COM10003 Credible sources

Importance of using credible sources in academic research and writing

In the academic research and writing process there is a need of using credible sources of information because the researcher needs to provide credible evidence for the assertion and argument made in the research work.  Credibility is an important aspect to the research operations which is to be maintained by the researcher in order to produce an evident research work.  The importance of credible sources is because the argument made by the researcher in the research work should be based on some information that the following has analyzed and derived to place the argument and the place through which the information is derived must be credible in nature.  This is because if the following data or information is not credible it can be fake or cannot be authentic degrading the quality of information used by the researcher in order to produce a prominent argument within the research process.  The audience or the reader of the research writing expects the researcher to deliver effective and efficient arguments within the research work through the use of credible sources of data.  It is important to understand that research at all levels is required to use credible sources of data but in tertiary level students are required to research and gather information and data that are credible and structurally correct to develop a precise argument or writing (Hyland, 2014). In the age of digital platforms and internet there is a lot of information that is available on the internet hence use of credible data as well as information becomes very important because inauthentic data can also be used to place an argument or a viewpoint within the research that can be void in nature.  It is important that information is taken from credible sources so that the understanding that is developed through academic research is credible and authentic.  Credibility is important to make sure that students learn in a credible manner so that they are efficiently educated through these academic activities.

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Importance of using credible sources in professional practice

In professional practice the need of using credible sources of information is very important as this helps the professional in effectively operating based on these information. Credibility of the actions taken depends on the credible source of information that has been used to develop understanding to take actions. For example if a person uses credible data and information to develop understanding over a certain task the following will be able to perform the task in an effective and credible manner.  In professional practice there is a need of using credible sources because then the professional or individual will be able to take authority of the operations that are conducted by following. If the individual does the activity or task by using credible information the task will be authentic and hence the following will be able to operate in an efficient way. In proficient practice the need of utilizing dependable range of data is significant as this helps the expert in successfully working dependent on this information. credibility of the activities taken relies upon the valid set of data that has been utilized to create comprehension to take activities. In proficient practice there is a need of utilizing dependable sources since then the expert or individual will have the option to take authority of the tasks that are led by following. It is also important to consider that through the help of creating information the professional will be able to develop the following skills in an evident manner increasing the overall operational efficiency (Cope, 2014).

Comparison between two sources of information

The two articles that have considered are from the education studies as I aspr to be a teaching professional in the future:

Source 1

As per Webb, (2016),  Utopia has become a phenomenon which is now being harnessed through Educational studies.  The author of this article has explained how Utopian Realism is being redinfied through the use of educational settings, institutions and studies. Utopia is a state in which everything is perfect and in the modern educational field the following phenomena has been propagated at wide scale. The researcher in the current case has objectified the Utopian realism and has shown that the theory of Utopia has been thoroughly domesticated.  The author through the current research has stated that only when utopia is understood as a holistic system is it able to produce its most potent pedagogical effects. 

Source 2

In an article of The Guardian named ‘Utopian thinking: why not put children in charge of their schools?’ The author argued that children are according to Utopian thinking given the charge of their school that develops several practical values in them.  The author argues that this will help the children to retain their creativity. The author also states that the following can be based on two pillars that is to make sure children make decisions within the community and the second is self directed discovery in which the children will be left to ask and research for questions they are curious about (Roberts, 2020).

Looking at both the articles above I find the first source to be credible in nature.  Because the author of the first journal Darren Webb is a professor in School of education in university of Sheffield hence has experience in the profession of education studies and teachings. The book from where the journal has been derived is also a world-recognized book of the following topic, hence using sources from this source is more credible than that from a news article.


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