Competitive Strategic Position


The assignment has dealt with the propagation based on the projection of competitive strategic position of Eclipx Group (Eclipx Group, 2019). The assignment has been incorporated by Porter’s five forces and SWOT analysis of the organization.   

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Eclipx Group

Eclipx Group threats can be projected through the support of Porter’s five forces that has come up with the presence of innovation based on the products that are newly launched. Eclipx Group has been into the projection by reflecting the   cost budget in terms of presenting further enhancements. Eclipx Group is less dynamic in terms of new launched products by other organizations.  

The bargaining power of Eclipx Group Limited can be presented by the support of various suppliers. This has been into the propagation market analysis based on the scene of shifting of products from one supplier to another supplier (Eclipx Group Limited Porter Five (5) Forces & Industry Analysis [Strategy]", 2019). Eclipx Group Limited has been into a tough competition with other firms such as Wal-Mart and Nike.

On the other hand, bargaining power can be observed through the help of placing different demands that help to portray the streamline of the business. The projection of sales and power can be reflected in terms of presenting the better opportunities for the organization to grow and expand its market share on the international grounds. 

Threats of the substituted of Eclipx Group Limited can be represented through the help of implications of advancing technologies that will help to develop the strategic approaches. The presence of technological inputs will help the Eclipx Group Limited to increase the number of targeted and loyal consumers.

On the other hand, the presence of rivalry can be demonstrated by the support of other organizations that play a major role in terms of creating the importance of specific changes. Thus, it can be suggested that implication of this strategy, such as, Porter’s five forces will help to develop the organization in specific portions. 

SWOT Analysis of Eclipx Group


Eclipx Group has a strong brand portfolio and the organization has invested massive capital in enhancing the brand value. The organization has also built a competent workforce through effective training and development programs (Eclipx Group - Investor Centre, 2019). Eclipx Group has a strong dealer community and the culture between dealers and distributors have helped the organization to promote its products. The organization has a strong platform of reliable supplier so that they can generate innovative products into the market. This enhances the organization to overcome any difficulty associated with the supply chain.


Eclipx Group has a poor research and development although the organization is investing enormous capital in R&D. However, they are not able to meet the demands of the customers and the leading players of the automobile market are outdating them. The tested products in the market are not able to draw the attention of the customers. Moreover, the products of the organization have a high success rate in terms of sales, but the brand positioning is not well defined. Eclipx Group is facing challenges posed by new entrants and thus, they are losing potential customers.


The development in the contemporary market will dilute the rival’s advantage that will help Eclipx Group to enhance its competitive advantages (Homepage, 2019). The reduced cost of transportation will lower the shipping prices that will help the organization to export its products in foreign markets. This will provide Eclipx Group to stimulate its financial profits. The lower inflation rate will help the company to get a stabilized position in the marketplace. The green drive set by the government will help the organization to expand its product through federal, as well as state contractors.      


The demand of massive profitable products is considered seasonal in nature and thus, it can affect the revenue flow of the marketplace. The liability laws are found to be different for different countries so, Eclipx Group will need to change its policies and regulations that may turn negative in a new region.       

Business and Corporate Strategy of Eclipx Group

The business strategies are highly significant for automobile industries like Eclipx Group. Thus the company needs to formulate important strategic ideas and contents that can be helpful for them to identify their positions in the market.

Accelerated Product Modification- The company needs to accelerate the product modifications according to the consumer needs due to their fast changing demands. The demands that are required by the consumers need to be evaluated by the company to stay updated with the trends in the automobile company (Kushwaha et al., 2016). The development costs and other modulation charges need to be regulated by the company and introduce innovative strategies to maintain a proper business regulation.

Inclusion of Digital Technology- The automobile company also needs to adhere to digital strategy that has been known to increase the company value by 35%. The high end technological advancements and progression have been functional in evaluating the automobile systemizations. These strategic implementations are highly functional in accelerating the customer satisfaction and these strategies can even help the company to maintain a stable position in the vast industry of automobile companies. In modulating the strategic implementation with technological support, the automobile company Eclipx Group can be highly functional in identifying the requirement for a higher range of car development through complex functioning and maintaining the guarantee and warranty costs to the customers. Thus these factors can easily help Eclipx Group to generate higher competitive advantage in the market.

Innovation through Parallel Products- The company needs to develop pressure within the development of new products to sustain with higher innovation in manufacturing of vehicles (Nieuwenhuis et al., 2017). This innovative strategy leads to the development of parallel products of the same vehicle that enables the company to produce with constant effort and integrity. The company is able to gather higher attraction for special groups through these strategies.


The use of strategies through usage of SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis is useful for Eclipx Group to gather higher sustainability in the market. The inclusion of significant business and corporate strategies are equally significant to evaluate the company efficiency in establishing new companies in New Zealand and Australia.





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