective identification of their work. These appraisals are provided based on the identification of the goal that is expected from a Colgate employee and its fulfillment to gain higher recognition in the work place. The management of Colgate Palmolive has been highly determined to understand the basis on which the employee can be motivated through introduction of definite ways of goal setting ideologies in the company. There are various tools that are taken care of while recording the company work rate like ranking meeting, skill inventory to excruciate the development of biased judgments in the work front. In the opinon of Brown and Capozza (2016), the managers and higher authority evaluate the employee performance through helping them to identify the short-term goals that are evaluated to identify the rate of goal fulfillment by the employees in Colgate Palmolive. On fulfillment of specific goals, the employees are rewarded through benefit, compensation, and attractive incentives that help the employees to boost their motivation and spirit of working hard.


The company Colgate Palmolive is highly determined to enhance and boost the employee satisfaction level by keeping them motivated and inspired in the work place.  They have applied the goal setting theory of motivation to keep the employee focus at work and to help them realized specific goals and objectives. The human resource department of Colgate Palmolive is highly determined to identify the ways in which the company can gain higher strength at work place through their human resource department.


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