PSCI 275 Critical Thought Summary Instructions

1. Discussion of some issues related to plastic and climate change

The main problem which is prevailing with the plastic is the usage of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE bags). In case of the core usage of High-Density Polyethylene bags, the European Commission has recommended that ban in using those bags those are made of oxo-biodegradable plastics. These plastic materials are also broken down to microplastics by the manufacturers. The conversion of the High-Density Polyethylene plastic to the microplastic happens after they get broken down by the sea (Oakes, 2020).

On the other hand, there is also a very low usage of bioplastics, which is the only solution for marine plastic pollution. The production of the bioplastics are also very less and that is why the government has also pressurized different distributors and manufacturers of the country.

Why governments want to address them

The government is focused to address this problem because of reducing marine pollution. the production of bioplastics are very essential because these bags get easily breaks down in the deep seawater. These type of bioplastics are also used in the cup lids, clear plastic tumblers, drinking straws, and another food packaging, which acts as the traditional plastic material in the sea-water (Oakes, 2020). On the other hand, it can be noted that there are also some big environmental problems like food waste which will be also mitigated by the government in the recent future.

2. Summarize at least two different instruments for addressing problems

There are two different instruments for addressing issues regarding plastic wastes

Economic Policy Instruments is one of the instruments for reducing plastic wastes. It can be noticed that Economic Policy Instruments are kind of incentives designed and also implemented to adapt individual decisions and move towards collectively agreed goals at the same period (Oakes, 2020). The Economic Policy Instrument also includes the trading schemes, incentive pricing and cooperation and some ingredients are included within the payments for environmental services (Global News, 2020). It also includes various kinds of risk management schemes that should be procured by the government for addressing problems.

An instrument for preventing single-use plastic waste is one of the important elements that the government should use for recycling High-Density Polyethylene bags into the bioplastics. The High-Density Polyethylene bags are very harmful to the common people and also for the climatic situation. 

3. Recommendation of the instrument and why

If I were in the government authority, then I would have implemented the Economic Policy Instruments for mitigating plastic wastes. On the other hand, I would have used policy tools, which are under government control (Global News, 2020). It is because this instrument also includes “rate and money supply, supplying taxation as well as government spending, exchange rates, labour market regulations and also other aspects". It can be noted that there are also some recommendations that I can give to the government that will make the common people more aware of the situation that plastics usage should be reduced for the overall environmental upgradation.

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