Case Study on NASA and NOAA

Future of NOAA under Obama Government

As president of U.S.A Barrack Obama is going to reorganize his commerce department, NOAA is going under Interior department. As a result some questions have raised that whether the main focus of NOAA is going to distracted or not. There was a conflict between secretary of Interior Department and president of Commerce Department and at last it went to Interior Department. This was good because under Interior Department NOAA can deal with country’s parks and other wild life areas which is its main focus. But as NOAA has various goals, some arguments are still arising that whether it will fit exactly under interior department or under commerce department. One important issue about NOAA is his budget. So there some problems have also been raised that how and what will be its management procedure.


Employees of NOAA as well as many environmentalists have doubt that what actually the Obama government is goind to do with NOAA.




As the Obama government has two important research body, viz , NOAA and NASA, it is very difficult to provide full economical support as both need a huge amount of budget. So under these circumstances it is very important to know that where the money should be invested as both of them has a great impact on human life.

Importance of NOAA under Restricted Budget Structure

Still there are many places on earth which are not explored by people. As we live on earth it is more important to explore our planet first because there are many natural calamities like earthquake, tsunami, which cannot be predicted still now but it these destroyed our planet. If NASA and NOAA are compared on the basis of their work then one can see that NOAA does everything that NASA does. The main difference is only that NASA does its research in space and NOAA does it on earth. NASA launches many costly rockets on space to explore moon, Mars, Pluto etc.but on the other side, there are many under ocean places which are still not explored e.g. Mariana trench.


If we go through the news paper report of Director James Cameron than we can understand that still now we are unaware about our planet. So to save our planet it is more important to know our planet and for this more money should be spent on NOAA. Thus under Federal Budget System government should spend his budget on NOAA.



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