Course Code - COM502 Communication for IT

Part 1:Gather feedback from 2 other people. How do they see you as a communicator? Are their views news to you

There are several people and incidents that could clearly prove the capability of me as a better communicator. The best possible attainment in being a communicator is that it could be helpful in making them understand.

It has been clearly stated by one of my friends that he is really easy to understand what I am trying to say and thus thecommunication between us is always a cup of tea for both the persons. The process of elaborating any typical segment and using the particular examples and instances are veryeasily recognizable which could make the person in front of me easy to understand. According to him, I am a very good communicator who tries at the level best to make someone understand the particular segments of themessage which is trying to be conveyed. The one point which has been made against my skills is that I take too much time to convey the message which is the badside of mine as a communicator. The time taking capabilities are very easyto get over throughthe furthermost consequences which could affect thebest possible comprehensiveness in the relevant segments.

The way toward expounding any common section and utilizing the specific models and occurrences are effectively conspicuous which could make the individual before me straightforward. As per him, I am a generally excellent communicator who attempts at the level best to cause somebody to comprehend the specific portions of the message which is attempting to be passed on. The one point which has been made against my abilities is that I set aside an excess of effort to pass on the message which is the awful side of mine as a communicator. The time taking capacities are exceptionally simple to get over through the furthermost results which could influence the most ideal breadth in the significant portions.

Another friend of mine has come across many suggestions which consist ofeffective usage of body languages that has been seen in my type of communication. Thedifferent types of non-verbal communication are the main key point of communication, that has been there in my communication. The behavior and its statistics of the particular topics has been very well maintained through my particular skills and its applications-based assessment. The differentsections of actions which are set in the particular assessments are very likely to be measured with the specific application in the processed segments.

I personally felt that making thechanges in my behavior and communication skills are the most important things in my life. This would help me to get the particular things done in a correct way. The effect of having thecorrect ways to be implemented in thecharacteristics in my life will be beneficial formy as well as othersunderstanding.



Part 2: Reflect on two examples of interpersonal communication that you have been involved within business settings

For instance, I have been assigned for a business trip in Indonesia from my esteemed organization. This has helped me to get involved with the different settings in the correspondent applications. The process of utilizing different types of behavioral characteristics such as maintaining good attire in business and greeting well with other people are the most important things whichI have maintained in thewhole business trip. The application of being gentle in each and every field as well as making it a habit of the whole aspect helps meto get the prospected outcome to be generated within the applications.

The different types ofbusiness attire such as gestures and eye contact have been maintained by myself. In the total trip, I always have tried to make eye contact with the higher and lower division staff in the same way that they don't feel inferiorin respect to the others. The gestures have been maintained at the same level whichhelped to feel the others being at the same level as the other persons. The different types ofapplications in the daily routine of the project trip in Indonesia has affectedclientsto get the best possible impression on them. It also has been affecting the indiscriminate cultures and theirimportance in daily life in a very adorable manner. For instance, when I personally met a client, I greeted him and welcomed him from our organization’s behalf. Then I asked what food/ beverages he would like to have andmade him respect in the same attire by using the eyes to eyes communication. The usage of different aspects such as the hygienehabit and the offering offood in a very equitable manner had helped the client to be free from all types of conflicts in regards to our organization. It introduced the organizational characteristics in terms of thefuture provinces.

The other examplewhich has been related to interpersonal communication was the effectivegrateful attitude towards the client. It has convinced him that we werenot that much arrogant in terms of theverbal and non-verbal communications which had led to him being arespectfulapplicant in the prospect. The implicationof better behavior in this incident has helped the complicated segments to be easily resolved in the emergency case significance. Theapplications such asoffering thehighest possible benefits to the clients and making the organizationobliged is a partof theinterpersonal communication which has been maintained under thespecific circumstances. This could make the organization feel superior in front of theparticular clients in terms of the very best assessment.

This example has also been identified with relational correspondence that was the successful appreciative mentality towards the customer/client. It has persuaded the client that we were not so much self-important as far as the verbal and non-verbal interchanges which had prompted him being a conscious candidate in the possibility. The ramifications of better conduct right now helped the confused portions to be effectively settled in the crisis case essentialness. The applications, for example, offering the most noteworthy potential advantages to the customers and making the association obliged is a piece of the relational correspondence which has been kept up under the particular conditions. This could cause the association to feel predominant before the specific customers regarding the absolute best appraisal.

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