Course Code-MN621 Advanced Network Design


Project scope and report requirement


The Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa name hotel is located atvarious locations like Grikos Bay, Patmos Island, Greece. Hence as per the new era of technology the organization wants to develop its network connection with wired or wireless network communication. However, by implementing the new network topology hotel provide multiple services like video calling, VOIP service, mail, DNS, web-based services, file storages, etc. The different ways of communication can require more security features to protect the network from unknown users or outside attackers. Hence, there also needs to configure some username or password configuration to access the network or to change device configuration. The data filtering features also provide network security for data transmission. So, by implementing the new network architecture organization gets below mention some specific feature or provide service through below scope:

  • The wired or wireless both transmission media are used to provide internet connectivity for users present in an organization.
  • The organization also provides some application-based service through the multiple server configuration in the network.
  • Hence to protect the various crucial documents stored at the organization network is also gets secure access by some username or password mechanisms.
  • Even the blind spot present in a previous wireless network is also recovered and now after new network design, it provides high-speed internet connection.
  • However, to monitor network data transmission there are IDS or IPS software are installed in network administrator host devices.

Hence to provide the network design as per the above mention project scope there are some network devices are required to configure. So, as the first requirement, there isa need to configure a layer3 router device to communicate over multiple networks and layer2 switch devices need to configure for VLAN configuration to make different networks at LAN level with a single router interface. The application configuration like DNS, web, FTP, email, etc. are configured at server devices and wireless routers need to provide the capability to connect smart wireless host devices. Now it also required to provide high-speed data transmission with a wired network so, for that, there is a need to utilized Ethernet CAT5 cable connection with 100 Mbps transmission speed.

Now to design a network there are various designing approach used, which provide step by step process of network design. So, here top-down network design approach is used because it requires first to analyze network requirements and as per that network configuration done. As per the network design approach first scenario is analyzed and then various devices are compared with their features and after that at last network design process is done. So, these are some project scope and their requirement for hotel network design.





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