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What issue is examined in this article?

How have the authors approached this issue? i.e research approach

Discuss the relevance or usefulness of this research to your topic

Discuss 3 key ideas that emerged after you read this article to help further your research?

Article #1 (Journal

Paper 1) [1]

Patient data safety is one of the major concerns for hospitals and health care providers.

Author has approached this issue, because it give idea to maintain optimum privacy and safety of patient data, the author has recommended using the Reverse Data Hiding method which, can be used for medical data security.

There should not be alteration in the storage of clinical images, and there should not be degradation in the quality of original photographs and to solve this issue author has recommended using RDH with the electronic patient record. 

  1. Alteration in RDHscheme allows users to store a high amount of data and images.
  2. In this research paper use of Rhombus Mean Interpolation instead of Pixel to block technique to predict interpolated points of photographs.
  3. Better images can be stored with more security with the suggested RDH scheme.

Article#2 (Journal Paper 2)[2]

Based on electronic medical records, if there is the possibility to found disease based on data stored then, that can improve health services.

The use of the Neighbor based bootstrapping technique is recommended which, can analyze incident rate based on EMR records.

How patient data can be stored in a safe environment along with the access and analysis of data so that it can identify a disease for some particular region.

  1. It uses spatial auto-correction methods to find out disease based on the symptoms and data stored in hospitals and health care services.
  2. This NB2 technique is being investigated in the USA for eight years of data and more than 100 million patient data has been analyzed.
  3. Use of NB2 scheme

Identification of disease based on the particular region on its neighbors.

Article #3


(Conference Paper 1) [3]

There is a continuous increase in healthcare data and that is being stored in modern storage form, and it is available in bulk everywhere in the world. There is a need to store patient data more securely so that any r—identification of data is not being made only with necessary information.

According to the healthcare act, HIPAA, the privacy of data is essential for health care systems, and to stop malicious insiders, there is a need to set a more secure platform for storage of data..

This paper generally focuses on the act and privacy rules for the US, and it also summarizes the benefits of using big data in storing patient data.

  1. Use of big data to protect it from any kind of unethical attack.
  2. Stop using necessary information to the re-identify the patient.
  3. To save patient lives, there is a need for faster access to data and that is completely possible with the use of big data systems in hospitals, and health care systems.


































[1]R. Geetha and S. Geetha, "Embedding electronic patient information in clinical images: an improved and efficient reversible data hiding technique", Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2020. Available: 10.1007/s11042-019-08484-2.


[2]M. Patterson and R. Grossman, "Detecting Spatial Patterns of Disease in Large Collections of Electronic Medical Records Using Neighbor-Based Bootstrapping", Big Data, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 213-224, 2017. Available: 10.1089/big.2017.0028.


[3]R. Goswami, S. Chandra and S. Ray, "Big Data Security in Healthcare: Survey on Frameworks and Algorithms", in 7th International Advance Computing Conference (IACC), 2017.

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