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Purpose of the Organisation

Stonewall is an LGBT rights charity organisation based out of the uk. It is the largest LGBT rights organization in Europe. It was formed in 1989 by political activists who were lobbying against section 28 of the local government act. The organisation remains a lobbying organization rather than a membership organisation. The organisation is spread all over Great Britain and partners with other regional community organisations in order to extend their reach to the grassroot level. The organisation believes that their objective is to make everyone feel free to be who they truly are. Stonewall aims to empower LGBT individuals and help them realise their true potential. They hope to challenge the homophobis, biphobic and transphobic bullying in the sciery by spreading awareness and influencing policy changes throughout Europe. It goes to bring together the LGBT community and unify their goals of common progress. Their aim is to establish role models for the community and form alliances that would help to grow the reach of the organisation and create a  network of empowered individuals internationally. The organisation aims to provide these individuals with the tools and equipment that will encourage confidence and create a sense of pride in themselves (Field, 2018). They would create a positive outlook among such individuals who face dayt day iscrination in the society. The organisation helps individuals understand how they can initiate change in their own surroundings such as work, home or local community. The company's aim is to slowly but steadily change the overall outlook of the society towards the LGBT community.

Objectives of the Organisation

The company has compressed their various agendas into a four fold objective. Their primary concern is to empower individuals by making them more aware of how they can contribute individually in order to initiate the progress of their community in their local surroundings. This obejective revolves arounfd incrins communty association at a local level by brining together LGBT individuals together ina local cmmunity and create an associion that can go aaist the standard homophobic, bi phobis and transphobic norms of the scity in general.  Their second objective is to transfer institutions by working with smaller community organisations to change institutions into a more inclusive and accepting culture that ensures that the community is properly franchised and represented in the larger institutions. The ultimate agenda of the company is to empower individuals and the community to become advocates of a change that will create a more inclusive and diverse outlook in the wider society.

The organization also aims to change the overall outlook of the society towards the LGBT community by organising awareness campaigns in order to reach out deeper into communities and demonstrating the strengths and differences that can be made by creating a more inclusive outlook in society. The organisation also aims at reducing bullying by supporting the community through proper channels (Davis, and Marwa, 2017). The current outlook of te LGBT community is quite limited but with the help of such organisations hsi can be changed. With the help of proper campaigning and creating a better outlook of the society by empowering individuals he organisation aims to encounter the problem of bigotry in society and change the wider outlook of the couintry;s LGBT platform.

Practices of the Organisation

The Stonewall organisation is committed to ensuring the society is made aware of the Issues that the LGBT community faces in the current world order. The organisation is currently committed to working with other regional and cal organisations in deep communities to help address the problem at a grassroot level that is faced by LGBT individuals. The company organes various campaigns and aims to lobby against legislation that segregates and is discriminatory in nature. The organism is active in the lobby in parliament and wishes to change the outlook of leaders in modern times in support of the LGBT community the organization is committed to provide tools to individuals in order to for them to feel empowered and spread aware in their own respective communities about the day to day issues faced by the community regarding the LGBT individuals.

He organisation works to ensure the rights of the individuals in the LGBT domain remain protected as iscrimiation is erased at a legislative level. The organisation aims to work with the government and oversee that the rights of such individuals ad defended and ensure the GB ope have equality and equal protection of the law (Wathern and Green, 2017. As of now the community faces large scale discriminaon in every sector of the society but with organisations like Stonewall the scenario is changing rapidly. With more and more role models and empowered individuals coming forward to spread the message it becomes clear that read ahead will achieve more success in this aspect.

Financial Support for the Organisation

Stonewall is governed by a board of trustees who organise regular meetings in order to determine the strategic direction of the company. They are responsible for the direction of the Stonewall Equality Limited and delegate management toward the different sections of the organisations. The charity has achieved a reputation of developing a strong financial culture and is budgeting a small surplus in the coming year. The charity relies on strong crorate sor and individual donors. The finance of the company is completely transparent and respects the privacy of the donors making it easier for the donors to get involved in a more personal level of the organisation. The organization is dependent on the various tax exemptions policies of the government that are supported by various corporate interests who have shown support to the company for a long period of time (Grierson, 2017). The organisation's aims to get support from the government of various countries in which it operates by acknoledgeing ther effr in the fight for equal rights and opportunities for the LGBT community. The current policy of the company is to hold general funds of the company for the equivalent of six months of expenditure. Trustees regularly review the reserves policy to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the process.



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